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Running a Free Zoom Quiz? Here’s how (in just 4 steps!)

Running a Free Zoom Quiz? Here’s how (in just 4 steps!)

Lawrence Haywood 29 Oct 2021 6 min read

Ever wanted to host a quiz like that? ☝️

Prior to 2020, your answer may have been no, but as the new normal looks set to continue, so does positive sentiment towards a fast-growing tradition – the humble Zoom quiz.

Whether you’re looking to host one for a trivia night, in the classroom or in a staff meeting, here’s our step-by-step guide to hosting a free live quiz on Zoom.

What You’ll Need for your Zoom Quiz

  • Zoom – We’re guessing you figured this one out already? Either way, these virtual quizzes also work over Teams, Meet, Gather, Discord and basically any software that lets you share a screen.
  • Interactive Quiz Software – This is the software pulling most of the weight here. An interactive quizzing platform like AhaSlides lets you keep remote Zoom quizzes organised, diverse and insanely fun.

Want to see how it looks? Here are UK quiz legends BeerBods hosting a live Zoom quiz for over 1,000 players.

GIF of BeerBods running a live Zoom quiz with AhaSlides

Zoom quizzes are great for big events like these, but they also work beautifully for much smaller hangouts. Try a quiz for students, a quiz for team building or a quiz just for best friends!

Here’s how it works

As the quiz host, you share your screen with the quiz platform on it. Your players watch your screen on their computers and play along with the quiz remotely using just their phones.

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it really is.

And when you add in benefits like these free quiz templates, your Zoom quiz event is already off to a magnificent start…

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Step 1: Create your Quiz

Setting up your quiz is the natural first step. Once you’ve got your favourite quizzing software, you can start creating!

On any online quiz maker worth its salt, you should be able to sign up, pick a quiz template and pretty much be ready to host it almost immediately.

Free Zoom quiz templates for users of AhaSlides
Some of the quiz templates on AhaSlides

If you’re going the template route (recommended for newbie hosts of Zoom quizzes), then all you’d have to do is…

  1. Sign up with your chosen software
  2. Complete a quick onboarding process
  3. Pick a template
  4. Check the questions and settings
  5. Press ‘present’ and start hosting!

On the occasions when the templates on offer aren’t quite cutting it, there’s always a way to create your own Zoom quiz from scratch.

Here’s how…

1. Choose your Question Type

On AhaSlides, you have 4 different question types to choose from:

  1. Pick answer – Multiple choice with text options
  2. Pick image – Multiple choice with image options
  3. Type answer – Open-ended question with no options provided
  4. Match pairs – A set of prompts and a set of answers that players must match together
Creating a pick answer slide on AhaSlides

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to running a Zoom quiz. It’s harder to keep players engaged in a non-live setting, so giving them diversity in the questions is a really great way to compensate for that.

2. Write your Question (+ Answers)

At the top of your editor, write your question. You can also add an image if your question needs it.

If you’re using a pick answer or pick image slide, you’ll also need to add the answer options your players will choose from.

Writing the question and answers for a Zoom quiz question on AhaSlides

3. Choose your Settings

Select the quiz settings for your question. Every question you create after this will have the same settings.

Some of the settings you can alter are…

  • Time limit
  • Points system
  • Faster answer rewards
  • Mutliple right answers
  • Profanity filter
Changing the settings of a Zoom quiz

💡 Pssst – there are more settings that affect the whole quiz, not just individual questions. In the ‘Quiz Settings’ menu you can change the countdown timer, enable quiz background music and set up team play.

4. Customise the Appearance

Though this isn’t a feature on many online quiz makers (and is stuck behind a paywall on many others), on AhaSlides you can freely alter how each question will appear on the host’s screen and each players’ screen.

You can change the text colour, add a background image (or GIF) and choose its visibility against a base colour.

Changing the background image and colour on AhaSlides

Step 2: Test it

Once you’ve got a set of quiz questions, you’re pretty much ready, but you may want to test your creation if you’ve never used live quiz software before.

Check the quick video below to see how it all works 👇

1. Join your own Zoom quiz

Press ‘present’ and join your own quiz using your phone. You can do this either via the URL join code at the top of your slides or by scanning the QR code. Once you’re in, you can write your quiz name and choose an avatar for the quiz.

2. Answer a question

When you appear in the quiz lobby, you can press ‘Start the quiz’ on your computer. Answer the first question on your phone. Your score will be counted and shown in the leaderboard on the next slide.

Step 3: Share your Quiz

Your Zoom quiz is up and ready to roll! The next step is to get all your players in a Zoom room and share the screen you’re going to be hosting the quiz on.

With everyone viewing your screen, click the ‘Present’ button to reveal the URL code and QR code that players use to join your quiz on their phones.

Once everyone has shown up in the lobby, it’s time to start the quiz!

Peter Bodor of Quizland waiting in the lobby for players to join his Zoom quiz
The lobby screen of quiz master Petér Bodor, waiting for players to join his quiz.

Step 4: Let’s Play!

A master quiz host such as yourself should find this final step to be completely intuitive.

As you head through each question in your Zoom quiz, your players answer on their phones within the time limits you set up for each question.

Because you’re sharing your screen, each player will be able to see the questions on their computer as well as on their phones. Technically, you don’t even need to share your screen, but it makes for a more compelling quiz to have everyone watching the same screen!

Here’s a great example of top quiz master etiquette on an online Zoom quiz 👇

And that’s it! 🎉 You’ve successfully hosted a killer online Zoom quiz. While your players are counting down the days until next week’s quiz, you can check your report to see how everyone fared.

Want to know more?

Here’s the full tutorial on making any type of quiz with AhaSlides for free! Feel free to check out our help article if you still have questions.

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3 Types of Zoom Quiz

1. Zoom Pub Quiz

The Zoom pub quiz really took flight in 2020. It kept people in touch with trivia and community during COVID-19.

Of course, none of these Zoom pub quizzes could actually take place in a pub, but if people play a virtual quiz and get drunk in their own house, is there really any difference?

Some of the best Zoom pub quizzes included BeerBods, Airliners Live and Quizland. They did wonders for their community spirit and, from a business perspective, kept their brands super relevant.

Airliners Live hosting a live Zoom quiz

🍻 Looking to set up a regular Zoom pub quiz? Check out our full guide right here!

2. Zoom Picture Quiz

Picture quizzes are always popular, whether its a bonus round at a pub or an entire quiz standing on its own JPEG legs.

A picture quiz on Zoom is actually way smoother than one in a live setting. You can chuck the convoluted pen and paper method and substitute it with pictures that show up in real-time on people’s phones.

On AhaSlides you can incoporate the picture into the question and/or the multiple choice answers.

An image question from a Zoom image quiz on AhaSlides

Want one like this? Find our Pop Music Images Quiz in the template library!

3. Zoom Audio Quiz

The ability to run seamless audio quizzes is another string to the bow of virtual trivia.

Music quizzes, sound effect quizzes, even birdsong quizzes work wonders on live quizzing software. It’s all because of the guarantee that both the host and the players can hear the music without drama.

Music is played on each invidual player’s phone and also has playback controls, so that each player can skip parts or go back to any parts they missed.

An audio question in a live quiz on AhaSlides

Want one like this? Find our Music Intro Quiz in the template library!

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