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5 Must-Play Retro Games Online | Updated in 2024


Jane Ng 22 April, 2024 8 min read

Are you looking for the best retro games online? Or looking for the feeling of holding an 8-bit controller and embarking on epic adventures like no other? Well, guess what? We’ve got some exciting news for you! In this blog post, we’ve provided the top 5 fantastic retro games online that you can play right from the comfort of your modern device. 

So let’s dive into a world of pixelated wonders!

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#1 – Contra (1987) – Retro games online

Contra, released in 1987, is a classic arcade game that has become an icon in the world of retro gaming. Developed by Konami, this side-scrolling shooter features action-packed gameplay, challenging levels, and memorable characters.

How to play Contra

  • Choose Your Character: Play as Bill or Lance, elite soldiers on a mission to save the world from an alien invasion. Both characters have distinct advantages.
  • Navigate the Side-Scrolling World: Progress through levels filled with enemies, obstacles, and power-ups. Move left to right, jumping and ducking to avoid hazards.
  • Defeat Enemies and Bosses: Battle waves of foes, including soldiers, machines, and alien creatures. Shoot them down and strategize to defeat formidable bosses.
  • Collect Power-Ups: Watch for power-ups to enhance your weapon, gain invincibility, or earn extra lives, giving you an edge in the fight.
  • Finish the Game: Complete all levels, defeat the final boss, and save the world from the alien threat. Prepare for a thrilling gaming experience!

#2 – Tetris (1989) – Retro games online

In Tetris, a classic puzzle game, the tetrominoes fall faster and the difficulty increases, challenging players to think quickly and strategically. There is no true “ending” to Tetris, as the game continues until the blocks stack up to the top of the screen, resulting in a “Game Over.”

How to play Tetris

  • Controls: Tetris is usually played using the arrow keys on a keyboard or the directional buttons on a gaming controller. Different platforms may have variations in controls, but the core concept remains the same.
  • The Tetrominos: Each tetromino is made up of four blocks arranged in various configurations. The shapes are a line, square, L-shape, mirrored L-shape, S-shape, mirrored S-shape, and T-shape.
  • Gameplay: As the game starts, tetrominoes will descend from the top of the screen. Your goal is to move and rotate the falling tetrominoes to create complete horizontal lines without gaps.
  • Moving and Rotating: Use arrow keys to move the blocks left or right, rotate with the up arrow, and speed up their descent with the down arrow. 
  • Clearing Lines: When a line is formed, it clears from the screen, and you earn points.

#3 – Pac-man (1980) – Retro games online

Pac-Man, released in 1980 by Namco, is a legendary arcade game that has become an iconic part of gaming history. The game features a yellow, circular character named Pac-Man, whose goal is to eat all the pac-dots while avoiding four colorful ghosts.

How to Play Pac-Man:

  • Move Pac-Man: Use the arrow keys (or joystick) to navigate Pac-Man through the maze. He moves continuously until he hits a wall or changes direction.
  • Eat Pac-Dots: Guide Pac-Man to eat all the pac-dots to clear each level. 
  • Avoid Ghosts: The four ghosts are relentless in chasing Pac-Man. Avoid them unless you have eaten a Power Pellet.
  • Eat Fruit for Bonus Points: As you progress through levels, fruits appear in the maze. Eating them grants bonus points.
  • Complete the Level: Clear all pac-dots to complete the level and advance to the next maze.

#4 – Battle City (1985) – Retro games online

Battle City is an exciting tank combat arcade game. In this 8-bit classic, you control a tank with the mission to defend your base from enemy tanks and protect it from destruction.

How to Play Battle City:

  • Control Your Tank: Use the arrow keys (or joystick) to move your tank around the battlefield. You can go up, down, left, and right.
  • Destroy Enemy Tanks: Engage in tank-to-tank battles with enemy tanks that roam the maze-like battleground. Shoot them to eliminate them and prevent them from destroying your base.
  • Protect Your Base: Your main goal is to defend your base from enemy tanks. If they manage to destroy it, you lose a life.
  • Power-Up Icons: Collecting them can grant you various advantages like increased firepower, faster movement, and even temporary invincibility.
  • Two-Player Co-op: Battle City offers the option to play with a friend cooperatively, adding to the fun and excitement.

#5 – Street Fighter II (1992) – Retro games online

Street Fighter II, released in 1992 by Capcom, is a legendary fighting game that revolutionized the genre. Players select from a roster of diverse fighters and engage in intense one-on-one battles across various iconic stages.

Image source: Youtube

How to Play Street Fighter II:

  • Choose Your Fighter: Pick your favorite character from a range of fighters, each with unique moves, strengths, and special attacks.
  • Master the Controls: Street Fighter II typically uses a six-button layout, with punches and kicks of varying strengths. 
  • Fight Your Opponent: Face off against an opponent in a best-of-three-round match. Reduce their health to zero in each round to win.
  • Utilize Special Moves: Each fighter has special moves, like fireballs, uppercuts, and spinning kicks. Learn these moves to gain an advantage during the battles.
  • Time and Strategy: Matches have time limits, so be quick on your feet. Observe your opponent’s patterns and strategize accordingly to outwit them.
  • Special Attacks: Charge up and unleash devastating super moves when your character’s super meter is full.
  • Unique Stages: Each fighter has a distinct stage, adding diversity and excitement to the battles.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Challenge a friend in thrilling head-to-head matches in the game’s multiplayer mode.

Websites To Play Retro Games Online

Here are websites where you can play retro games online:

  1. It offers a wide selection of retro games playable directly in your web browser. You can find classic titles from consoles like NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and more.
  2. It provides a vast library of retro games for various platforms. You can play games from consoles like NES, SNES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and more.
  3. Poki: Poki offers a collection of retro games that you can play for free in your browser. It includes a mix of classic and modern retro-inspired games.

Please note that the availability of games on these websites may vary based on copyright and licensing issues. 

Must-Play Retro Games Online
Must-Play Retro Games Online

Final Thoughts 

Retro games online offer a fantastic opportunity for gamers to relive nostalgic memories and discover classic gems from the past. With various websites hosting a vast array of retro titles, players can easily access and enjoy these timeless classics in the convenience of their web browsers. 

Moreover, with AhaSlides, you can make the experience extra fun by incorporating interactive quizzes and trivia games based on classic video games, making it even more enjoyable for players of all ages.


Where can I play retro games online for free?

You can play retro games online for free on various websites like,, Poki. These platforms offer a wide selection of classic games from consoles like NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and more, playable directly in your web browser without any downloads or installations.

How to play retro games on PC? 

To play retro games on your PC, visit one of these websites using a secure and updated web browser. 

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