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LGBTQ Quiz | 50 Quiz Questions To Take Our Eye Open Today


Jane Ng 24 July, 2023 10 min read

How much do you really know about the LGBTQ+ community? Our interactive LGBTQ quiz is here to challenge your understanding of history, culture, and important figures within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or are simply an ally, these 50 quiz questions will challenge your understanding and open up new avenues of exploration. Let’s delve into this captivating quiz and celebrate the colorful tapestry of the LGBTQ+ world.

Tables of Contents

About LGBTQ Quiz 

Round 1 + 2General Knowledge and Pride Flag Quiz
Round 3 + 4Pronouns Quiz and LGBTQ Slang Quiz
Round 5 + 6LGBTQ Celebrity Triva andLGBTQ History Trivia
Overview Of AhaSlides’s LGBTQ Quiz

Round #1: General Knowledge – LGBTQ Quiz 

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1/ What does the acronym “PFLAG” stand for? Answer: Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

2/ What does the term “non-binary” mean? Answer: Non-binary is an umbrella term for any gender identity that exists outside of the male-female gender binary system. It affirms that gender is not strictly limited to just two categories.

3/ What does the acronym “HRT” stand for in the context of transgender healthcare? Answer: Hormone Replacement Therapy.

4/ What does the term “ally” mean within the LGBTQ+ community? 

  • An LGBTQ+ person who supports other LGBTQ+ individuals 
  • An individual who identifies as both gay and lesbian 
  • A person who is not LGBTQ+ but supports and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights 
  • An individual who identifies as asexual and aromantic

5/ What does the term “intersex” mean? 

  • Having a sexual orientation that includes attraction to both sexes 
  • Identifying as both male and female simultaneously 
  • Having variations in sex characteristics that do not fit typical binary definitions 
  • Experiencing a fluidity in gender expression

6/ What does LGBTQ stand for? Answer: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning.

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7/ What does the rainbow pride flag represent? Answer: Diversity in the LGBTQ community

8/ What does the term “pansexual” mean? 

  • Attracted to people regardless of their gender 
  • Attracted to only individuals of the same sex 
  • Attracted to individuals who are androgynous 
  • Attracted to individuals who identify as transgender

9/ What groundbreaking lesbian romance film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2013? Answer: Blue is the Warmest Color

10/ What annual LGBTQ celebration occurs every June? Answer: Pride Month

11/ What iconic gay rights activist said “Silence = Death”? Answer: Larry Kramer

12/ What groundbreaking 1999 film focused on the life of transgender man Brandon Teena? Answer: Boys Don’t Cry

13/ What was the name of the first national LGBTQ rights organization in the US? Answer: The Mattachine Society

14/ What is the full acronym for LGBTQQIP2SAA? Answer: It stands for:

  • L – Lesbian
  • G – Gay
  • B – Bisexual
  • T – Transgender
  • Q – Queer
  • Q – Questioning
  • I – Intersex
  • P – Pansexual
  • 2s – Two-Spirit
  • A – Androgynous
  • A – Asexual

Round #2: Pride Flag Quiz – LGBTQ Quiz 

Pride Flags

1/ Which pride flag has a white, pink, and light blue horizontal design? Answer: The Transgender Pride Flag.

2/ What do the colors of the Pansexual Pride Flag represent? Answer: The colors represent attraction to all genders, with pink for female attraction, blue for male attraction, and yellow for non-binary or other genders.

3/ Which pride flag consists of horizontal stripes in shades of pink, yellow, and blue? Answer: The Pansexual Pride Flag.

4/ What does the orange stripe in the Progress Pride Flag represent? Answer: The orange stripe represents healing and trauma recovery within the LGBTQ+ community.

5/ Which pride flag has a design that incorporates the transgender pride flag and the black and brown stripes of the Philadelphia Pride Flag? Answer: The Progress Pride Flag

Round #3: Pronouns Quiz LGBT – LGBTQ Quiz 

1/ What are the gender-neutral pronouns often used by non-binary individuals? Answer: They/them

2/ What pronouns are commonly used for someone who identifies as genderfluid? Answer: It varies depending on the individual’s gender identity at a given time, so they may use different pronouns like she/her, he/him, or they/them.

3/ What pronouns are commonly used for someone who identifies as gender nonconforming? Answer: It can vary based on individual preference, but they may use pronouns like they/them/their used in the singular or any pronouns of their choice.

4/ Which pronouns are used to refer to someone who identifies as a transgender woman? Answer: She/her.

Round #4: LGBTQ Slang Quiz – LGBTQ Quiz 

Source: Giphy

1/ What does the term “sashay” mean in the context of drag culture? Answer: To walk or strut with exaggerated movements and confidence, often associated with drag queens.

