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Menti Survey vs. AhaSlides | Your Guide to Engaging Surveys


Jane Ng 09 April, 2024 8 min read

💡 Menti Survey is powerful, but sometimes you need a different flavor of engagement. Maybe you crave more dynamic visuals or need to embed surveys directly into presentations. Enter AhaSlides – your weapon for turning feedback into a lively, interactive experience.

❗This blog post is about empowering you with choices! We’ll explore the unique strengths of each tool, including features and pricing, so you can make informed decisions based on your specific needs.

Mentimeter or AhaSlides? Find Your Ideal Feedback Solution

Core PurposeStandalone surveys with in-depth analysisEngaging surveys embedded within live presentations
Ideal ForComprehensive feedback gathering, market research, in-depth surveysWorkshops, trainings, lively meetings, brainstorming sessions
Question TypesDiverse: Multiple choice, word clouds, open-ended, ranking, scales, Q&A, etc.Focused: Multiple choice, word clouds, open-ended, scales, Q&A
Presentation ModeAudience-paced (asynchronous)Audience-paced
Real-time, integrated into the presentation flow
AnonymityEncouraged for honest feedbackGreat for boosting participation in live group settings
StrengthsData analysis tools, segmentation optionsInstant visual results, fun factor, ease of use
LimitationsLess focused on live, in-the-moment interactionNot ideal for long, complex surveys
Additional Perks✅ Seamlessly integrates with other presentation slide types (quizzes, games, etc.)
Menti Survey Features vs. AhaSlides’
  • 👉 Need deep data analysis? Mentimeter excels.
  • 👉 Crave interactive presentations? AhaSlides is the answer.
  • 👉 The Best of Both Worlds: Leverage both tools strategically.

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Table Of Contents

Interactive Surveys: Why They Transform Feedback & Presentations

Before diving into Menti Survey and AhaSlides, let’s uncover how interactive surveys transform feedback and presentations.

The Psychology of Engagement:

Traditional surveys can feel like a chore. Interactive surveys change the game, tapping into smart psychology for better results and a more engaging experience:

  • Think Games, Not Forms: Progress bars, instant visual results, and a sprinkle of competition make participation feel like playing, not filling out paperwork.
  • Active, Not Passive: When people rank options, see their ideas up on the screen, or get creative with their answers, they think more deeply, leading to richer responses.
Spice up your next meeting or training with AhaSlides – try it free and see the difference.

Supercharge Your Presentations

Ever felt like a presentation was just you talking at people? Interactive surveys transform listeners into active participants. Here’s how:

  • Instant Connection: Kick things off with a survey – it breaks the ice and shows your audience that their opinions matter from the start.
  • Real-Time Feedback Loop: Seeing responses shape the conversation is electrifying! This keeps things relevant and dynamic.
  • Engagement & Retention: Interactive moments combat distraction and help people truly absorb the content.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Even shy folks can contribute (anonymously if they like), leading to richer insights.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Presenters get real-time data to guide the presentation or improve future strategies.
  • The Fun Factor: Surveys add a touch of playfulness, proving that learning and feedback can be enjoyable!

Mentimeter (Menti Survey) – The Standalone Survey Star

Think of Mentimeter as your trusty sidekick when you need to dig deep on a topic. Here’s what makes it shine:

Key Features

  • Audience-Paced Presentations: Participants move through survey questions at their own speed. Great for asynchronous feedback or when you want people to have ample time to consider their answers.
Menti Survey
  • Diverse Question Types: Want multiple choice? Open-ended? Ranking? Scales? Mentimeter’s got you covered, letting you ask questions in all sorts of creative ways.
  • Segmentation: Break down your survey results by demographics or other custom criteria. This allows you to identify trends and differences in opinions across different groups.
Menti Survey

Pros and Cons

Menti Survey’s ProsCons
In-depth surveys: Excellent for comprehensive feedback due to varied question types and segmentation options.
Data-Driven Analysis: Detailed results and filtering make it easy to spot trends and patterns within your data.
Visual Engagement: Interactive results keep participants engaged and make data easier to digest.
Asynchronous Option: Audience-paced mode is ideal for getting feedback from people on their own time
Limited Focus on Live Interaction: While it can be used in presentations, it’s not as geared towards real-time polling within a live setting as tools like AhaSlides.
Template-Focused Customization: Personalizing the look and feel of your surveys is more limited in the free plan; paid tiers offer greater control.
Feature-Rich = More to Learn: Mentimeter’s power lies in its many features. Mastering them all takes a bit of exploration compared to simpler survey tools.
Cost: Advanced features come with a cost. Mentimeter’s paid plans can be a significant investment, especially considering the annual billing cycle.
Menti Survey Pros and Cons


  • Free plan
  • Paid Plans: Start at $11.99/month (billed yearly)
  • No Monthly Option: Mentimeter only offers annual billing for its paid plans. There’s no option to pay month-to-month.

Overall: Mentimeter is ideal for anyone who needs serious data analysis from their surveys. Need in-depth survey sent out individually.

AhaSlides – Presentation Engagement Ace

Think of AhaSlides as your secret weapon for turning presentations from passive to participatory. Here’s the magic:

Key Features

  • Slide-In Surveys:  Surveys become part of the presentation itself! This keeps audiences engaged, perfect for training, workshops, or lively meetings.
  • The Classics: Multiple choice, word clouds, scales – all the essentials for quick feedback within your presentation.
  • Open-Ended Input: Gather thoughts and ideas in more detail.
  • Audience Q&A: Dedicate slides to collecting those burning questions in real time.
  • Tech-Friendly: Plays nicely with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and more.
  • Personalized surveys: AhaSlides empowers you to personalize surveys with various question types, and customizable answer options like show on audience’s devices, show in percentage (%), and diverse result display choices (bars, donuts, etc.). Design your survey to match your needs and style perfectly!

Pros and Cons

Embedded in Presentations: Surveys feel like a natural part of the flow, keeping the audience’s attention within a meeting or training session.
Real-Time Excitement: Instant results with dynamic visuals turn feedback into a shared experience rather than a chore.
Anonymity Encouraged: People feel more comfortable sharing honest input, especially in live group environments.
Audience-paced Mode: Audience-paced mode is ideal for getting feedback from people on their own time
Combines with Other Features: A seamless blend of surveys with other interactive slide types (quizzes, spinners, etc.) makes presentations more lively.
Playful and Presenter-Friendly: AhaSlides excels in dynamic visuals and ease of use, keeping things fun for both you and the audience.
Live Focus is Key: Not ideal for standalone surveys that people take asynchronously.
Potential for Overstimulation: If overused, survey slides could disrupt the flow of more content-heavy presentations.


  • Free plan
  • Paid Plans: Start at $7.95/month
  • AhaSlides offers discounts for educational institutions.

Overall: AhaSlides shines the brightest when you want to boost interaction and get a quick pulse check within live presentations. If your primary goal is detailed data collection and analysis, supplementing it with a tool like Mentimeter could create a powerful combo.


The survey world is your oyster! For in-depth insights, Mentimeter is your tool. Want to liven up presentations? AhaSlides has your back. The best part? These tools can work in tandem for maximum feedback power!