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How To Play Catchphrase Game | 2024 Reveals


Astrid Tran 08 January, 2024 8 min read

Catchphrase Games is one of the world’s most popular entertainments. Many families and groups love to play this game on Saturday nights and during holidays, or at parties. It is also the most prevalent memory game in the language classroom. Sometimes, it is also used in events or meetings to attract the audience’s attention while also stirring up the atmosphere. 

Catchphrase game is so intriguing that it has spawned an American game show with over 60 episodes. And obviously, fans of the famous sitcom series Big Bang Theory must have laughed until their stomachs hurt while playing the word-catching game of the nerds in part 6 of The Big Bang Theory.

So why is it so well-known and how to play catchphrase game? Let’s take a quick look at it! At the same time, we suggests how to make it more enjoyable and thrilling.

The famous moments in Big Bang Theory featured an iconic catchphrase game.

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What is a catchphrase game?

Catchphrase is a quick response word guessing game created by Hasbro. With a set of random words/phrases and a set amount of time, teammates must guess the word based on verbal descriptions, gestures, or even drawings. As time runs out, players signal and shout out clues for their teammates to guess. When one team correctly guesses, the other team takes their turn. Play between teams continues until time runs out. You can play this game in a variety of ways, including an electronic version, a standard board game version, and a few other variations listed at the end of the article.

Why is the catchphrase game so attractive?

As a catchphrase game is more than just a straightforward amusement game, it has a very high applicability rate. Catchphrase games have a special ability to unite people, whether they are played in a meeting, on family game night, or during a social get-together with friends. There are some aspect of  allure of these classic pastime:

The social aspect:

  • Promote connection and communication 
  • Establish  enduring impressions
  • Construct a community 

The educational aspect:

  • Enhance reflexes with language
  • Enrich vocabulary
  • Improve community skills
  • Encourage fast thinking

How to play catchphrase game?

How to play catchphrase game? The easiest and interesting way to play catchphrase game is to just use words and actions to communicate, even with the abundance of support tools available today. All you really need is a few words from various topics to make it more challenging and fun.

How To Play Catchphrase Game
How to play catchphrase game?

Catchphrase game rule

There must be at least two teams participating in this game. The player starts by choosing a word from the list above using the word generator. Before the bell rings, the team attempts to guess what is being described after someone gives a hint. Getting their team to utter the word or phrase before the allotted time runs out is the aim of each clue giver. The person offering the clues may gesture in a variety of ways and say almost anything, but they may not:

  • Say a rhyming term with any of the phrases listed.
  • Gives the first letter of a word.
  • Count the syllables or point out any part of the word in the clue (e.g. egg for eggplant).

The game is played in turns until time runs out. The team that guesses more correct words wins. However, when one team wins before the allotted time runs off, the game can end.

Catchphrase game set-up

You must make some preparations before you and your group can play the game. Not by much, though!

Make a deck of cards with vocabulary. You can either use a table in Word or Note and type out the words, or you can use index cards (which are the most durable option). 


  • Select terms from a variety of subjects and raise the difficulty levels (you can consult related topics you are studying and some vocabulary in apps like )…
  • Prepare an extra board for the person giving instructions by drawing on it to make it funnier.

How to play catchphrase game in virtual way? If you are at an online or large event, or in a classroom, it is recommended to use online interactive presentation tools like AhaSlides to create engaging virtual and live catchphrase game that everyone has equal chance to join. To create virtual catchphrase game, feel free sign up to AhaSlides, open the template, insert questions, and share the link to participants so they can join the game instantly. The tool include real time leaderboard and gamification elements so you don’t need to calculate the point for each participant, the final winners are automatically recorded during the whole game.

Online catchphrase game quiz
How to play catchphrase game online?

Other Versions Of Catchphrase Games

Catchphrase game online – Guess this

One of the most favorite Catchphrase Game online – Guess this: you have to describe amusing phrases and names of celebrities, films and TV shows to your friends so they can guess what’s on screen. Until the buzzer sounds and the person holding it loses, pass the game around.

Catchphrase board game with buzzer

Take a board game called Catchphrase is an example. You can experience the thrill of the brand-new TV game show hosted by Stephen Mulhern thanks to its updated gameplay and an abundance of brand-new brainteasers. It comes with one Mr. Chips card holder, six double-sided regular cards, fifteen double-sided bonus cards, forty-eight single-sided super cards, one reward photo frame and fishing clip, one super fishing board, one hourglass, and a set of sixty red filter banknotes. 


Taboo is a word, guessing, and party game published by Parker Brothers. A player’s goal in the game is to get their partners to guess the word on their card without using the word or any of the other five words that are listed on the card. 

Catchphrase education game 

The picture-catching-word game can be customized like an educational game in the classroom. Especially learning new vocabulary and languages.You can modify the catchphrase game to make it more like a teaching tool for the classroom. especially picking up new languages and vocabulary. One popular teaching technique is to create vocabulary that students can review based on what they have learned or are currently learning. Instead of using traditional cards to present vocabulary, teachers can use AhaSlides presentations with eye-catching animations and customizable timing.

Key Takeaways

This game can be completely customized for both entertaining and learning purpose. Utilizing AhaSlides presentation tools to make your events, meetings, or classroom more appealing and mind-blowing. Start with AhaSlides now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a catch phrase game?

For example, if your catchphrase is “Santa clause,” you might say, “a Red man” to get a team member to say “his name”.

What type of game is Catch Phrase?

There are many types of Catchphrase game: There are discs in the previous version of the game that have 72 words on each side. By pressing a button on the right side of the disc device, you can advance the word list. A timer that indicates the end of turn beeps more frequently before buzzing at random. There is a scoring sheet available.

What is a Catch Phrase used for?

A catchphrase is a term or expression that is well-known due to its frequent usage. Catch phrases are versatile and frequently have their origins in popular culture, such as music, television, or film. Furthermore, a catchphrase can be an effective branding tool for a business.

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