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27+ Best Zoom Games For Adults in 2024 | Free Tools!


Leah Nguyen 16 April, 2024 19 min read

The party just doesn’t stop. It’s going virtual.

Zoom meetings are no fun. They never finish on time and long, awkward pauses appear to the point that you would rather eat expired cheeseburgers and get food poisoning to excuse yourself from the gathering.

But trust us when we say that, through Zoom games, your meeting time can be a much more engaging and enjoyable experience. With this list of 27 Zoom Games for Adults, including friends, families, and colleagues, tested and approved by us, things are about to get spicy! 🔥

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Why Should You Host Virtual Zoom Games?

There’s a lot of perks to playing Zoom games with adults. They…

  • aren’t too time-consuming
  • don’t require complex setups
  • have little or no cost
  • can enhance communication 
  • often promote collaboration and problem-solving skills
  • guarantee good laughs and good vibes

And with skyrocketing gas prices and virtual hangouts becoming a regular thing, maybe staying at home and enjoying a little Zoom rendezvous is for the best?

More Engagement with your gatherings

Who Can Play Zoom Meeting Games?

Zoom games are for every party, from small groups to large groups of friends, families, or coworkers. Maybe your grandparents prefer playing with words, but your friends love to heat up the atmosphere with drama? Worry not because with this list of 27 highly versatile Zoom games for adults, no one will be feeling disconnected.

27 Virtual Zoom Games for Adults 

Quiz Games for Adults on Zoom

#1 – Presentation Night

Honestly, what’s the point in a virtual games night if you are not allowed to talk about your latest obsession with aromatic soaps?

For this Zoom activity, each person will prepare a 5-minute presentation slide and talk about something interesting. It could be anything, hobbies, distastes, thought-provoking questions, etc.

To add more fun and connectivity, you can make it interactive with a poll, spinner wheel, online quiz and a bunch of other things that your guests can respond to live with their smartphones. The ultimate goal is to know everyone’s interests a bit better and let them know yours too!

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Pineapple belongs on Pizza

Agree or disagree? Get your friends’ thoughts via this free poll and interactive presentation tool. Find the heathen that loves 🍍 + 🍕!

Live polling to use in Zoom games for adults
Best Games for Adults

#2 – Family Feud 

As a traditional game that millions of households enjoy around the globe, Family Feud is a must-have for fun Zoom game nights for adults. You will need to find the answers based on the most popular answers taken from the survey, which sometimes can be hysterical and downright crazy.

Two teams made up of family members are pitted against each other. However, you can have your version such as Coworker Feud, Bestie Feud, etc. Time to take revenge on your sister who keeps taking your clothes without asking for permission 😈

How to play Family Feud on Zoom

  1. Pick out the questions. Try these templates here. Or check out our Public Template Library.
  2. Start the Zoom Family Feud after you’ve divided people into teams (minimum of 3 players per team).
  3. Share the whiteboard or scorekeeping widget with the team so everyone can keep track of their score.
  4. Set the time limit for 20 seconds on your laptop/computer.
  5. Get the ball rolling.

#3 – Two Truths and One Lie

Two Truths and One Lie is the ultimate icebreaker game with just a very simple set-up, a little bit of a constructive mind and the acquaintance of others. People will have to vote on which one is the lie out of the three statements you bring to the table.

How to play Two Truths and One Lie on Zoom

  1. Share with everyone a copy of this doc (requires a free registration).
  2. Press “Let’s play” and create your statements.
  3. Add one statement per row, randomizing the order between your 2 truths and 1 lie. 
  4. Share your screen on Zoom. Read everyone else’s statement and vote on whether you think it’s a truth or a lie.

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#4 – BINGO! For Zoom

This classic mood maker for every meeting has arrived in Zoom App Marketplace! Now you can easily integrate the game and compete with friends or coworkers for a fair chance to shout BINGO! in each others’ faces.

How to play BINGO! on Zoom?

  1. Install BINGO! on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Choose between 1 or 2 playing cards.
  3. Start the game and be ready to BINGO! when you’ve completed a line.

#5 – Zoom Jeopardy

how to play Jeopardy on Zoom - Zoom games for adults
Drawing Games for Adults – Zoom with Friends

Taken from the famous TV game show, virtual Zoom Jeopardy challenges players to answer trivia in specific categories. The more correct answers you guess, the more points you can get. Team up with your peers, and advance to victory while having a blast at the party.

How to play Jeopardy on Zoom

  1. Create a customised jeopardy template here.
  2. Pull up presentation mode, then share your screen.
  3. Enter the number of teams playing, then click “Start.”

#6 – Scavenger Hunt

This is another Zoom game for adults that you might not have thought possible in a virtual setting, but believe us, it still brings the same amount of fun as the physical experience. Can you find as many objects as possible before the rest to become the champion?

How to play Scavenger Hunt on Zoom

  1. Prepare a scavenger hunt list. There are many templates online you can use.
  2. Decide the amount of time allowed for each player to locate the item.
  3. Call out the first item on the list and start the preset countdown.
  4. The players must rush to find the item in their house and bring it to the webcam before the timer runs out.

#7 – Would you Rather?

Would you rather be stuck in a boring meeting with no way out or read all of our blog posts? This game is ideal for many large meetings to break the ice and get everybody loosened up a bit without having to spend too much effort.