2/ What one-time slang word was commonly used to refer to an effeminate or gay man? Answer: Fairy

3/ What does “High Femme” means? Answer: “High femme” describes a look of exaggerated, glamorized femininity, often worn intentionally to embrace femininity or displace gender assumptions in LGBTQ+ and other communities.

4/ The meaning of “Lipstick Lesbian”? Answer: A “lipstick lesbian” describes a lesbian woman with clearly feminine gender expression, based on traditional stereotypes of what makes someone “look like” a woman.

5/ Gay men call a guy a “twink” if he_______

  • is big and hairy
  • has a well-developed physique
  • is young and cute

Round #5: LGBTQ Celebrity Trivia – LGBTQ Quiz 

1/ Who became the first openly gay governor in US history in 2015?

Answer: Kate Brown of Oregon

2/ What rapper came out publicly in 2012 to become one of hip-hop’s first openly gay artists? Answer: Frank Ocean

3/ What sang the disco hit “I’m Coming Out” in 1980? Answer: Diana Ross

4/ What famous singer came out as pansexual in 2020? Answer: Miley Cyrus  

5/ What actress and comedian came out as lesbian in 2010? Answer: Wanda Sykes 

6/ Who is the openly gay actor known for his role as Lafayette Reynolds in the TV series “True Blood”? Answer: Nelsan Ellis

7/ What singer declared “I’m bisexual” during a concert in 1976? Answer: David Bowie

8/ What pop star identifies as genderfluid? Answer: Sam Smith 

9/ What actress played a lesbian teenager on the TV show Glee? Answer: Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez 

10/ Who became the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2018? Answer: Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox. Image: Emmys

11/ Who is the openly lesbian actress known for her role as Piper Chapman in the TV series “Orange is the New Black”? Answer: Taylor Schilling.

12/ Who became the first active NBA player to come out as gay in 2013? Answer: Jason Collins

Round #6: LGBTQ History Trivia – LGBTQ Quiz 

1/ Who was the first openly gay person elected to public office in the United States? Answer: Elaine Noble

2/ What year did the Stonewall riots take place? Answer: 1969

3/ What does the pink triangle symbolize? Answer: Persecution of LGBTQ people during the Holocaust

4/ What country was the first to legalize same-sex marriage? Answer: The Netherlands (in 2001)

5/ What state in the US was the first to legalize same-sex marriage through legislation in 2009? Answer: Vermont

6/ Who was San Francisco’s first openly gay elected politician? Answer: Harvey Bernard Milk

7/ What iconic playwright and poet was charged with “gross indecency” for his homosexuality in 1895? Answer: Oscar Wilde

8/ What pop star came out as gay shortly before he died of AIDS in 1991? Answer: Freddie Mercury

9/ What gay politician became mayor of Houston, Texas in 2010? Answer: Annise Danette Parker 

10/ Who designed the first pride flag? Answer: The first pride flag was designed by Gilbert Baker, an artist and LGBTQ+ rights activist.

Gilbert Baker. Image:

Key Takeaways 

Taking an LGBTQ quiz can be an engaging and educational experience. It helps you to test your knowledge, learn more about the diverse LGBTQ+ community, and challenge any preconceived notions they may have. By exploring topics such as history, terminology, notable figures, and milestones, these quizzes promote understanding and inclusivity.

To make the LGBTQ quiz even more enjoyable, you can use AhaSlides. With our interactive features and customizable templates, you can enhance the quiz experience, making it more fun and engaging for participants.

So, whether you are organizing an LGBTQ+ event, conducting an educational session, or simply having a fun quiz night, incorporating AhaSlides can elevate the experience and create a dynamic atmosphere for participants. Let’s celebrate diversity, expand our knowledge, and have a blast with an LGBTQ quiz!


What do the letters in Lgbtqia+ mean?

The letters in LGBTQIA+ stand for:

  • L: Lesbian
  • G: Gay
  • B: Bisexual
  • T: Transgender
  • Q: Queer
  • Q: Questioning
  • I: Intersex
  • A: Asexual
  • +: Represents additional identities and orientations not explicitly listed in the acronym.

What to ask about Pride Month?

Here are some questions you can ask about Pride Month:

  • What is the significance of Pride Month?
  • How did Pride Month originate?
  • What events and activities are typically held during Pride Month?

Who designed the first pride flag?

The first pride flag was designed by Gilbert Baker

What day is national pride?

National Pride Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. For example, in the United States, National Pride Day is typically observed on June 28th.

How many colors did the original pride flag have?

The original pride flag had eight colors. However, the pink color was later removed due to production issues, resulting in the current six-color rainbow flag.

What should I post on Pride Day?

On Pride Day, show support for LGBTQ+ with pride-themed visuals, personal stories, educational content, inspirational quotes, resources, and calls to action. Celebrate diversity by highlighting different identities and cultures. Use inclusive language, respect, and foster open dialogue to promote acceptance and solidarity.

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