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Take the Ultimate Harry Potter House Quiz to Discover Your Wizard Identity (2024 Update)


Leah Nguyen 16 November, 2023 8 min read

The Great Hall fell silent as Professor McGonagall rose to begin the Sorting ceremony.

For the gathered first years, this was all new territory.

Which of the four proud houses would accept you - brave Gryffindor, wise Ravenclaw, sweet Hufflepuff, or cunning Slytherin?

It all begins with this Harry Potter house quiz...

Harry Potter House Quiz
Which house should Harry Potter be in, according to The Sorting Hat?Slytherin. However, he convinced the Hat to categorize him into Gryffindor.
What is the least popular house in Hogswart?Hufflepuff.
What house was Hagrid in?Gryffindor.
Overview of Harry Potter House Quiz.

Table of Contents

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Harry Potter House Quiz

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Just the Harry Potter House Quiz

Welcome young witch or wizard! I am the Sorting Hat, charged with discerning where your talents and heart lie to place you in the noble house that will nurture you during your time at Hogwarts.

What will your journey gonna be like at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Take the Harry Potter house quiz and find out right away!

Take the Ultimate Harry Potter House Quiz
The Harry Potter House Test - Harry Potter House Quiz

#1 - You come across a Grindylow in the black lake. Do you:

  • a) Back away slowly and get help
  • b) Try to distract it and sneak past
  • c) Face it head-on and try to scare it off
  • d) Seek to understand it before making assumptions

#2 - It's the morning of an important Quidditch match. Do you:

  • a) Double check your equipment is prepared
  • b) Sleep in and worry later
  • c) Strategise plays with your team over breakfast
  • d) Hit the library for some last-minute game research

#3 - You discover you have an important exam coming up. Do you:

  • a) Cram studying with friends at the last minute
  • b) Make detailed flashcards and a study schedule well in advance
  • c) Look for any advantage you can get to score top marks
  • d) Relax, you'll do your best

#4 - During a debate in class, your opinion is challenged. Do you:

  • a) Stand your ground and refuse to back down
  • b) See the other side but stick to your own view
  • c) Persuade others with wit and nuance
  • d) Keep an open mind and see room for growth

#5 - You come across a boggart in a wardrobe. Do you:

  • a) Face it with a witty joke or spell
  • b) Run and get a teacher
  • c) Calmly think through your greatest fear
  • d) Check for the nearest escape route
Harry Potter House Quiz
What house do I belong to in Harry Potter? - Harry Potter House Quiz

#6 - It's your birthday, how do you want to spend it?

  • a) A quiet dinner with close friends
  • b) An energetic party in the Common Room
  • c) Winning the Quidditch Cup would be the best!
  • d) Curling up with some new books received

#7 - On a Hogsmeade trip, your friend wants to check out the new shop but you're tired. Do you:

  • a) Power through to keep them company
  • b) Stay seated but chat enthusiastically
  • c) Suggest another active option you're up for
  • d) Bow out but offer to meet up later

#8 - You find yourself in detention in the Forbidden Forest. Do you:

  • a) Keep your head down and work diligently
  • b) Look for any opportunity to see adventure
  • c) Stay alert and take careful precautions
  • d) Hope your knowledge proves useful to others

#9 - You come across some rare ingredients in Potions class. Do you:

  • a) Share your findings with the class
  • b) Keep it secret for an advantage
  • c) Experiment cautiously and take detailed notes
  • d) Ensure it's split and distributed fairly

#10 - Which of the four founders do you most respect?

