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How to Use a Live Word Cloud Generator in 2022 (Free Tool!)

How to Use a Live Word Cloud Generator in 2022 (Free Tool!)


Quynh Anh Vu 11 Jul 2022 4 min read

Ever needed a way to collect and display all the opinions in the room in a colourful, engaging way? You already know that an interactive live word cloud generator can do that for you, so let’s cut to the chase, and with us learn how to use a live word cloud generator!

If you’ve got your head in the clouds – AhaSlides can help. We’re interactive presentation software that lets you generate a live word cloud for groups, for free.

✨ Here’s how it works…

  1. Ask a question. Set up a word cloud on AhaSlides. Share the room code at the top of the cloud with your audience.
  2. Get your answers. Your audience enters the room code into the browser on their phones. They join your live word cloud and can submit their own responses with their phones.
How to Use a Live Word Cloud Generator effectively

It’s that simple.

Need a live word cloud generator? Click below to create interactive word clouds with your audience for free!

To the Cloud

Live Word Clouds - 6 simple steps on how to use a live word cloud generator

Need a way to use live word cloud generator effectively? Click below to create interactive word clouds with your audience for free!

signing up to create a live word cloud on AhaSlides


Sign up to AhaSlides for free to start crafting your collaborative word cloud within seconds. No card details necessary!


On your dashboard, click 'new presentation', then select 'Word Cloud' as your slide type.

Choosing a live word cloud question type on the AhaSlides editor
Writing the content for a live word cloud on AhaSlides


Write your question then choose your settings. Toggle multiple submissions, profanity filter, time limits and more.


Style the appearance of your cloud in the 'background' tab. Change text colour, base colour, background image and overlay.

Changing text colour, base colour, background image and its visibility on AhaSkides
Showing the QR code or join code to the audience of an interactive presentation


Show your audience your room's QR code or join code. They join on their phones to contribute to your live word cloud.


The audience's responses appear live on your screen, which you can share with them online or offline.

A live word cloud asking 'what is your favourite fruit', with responses

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💡 Check the video below for a 2-minute walkthrough of the steps above.

Try a template – no sign up necessary.

When to Use a Live Word Cloud

Like we said, word clouds are actually one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal. They can be used across a bunch of different fields to elicit a bunch of different responses from a live (or not live) audience.

  1. Imagine you’re a teacher and you’re trying to check understanding of a topic you’ve just taught. Sure, you can ask students how much they understand in a multiple choice poll, or roll out a quick quiz to see who’s been listening, but you can also offer up a word cloud where students can offer one-word responses to simple questions:
A word cloud with a trivia question about a philosopher's quote.
  1. How about a trainer that works with international companies? Maybe you’ve got a full day of virtual training ahead of you and you need to break the ice between multiple employees across multiple cultures:
A live word cloud generator with different ways to say hi in different languages.

3. Lastly, you’re a team leader and you’re worried that your employees aren’t connecting online like they used to in the office. There are several ice breakers and team games for this, but a collaborative word cloud is a best tool to show your employees’ appreciation for each other can prove a great kick for morale.

a live wordle showing different votes for a team member who has performed well.

💡 Collecting opinions for a survey? On AhaSlides you can also turn your live word cloud into a regular word cloud that your audience can contribute in their own time. Letting the audience take the lead means that you don’t have to be present while they’re adding their thoughts to the cloud, but you can log back on any time to see the cloud growing.

Want More Ways to Engage?

There’s no doubt a live word cloud generator can increase engagement across your audience, but it’s just one string to the bow of interactive presentation software.

If you’re looking to check understanding, break the ice, vote for a winner or gather opinions, there are heaps of ways to go:

  • Multiple choice
  • Scale ratings
  • Brainstorming
  • Q&A
  • Live quizzes
  • Live games
GIF showing other interactive slide types aside from the live world cloud

Get all 18 interactive slide types for free.

Sign up to AhaSlides and unlock the whole arsenal of interactive slides. Learn how to create a word cloud with images now! Keep audiences captivated by engaging them in live polls, idea exchanges and quizzes.

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Besides how to use a live word cloud generator, let’s discover more about AhaSlides functions, by our Knowledge Base!

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