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10 Free Online Team Building Games That Will Take Your Loneliness Away | Updated 2024


Jane Ng 23 April, 2024 8 min read

Are you looking for free online team games? Online team building games always help! The trend of working remotely all over the globe has become increasingly popular thanks to its flexibility that allows employees to split their time to be able to work from anywhere.

However, this is also a challenge in creating team meetings that have online team building games (or, team bonding games) that are interesting, effective, and increase the team's solidarity.

Therefore, if you're looking for best online team building games or free virtual team-building activities to heat the team's mood, here are the strategies to get the best online team-building games in 2024.

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Why are Online Team Building Games Important?

Online team-building games help your employees quickly adapt to the new remote working lifestyle. It helps to minimize the negative effects of the online work culture, such as the inability to separate work time from personal time, loneliness, and increased stress on mental health.

In addition, virtual team building games also help to raise employee morale, promote creativity and strengthen relationships among colleagues.

Team Building Activities on Zoom - Photo: rawpixel

Note: A good business cherishes human resources from different time zones, embraces diversity (cultural/gender/racial differences), and celebrates it. Thus, online team-building activities help organizations build meaningful relationships and connections between groups from different countries and different races. It shows remote teams new ways to work across boundaries through systems, processes, technology, and people.

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The difference in games between team bonding, team meeting, and team building

If team building activities are designed to teach your team new skills and focus on productivity, team bonding activities are all about having leisure time together and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

Due to the specifics of the platform, team meeting games for virtual teams will be activities that combine both the purposes of team building and team bonding. That is, these activities are simple but develop well teamwork skills and strengthen relationships while still having fun.

In addition, due to playing online, online team-building games will have to take advantage of a variety of platforms such as Zoom and game creation tools like AhaSlides.

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How to make online team building games more fun?

As mentioned above, if we want to make team meetings fun and interesting, we need to build awesome online team building games. 

1, Spinner Wheel

  • Participants: 3 - 6
  • Time: 3 - 5 minutes/round
  • Tools: AhaSlides Spinner Wheel, Picker Wheel

With a bit of preparation, Spin the Wheel can be a perfect way to break the ice for online team-building with a bit of preparation, Spin the Wheel can be a perfect way to break the ice online team building and create a chance to get to know the new onboard staff. You just need to list a bunch of activities or questions for your team and ask them to a spinning wheel, then answer each topic the wheel stops. You can add funny questions to hardcore depending on how close your colleagues are

This virtual team building activity creates engagement through suspense and a fun environment. 

Online Team Builiding Games - Check out AhaSlides Spinner Wheel - Make Spinner Wheel in 3 minutes

2, Would You Rather Questions

The most effective and easiest way in online bonding games is to use Icebreakers Questions like in Would You Rather

  • Participants: 3 - 6
  • Time: 2 - 3 minutes/round

This game can heat online meetings on many levels: from entertaining, weird, even profound, or indescribably crazy. This is also the fastest way to get everyone comfortable and improve communication skills between teams. 

The rules of this game are very simple, just answer the questions at 100+ “Would You Rather” Questions in turn. For example: 

  • Would you rather have OCD or an Anxiety attack?
  • Would you rather be the most intelligent person in the world or the funniest person?

3, Live Quizzes

To increase interaction among members and test their understanding of the company, you should create live quizzes, and small and simple games.

  • Participants: 2 - 100+
  • Time: 2 - 3 minutes/round
  • Tools: AhaSlides, Mentimeter 

You can choose from a variety of topics: from learning about corporate culture to General Knowledge, Marvel Univers, or use the quiz to get feedback about the online team-building games you are hosting.

4, Pictionary

If you are looking for team-building games on Zoom to keep your colleagues engaged and entertained, you should try out Pictionary. 

  • Participants: 2 - 5
  • Time: 3 - 5 minutes/round
  • Tools: Zoom,

Pictionary is a classic party game that asks someone to draw a picture while their teammates try to guess what they are drawing. That makes it the perfect hub for those who love guessing or drawing. Your team will be playing, competing, and laughing for hours — all from the comfort of their own home!

🎉 Hosting team building drawing games soon? Check out the Random Drawing Generator Wheel!

Image: AhaSlides

5, Book Club

There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a good book and having someone discuss it with you. Let's host a virtual book club and choose a topic each week to discuss together. This method can be applied to comic clubs and movie clubs.

  • Participants: 2 - 10
  • Time: 30 - 45 minutes
  • Tools: Zoom, Google meet

6, Cooking Class

Photo: freepik

Nothing unites people quite like cooking a meal together Cooking classes can be casual yet meaningful online team bonding activities when your team works remotely.

  • Participants: 5 - 10
  • Time: 30 - 60 minutes
  • Tools: Fest Cooking, CocuSocial

In these classes, your group will learn new cooking skills and bond with each other through this fun activity from their kitchen. 

7, Werewolf

Werewolf is one of the best online team building games and critical thinking and problem-solving games.

This game is an interactive multiplayer game but it is a somewhat complicated game, and learning the rules in advance is essential.

All about Werewolf's Rules!

Image: freepik

8, Truth or Dare

  • Participants: 5 - 10
  • Time: 3 - 5 minutes
  • Tools: AhaSlide' Spinner Wheel

In the game Truth or Dare, each participant has the choice of whether they want to complete a challenge or express a truth. Doses are the challenges that participants must complete that they are assigned. If a dare is not completed, there will be a penalty that will be decided by all participants in the game. 

For example, if someone refuses to dare, the team may decide that player must not blink until the next round. If a participant chooses Truth, they must answer the given question honestly. Players can decide whether to limit or limit the number of truths per player. 

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9, Speed Typing

A very simple game and brings a lot of laughter thanks to the competition of typing speed and typing skills among peers.

You can use to try it out.

10, Virtual Dance Party

Physical activity has been shown to help raise people's feel-good vibes through the release of endorphins. So Dance Party is one of the best activities of online team building games. It is both an entertainment activity, helping members bond more and be happier after long stressful working days.

Team Building Games For Adults - Photo: freepik

You can choose dance themes such as disco, hip hop, and EDM and can add online karaoke activities for everyone to sing and show off their talents. In particular, everyone can create a music playlist together using Youtube or Spotify

  • Participants: 10 - 50
  • Time: All night maybe
  • Tools: Zoom

Do you think that the above activities are still not enough?

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Final Thoughts

Don't let geographical distance be the emotional distance between your teammates. There will always be ideas to make online team building games more and more attractive. Remember to follow AhaSlides for updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are free online games for employee engagement?

Never Have I Ever, Virtual Bingo Bash, Online Scavenger Hunt, Amazing Online Race, Blackout Truth or Dare, Guided Group Meditation and Free Virtual Escape Room. ...

Why are Online Team Building Games Important?

Online team-building games help your employees quickly adapt to the new remote working lifestyle. It helps to minimise the negative effects of the online work culture, including inability to separate work time from personal time and loneliness, which increases stress on mental health.