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Planning A Wedding Checklist | Your Complete Guide with Timeline | 2024 Reveals


Jane Ng 22 April, 2024 7 min read

Overwhelmed by the “planning a wedding checklist” storm? Let’s break it down with a clear checklist and timeline. In this blog post, we’ll transform the planning process into a smooth and enjoyable journey. From major choices to the little touches, we’ll cover it all, ensuring every step towards your “I do” is filled with joy. Are you ready to get organized and experience the magic of stress-free planning?

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Your Dream Wedding Starts Here

Planning A Wedding Checklist

Planning A Wedding Checklist – Image: Wedded Wonderland

12 Months Out: Kickoff Time

Here’s your guide to navigating the 12-month out mark with ease:

Budget Planning: 

  • Sit down with your partner (and any family members contributing) to discuss the budget. Be clear about what you can spend and what your priorities are.

Pick a Date

  • Seasonal Preferences: Decide on the season that feels right for your wedding. Each season has its charm and considerations (availability, weather, pricing, etc.).
  • Check Significant Dates: Make sure your chosen date doesn’t clash with major holidays or family events.

Starting Your Guest List

  • Draft the List: Create an initial guest list. This doesn’t have to be final, but having a ballpark figure helps immensely. Keep in mind that the number of guests will influence your choice of venues.
Planning A Wedding Checklist – Image: Alicia Lucia Photography

Create a Timeline

  • Overall Timeline: Sketch out a rough timeline leading up to your wedding day. This will help you keep track of what needs to be done and when.

Set Up Tools

  • Spreadsheet Wizardry: Create spreadsheets for your budget, guest list, and checklist. There are plenty of templates online to give you a head start.


  • Engagement Party: If you’re planning to have one, now is a good time to start thinking about it.

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10 Months Out: Venue and Vendors

This phase is all about laying the foundation for your big day. You’ll decide on the overall feel and theme of your wedding.

Planning A Wedding Checklist – Image: Shannon Moffit Photography
  • Decide on Your Wedding Vibe: Reflect on what represents you as a couple. This vibe will guide all your decisions moving forward, from venue to decor.
  • Venue Hunting: Start by researching online and asking for recommendations. Consider the capacity, location, availability, and what’s included.
  • Book Your Venue: After visiting your top choices and weighing the pros and cons, secure your date with a deposit. This will often dictate your exact wedding date.
  • Research Photographers, Bands/DJs: Look for vendors whose style matches your vibe. Read reviews, ask for samples of their work, and meet in person if possible.
  • Book Photographer and Entertainment: Once you’re confident in your choices, book them with a deposit to ensure they’re reserved for your day.

8 Months Out: Attire and Wedding Party

Now’s the time to focus on how you and your closest friends and family will look on the day. Finding your wedding attire and deciding on the wedding party’s outfits are big tasks that will shape the visual aspects of your wedding.

Planning A Wedding Checklist – Image: Lexi Kilmartin
  • Wedding Attire Shopping: Begin the search for your perfect wedding outfit. Remember, ordering and alterations can take time, so starting early is key.
  • Make Appointments: For dress fittings or to tailor a tux, schedule these well in advance.
  • Choose Your Wedding Party: Think about who you want to stand beside you on this special day and make those asks.
  • Start Thinking About Wedding Party Attire: Consider colors and styles that complement your wedding theme and look good on everyone involved.

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6 Months Out: Invitations and Catering

This is when things start to feel real. Guests will soon know the details of your day, and you’ll make decisions on the delicious aspects of your celebration.

Planning A Wedding Checklist – Image: Pinterest
  • Design Your Invitations: They should hint at the theme of your wedding. Whether you’re going DIY or professional, now’s the time to start the design process.
  • Order Invitations: Allow for design, printing, and shipping time. You’ll also want extra for keepsakes or last-minute additions.
  • Schedule Menu Tasting: Work with your caterer or venue to taste potential dishes for your wedding. This is a fun and flavorful step in the planning process.
  • Start Compiling Guest Addresses: Organize a spreadsheet with all guest addresses for your invitation send-out.

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4 Months Out: Finalizing Details

Planning A Wedding Checklist – You’re getting closer, and it’s all about finalizing the details and planning for after the wedding.

  • Finalize All Vendors: Ensure you have all your vendors booked and any rental items secured.
  • Honeymoon Planning: If you’re planning a getaway post-wedding, now is the time to book to get the best deals and ensure availability.

2 Months to 2 Weeks Out: Final Touches

The countdown is on, and it’s time for all the final preparations.

  • Send Out Invitations: Aim to have these in the mail 6-8 weeks before the wedding, providing guests enough time to RSVP.
  • Schedule Final Fittings: To ensure your wedding attire is perfectly tailored for the day.
  • Confirm Details With Vendors: A crucial step to ensure everyone is on the same page and knows the timeline.
  • Create a Day-Of Timeline: This will be a lifesaver, outlining when and where everything happens on your wedding day.

The Week Of: Relaxation and Rehearsal

Planning A Wedding Checklist – Image: Pinterest

It’s nearly go-time. This week is about ensuring everything is in place and taking some time to relax.

  • Last-Minute Check-Ins: Quick calls or meetings with your key vendors to confirm all details.
  • Pack for Your Honeymoon: Start packing early in the week to avoid any last-minute rush.
  • Take Some Me-Time: Book a spa day, meditate, or engage in relaxing activities to keep stress at bay.
  • Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner: Practice the flow of the ceremony and enjoy a meal with your closest friends and family.
  • Get Plenty of Rest: Try to rest as much as possible to be fresh and glowing on your big day.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to planning a wedding checklist, broken down into manageable phases to ensure nothing gets overlooked. From setting your budget and picking a date to the final fittings and relaxation before your big day, we’ve covered every step to help you navigate the journey with confidence and ease.

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