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5 Innovation in the Workplace Strategies to Drive Constant Evolution


Leah Nguyen 19 December, 2023 8 min read

Companies need innovation in the workplace to get ahead of their competitors and satisfy their workers.

But knowing where to start and how to push innovation to happen can make companies resist change.

There are many ideas to cultivate innovation in the workplace, ones that are easy to implement, to help businesses thrive, not just survive, in this rapid age.

Let’s dive in!

What are examples of innovation in the workplace?Design a relaxing space for stress relief or implement a flexible work schedule.
How important is innovation in the workplace?Boost growth, adaptability, and competitive advantage for the company.
Overview of innovation in the workplace.

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Tips for Better Engagement

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Examples of Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

Innovation in the workplace
Innovation in the workplace

Innovation in the workplace can happen in any industry.

There are so many opportunities, both big and small, to innovatively improve what you do.

Maybe you find little efficiencies through automation or better tools. Or dream up new products and services.

You could play around with different workflows, organisational designs, or communication formats too.

Getting clear on problems and brainstorming wild ideas with colleagues is always fun.

Don’t forget sustainability – our planet needs all the innovative thinking we can give.

And what about enhancing customer experience or building your community in creative ways? Impact matters.

From new ideas to prototype testing to adoption, creativity is a driver of progress, engagement, and competitive advantage.

Brainstorm Workplace Innovation with Your Colleagues

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How to Demonstrate Innovation in the Workplace

So, how to foster innovation in the workplace? Workplace innovation doesn’t happen if you don’t create an ideal environment for it. Whether it’s a remote job or in-office, make sure to get these ideas to work:

#1. Create Flex Time to Think

How to foster innovation in the workplace #1
How to foster innovation in the workplace #1

Way back, 3M’s leader William McKnight knew boredom was creativity’s enemy. So he prescribed a flex time policy allowing employees to fill 15% of their paid work time unwinding minds from the day’s tasks.

Whether scribbling sketches, pondering passions, or playing with inventions unrelated to work – McKnight trusted this distributed brainstorming band would yield discoveries.

From there, fourth quadrant thinking has blossomed brands worldwide. Because in those moments when minds meander most marvelously lies genius waiting to emerge.

#2. Eliminate Strict Hierarchy

How to foster innovation in the workplace #2

When workers tiptoe creatively, only innovating if the boss demands it, so much potential gets stifled. But empower people across roles to mingle minds freely? The sparks will fly!

The companies cooking up the greatest innovations have leaders more like level-headed coaches than strict shot-callers.

They tear down barriers between teams so cross-pollination can pollinate the best solutions. Problems get passed around for everyone to ponder, too.

Take Tesla – under Elon’s ultra-flat management, no department is an island.

Employees dive hands-first into other fields as needed. And what magic they weave together through that collaborative closeness!

#3. Accept Failures as Lessons

How to foster innovation in the workplace #3

Truth is, for each launch destined to change life as we know it, countless concepts crash and burn along the way.

So, instead of fretting flops, accept their place in progress.

Forward-thinking firms face fumbles fearlessly. They acknowledge past misfires without judgment so comrades feel free to experiment.

With failure non-frightening, openness thrives for imagining innovation’s infinite iterations.

Amazon, Netflix, Coke – the megabrands leading change never conceal missteps but celebrate winding paths that led to world-wowing wins.

Their transparency that “we blew it, but look how far we’ve flown” loosens lips for launching daring dreams.

#4. Encourage Intrapreneurship

How to foster innovation in the workplace #4 | AhaSlides interactive presentation platform
How to foster innovation in the workplace #4

Back in the 70s, “intrapreneurship” emerged, explaining how those entrepreneurial flames could incinerate within a workplace too.

These intrapreneurs think like startup founders yet bring their bold visions home to their company’s community kitchen.

Now, the concept’s cooking with gas as firms realise talents yearning to bring new things to life don’t always crave a total breakaway.

Giving employees openings to light ideas and watching innovations ignite are some of the best ideas for innovation in the workplace!

#5. Pass Down Tough Problems

How to foster innovation in the workplace #5
How to foster innovation in the workplace #5

This is key to igniting innovation always: pass the problems to your people-power, then repay results, regardless of scale.

The employees are as innovative as they’re allowed – so lose control and start believing in their brilliance.

Trust explosions will follow in forms you’d less expect. Cultivating and training them will soon transform your scene into unforeseen scenes.

Bottom Line

There are tons of ways to start being more innovative in the workplace. And you don’t have to overhaul everything overnight.

Pick one small thing to try from above, then gradually add more over time. Before you know it, your company will be known as a beacon for imaginative thinking and fresh approaches.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. But remember, real transformation happens gradually through dedicated steps.

Have faith that your efforts, no matter how modest at first, will pay off hugely down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does work innovation mean?

Work innovation refers to the process of implementing new ideas or methods within an organisation in order to improve performance, outcomes, processes or work culture.

What is an example of innovation at work?

An example of innovation at work could be cultural innovation – a consultancy trains employees in design thinking techniques to solve problems creatively and implement an innovation department.

What is an innovative worker?

An innovative worker is someone who is able to continually generate, refine, and implement new ideas that improve processes, services, technologies, or strategies within a company. They continuously refine their skills, for example, innovation skills in the workplace, and challenge assumptions to advance how their role and organisation operate.