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Beyond Menti Quizzes: Level Up Your Audience Interaction Toolkit


Jane Ng 09 April, 2024 7 min read

🧐 Find Menti quizzes a bit basic? AhaSlides offers more creative features and customization to level up your audience engagement.

Imagine a truly captivated audience – not just listening, but actively participating. That’s the power of a well-crafted interactive quiz. Mentimeter might be a familiar tool, but AhaSlides packs a surprising punch with its unique features and focus on user experience. 

In this blog post, we’ll uncover Menti Quizzes and AhaSlides Quiz Features – how both tools can enhance audience engagement, helping you choose the perfect fit for your needs.

Feature Comparison | Menti Quizzes vs. AhaSlides

FeatureMentimeterAhaSlidesOverall Rating
Pricing Free and paid plans (requires a yearly commitment)Free and paid plans (monthly billing options for flexibility)🤷‍♀️ Both offer similar pricing structures
Question Types❌ Basic formats (Multiple Choice, Image Choice)✅ Diverse formats (Multiple Choice, Image Choice, Word Clouds, Matching, Spinners, etc.)🌟 AhaSlides for Variety
Customization❌ Scoring settings, time limits, background music, leaderboard✅ Comprehensive customization (quiz settings, leaderboards, sound effects, celebration animations), Theme Library🌟 AhaSlides for creative control
Visualization❌ Basic color adjustments (paid plan required)✅  Extensive visual customization options🌟 AhaSlides for creative control
Team Play❌ Device-based participation✅ True team quizzes, flexible scoring🌟 AhaSlides for collaboration
AI Assistance❌ None✅ AI generates quizzes🌟 AhaSlides for efficiency
Self-Paced Quizzes❌ None✅ Allows participants to work through quizzes at their own pace🌟 AhaSlides for a holistic experience
Ease of Use✅ Slightly simpler interface✅ User-friendly, slightly more options🤷‍♀️ Both are accessible
Feature Comparison: Menti Quizzes vs. AhaSlides

👉 If you need an ultra-quick quiz setup with zero learning curve, Mentimeter is excellent. But, this comes at the expense of the more creative and dynamic features found in AhaSlides.

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Table Of Contents

Mentimeter: The Quiz Essentials

Mentimeter suggests using quizzes within larger presentations, which means their standalone quiz mode has a narrower focus for a specific purpose. 

  • 🌟 Best For:
    • Newbie Presenters: If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of interactive presentations, Mentimeter is super easy to learn.
    • Standalone Quizzes: Perfect for a quick competition or icebreaker that stands on its own.
Menti Quizzes

Core Quiz Features

  • Limited Question Types: Quiz Competition features stick with formats for quizzes with only 2 types: select answer and type answer. Mentimeter lacks some of the more dynamic and flexible question types offered by competitors. If you’re craving those creative quiz types that really spark discussion, you might need to look elsewhere.
Mentimeter quizzes lack some of the more dynamic and flexible question types
  • Customization: Adjust scoring settings (speed vs. accuracy), set time limits, add background music, and incorporate a leaderboard for competitive energy.
Menti Quizzes Setting
  • Visualization: Want to adjust colors and make it your own? You might need to consider the paid plan.

Team Participation

Menti quizzes track participation per device, making true team-based competition tricky. If you want teams to compete:

  • Grouping: Get ready for some ‘team huddle’ action, using a single phone or laptop to submit answers. Could be fun, but it might not be ideal for every team activity.

Pricing Challenges

Mentimeter offers a free plan to try things out. For the full toolkit, check out their paid options. Just a friendly reminder, those are billed yearly, so consider your long-term presentation needs. 

For individuals and teams:

  • Basic: $11.99/month (billed yearly)
  • Pro: $24.99/month (billed yearly)
  • Enterprise: Custom 

For teachers and students

  • Basic: $8.99/month (billed yearly)
  • Pro: $19.99/month (billed yearly)
  • Campus: Custom 

Overall: Mentimeter offers a no-frills quiz experience.  You won’t find fancy features here. It’s best for those needing a very basic quiz solution, either as part of a presentation or on its own. If you seek more flexibility and audience engagement tools, other platforms might be a better fit.

Learn more:

AhaSlides’ Quiz Toolkit: Engagement Unlocked!

  • 🌟 Best For:
    • Engagement seekers: Spice up presentations with unique quiz types like spinner wheels, word clouds, and more.
    • Insightful educators: Go beyond multiple choice with diverse question formats to spark discussion and truly understand your learners.
    • Flexible trainers: Tailor quizzes with team play, self-pacing, and AI-generated questions to suit different training needs.
How to play Sudoku? Elevate your celebrations with interactive joy. Happy holidays!

Core Quiz Features

Forget boring quizzes! AhaSlides lets you choose the perfect format for maximum fun:

6 Interactive Quiz Types: 

Choose the perfect format for maximum fun
  • Multiple Choice: The classic quiz format – perfect for testing knowledge quickly.
  • Image Choice: Make quizzes more visual and engaging for diverse learners.
  • Short Answer: Go beyond simple recall! Get participants to think critically and express their ideas.
  • Matching Pairs & Correct Order: Boost knowledge retention with a fun, interactive challenge.
  • Spinner Wheel: Inject a bit of chance and friendly competition – who doesn’t love a spin?

AI-Generated Quiz: 

  • Short on time? AhaSlides’ AI is your sidekick! Paste in any text, and let it magically generate multiple-choice questions, short answer prompts, and more.
AhaSlides’ AI is your sidekick!

Streaks and Leaderboards

  • Keep the energy high with streaks for consecutive correct answers, and a live leaderboard that sparks friendly competition.

Take Your Time: Self-Paced Quizzes

  • Let participants work through the quiz at their own pace for a stress-free experience.

Team Participation

Get everyone truly involved with customizable team-based quizzes! Adjust scoring to reward average performance, total points, or the fastest answer. (This fosters healthy competition AND aligns with different team dynamics).

Get everyone involved with true team-based quizzes!

Customization Central

  • Adjust everything from general quiz settings to leaderboards, sound effects, and even celebration animations. It’s your show with tons of ways to keep the audience engaged!
  • Theme Library: Explore a vast array of pre-designed themes, fonts, and more for a visually appealing experience.


AhaSlides offers monthly and annual plans to suit your budget. Annual subscriptions offer the best value. See the pricing options below:

Public Plans

  • Essential: $7.95/mo – Audience size: 50
  • Plus: $10.95/mo – Audience size: 200
  • Pro: $15.95/mo – Audience size: 10,000

Educator Plans:

  • $2.95/ month – Audience size: 25 
  • $5.45/ month – Audience size: 50
  • $7.65/month – Audience size: 200

Overall: With AhaSlides, you’re not confined to a one-size-fits-all quiz. The variety of question formats, self-pacing options, AI assistance, and true team-based quizzes ensure you can tailor the experience perfectly.


Both Menti Quizzes and AhaSlides have their uses. If simple quizzes are all you need, Mentimeter gets the job done. But to truly transform your presentations, AhaSlides is your key to unlocking a whole new level of audience interaction. Give it a try and experience the difference for yourself – your presentations will never be the same.