  • a) Godric Gryffindor for his bravery
  • b) Helga Hufflepuff for her kindness and fairness
  • c) Rowena Ravenclaw for her intelligence
  • d) Salazar Slytherin for his ambition
Harry Potter House Quiz
What Wizard House Am I? - Harry Potter House Quiz

#11 - You encounter a Dementor on the train, do you:

  • a) Perform the Patronus charm to ward it off
  • b) Hide until a teacher arrives
  • c) Analyse its weaknesses to know how to tackle it
  • d) Run as fast as you can

#12 - Your friend misses a question on an exam, do you:

  • a) Encourage them to strive for next time
  • b) Offer to help them study for the next test
  • c) Discreetly share your answer
  • d) Sympathise and make them feel better

#13 - You find an unknown room in Hogwarts, do you:

  • a) Cautiously explore and document findings
  • b) Share the discovery with your friends
  • c) Figure out how it could provide an advantage
  • d) Make sure others can benefit from it too

#14 - A Bludger hits the broom during Quidditch, do you:

  • a) Bravely continue the match undaunted
  • b) Call a time-out to fix the equipment
  • c) Devise a strategy to score more points
  • d) Check everyone is ok first

#15 - You finish your homework early, do you:

  • a) Start on optional extra reading
  • b) Offer to help classmates still working
  • c) Challenge yourself with an advanced assignment
  • d) Relax and recharge for your next class

#16 - You learn of a secret passage, do you:

  • a) Use it to urgently assist a friend
  • b) Share with your trusted friends
  • c) See how it can be useful to you
  • d) Make sure all can safely benefit

#17 - You come across herbs for a potion, do you:

  • a) Dive in boldly to collect them
  • b) Ensure you can properly identify them
  • c) Consider potions you could invent
  • d) Share your discovery openly

#18 - You learn a spell before class, do you:

  • a) Eagerly practice to master it
  • b) Explain the theory clearly to peers
  • c) Use it as leverage in a friendly contest
  • d) Wait to ensure you understood it fully

#19 - Someone drops their books, do you:

  • a) Quickly help them pick everything up
  • b) Keep on walking because it's not your business
  • c) Offer to help lighten their load
  • d) Ensure no pages were damaged

#20 - You want to contribute in class, do you:

  • a) Bravely offer your perspective
  • b) Give a thoughtful well-researched answer
  • c) Ensure your response stands out
  • d) Gently provide insight others missed

#21 - What trait about people do you find most annoying?

  • a) Coward
  • b) Dishonesty
  • c) Stupidity
  • d) Obedient
Full Harry Potter House Quiz

Harry Potter House Quiz - What House Do I Belong?

Let us begin. In times of danger, do you rush in with guts and boldness to help? Or do you think things through carefully with a cool head?

Next, when faced with a challenge, do you work diligently until the task is done? Or are you driven to prove yourself through competition at any cost?

Now, which do you value most - books and learning or camaraderie and fairness?

When pushed, do you trust most in your mind or your moral compass?

Finally, in which atmosphere do you feel you'd excel - around scholarly peers, amid loyal friends, in a driven collective, or alongside brave souls?

Hmm… I see cunning in one and loyalty in another. Bravery and brains aplenty! It seems you show aspects of each admirable house. However, one quality emerges just slightly stronger…✨

  • If you chose mainly A responses as the answer - the brave, honourable, and daring Griffindor!
  • If you chose mainly B responses as the answer - the patient, loyal, and fair play Hufflepuff!
  • If you chose mainly C responses as the answer - the wise, intelligent, and witty Ravenclaw!
  • If you chose mainly D responses as the answer - the ambitious, leader, and cunning Slytherin!
"What house do I belong in at Hogwarts?". Create your own spinner wheel with AhaSlides, then find out your house, according to the Law of Attraction. ✌️

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best house quiz Harry Potter?

Wizarding World House Sorting Quiz - This is the official quiz featured on Wizarding World. It has over 50 questions to determine your house.

What is the stupidest Hogwarts house?

In truth, all the houses contribute important qualities and have turned out to be very successful witches and wizards. There is no truly "stupidest" house - each student is sorted into the house that values the traits they already possess most.

How do I choose a Harry Potter house?

You can choose a Harry Potter house by playing our quiz!

What house is Harry Potter with?

Harry Potter was placed in Gryffindor's house at Hogwarts. While he could have fit into other houses, Harry Potter's greatest attributes of courage and honour placed him definitively in Gryffindor for his entire Hogwarts career. It became his chosen house and second family at the school.