You will give the players two options/scenarios to choose from and they will have to explain the reason for their choice. Sounds easy peasy, right? And you also get to know them better as a bonus.

Bonus tip: Use this free spinner wheel template to pick random Would you Rather questions with your players!

would you rather game using spinner wheel

How to play Would you Rather? on Zoom

  1. Signup to AhaSlides for free.
  2. Grab the ‘Class Spinner Wheel Games’ from the template library.
  3. Go to Slide number 3.
  4. Spin the wheel.
  5. Ask people to give their answer and explain why they chose it.

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Word Games for Adults on Zoom

#8 – Heads Up!

Originating from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Heads Up is another delightful charade game that we recommend if you want to see all the ridiculous action everyone can do on their pursuit of victory.

Choose one theme from the various decks of the game and try to determine, as your mates shout and wave their arms around, what word is on the screen before the timer runs out. Actions speak louder than words, right?

How to play Heads Up! on Zoom

  1. Install Heads Up! on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Divide people into teams (minimum of 2 players per team).
  3. The app will assign one player to guess the words on the screen while others give out clues by acting, singing and wiggling.
  4. If the guesser gets an answer right, they move their phone up. Can’t guess what it is? Move it down to skip.

#9 – Boggle

people compete in Boggle - a virtual Zoom game for group activity

Remember that time when you competed in a spelling bee contest? No? Well, anyway, Boggle can help save your vocabulary skills in a mind-boggling word game showdown with friends and family!

Everyone is on the same board, but not everyone has the same refined word skill to advance to victory. Do you have what it takes to become a word wizard? Download the game and see how far you can get.

How to play Boggle on Zoom

  1. Download Boggle on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Customise your game, from choosing board size to picking a team or playing solo.
  3. Let the fun begin!

#10 – Just Say the Word!

Can you describe what a turtle is without using “shell” or “slow”? In Just Say the Word!, you will have to come up with creative ways to describe the word to your teammates without using any forbidden terms appearing on the screen.

How to play Just Say the Word! on Zoom

  1. Install the game on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Invite your friends or coworkers over in the chat.
  3. Play in Co-op mode, where everyone works for the same goal, or Team mode, where the Blue team and Red team battle against each other.

#11 – Cards Against Humanity

Fill in the blank statements with risky, offensive, but definitively hilarious words or phrases printed on the playing cards. This one’s definitely an adult Zoom game, as questions and their answers can get right into the taboo.

How to play Cards Against Humanity on Zoom

  1. Head to the All Bad Cards website. This is one of the best ways to play Cards Against Humanity over Zoom. 
  2. Click “Play”, type in your nickname and customise the settings.
  3. Invite other people through the shareable link, then click “Start” when everyone is ready.

Drawing Games for Adults on Zoom

#12 –

Feeling artistic? Flex your creative muscle in Skribbl, a drawing quiz game that lets you doodle, judge others’ masterpieces and guess the clue before the time runs out. This is a Pictionary Zoom game is where you can unleash your inner artist!

How to play Skribbl on Zoom

  1. Open Skribbl in a web browser.
  2. Enter your name and create an avatar.
  3. Click “Create private room” and choose the settings that you’d like.
  4. Invite your friends through the given link on Zoom chat.
  5. Click “Start game” after everyone has joined. 

#13 – Gartic Phone

people drawing the picture of a bird walking along the beach in gartic phone

Gartic Phone takes another spin on Pictionary and brings it to the digital age. In the game, you will start with a silly prompt then attempt to draw them. Sounds pretty simple, right? However, the essence of the game lies in 12 presets that are worth giving a try. We recommend trying out some chaotic options below:

  • Animation: There is no prompt to draw in this mode. You start the first frame with an animation. The following person will be given a faint outline of your drawing. They can trace over the picture and make slight (or drastic) changes. Co-op with your friends to come out with a simple GIF project.
  • Normal: This is the mode that drew people to this game in the first place. Create genius prompts, draw a masterpiece based on a bizarre sentence, and try describing one of the crazy drawings. You will soon see why this is so much fun.
  • Secret: Rely on your creative input as in this mode, your words will be censored when writing a prompt and when you’re drawing, the screen will turn blank. You will struggle to interpret what your friends were trying to portray, which is likely to result in a beyond-comprehensible mess.

How to play Gartic Phone on Zoom

  1. Choose your character and game settings on the website.
  2. Share the room link so that everyone can join.
  3. Press “Start” after everyone has chosen a name and character.

Strategic Games for Adults on Zoom

#14 – Werewolf Friends

A party can’t possibly end until everyone’s played the famous game of Werewolf! Survive through the long, dark nights and become the last one standing by using any means to prove your innocence. This game will involve a lot of tricking, betraying, and lying, which is great stuff when done right!

How to play Werewolf Friends on Zoom

  1. Install Werewolf Friends on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Choose your character so that everyone can identify who you are.
  3. Let fate decide whether you’re a Wolfie or a Villager.
  4. The game will start when everyone’s ready. Each night, the werewolves will eat a villager and on the next day, the entire village will have to discuss and vote to exile the suspicious ones.
  5. Finish the game when you’ve kicked out all of the werewolves (as villagers) or managed to overrun the village (as werewolves).

#15 – Codenames

Codenames is a game of guessing which codenames (i.e., words) in a set are related to a hint word given by another player. Two powerful underground organisations – Red and Blue, are gathering their lost elite agents to reclaim the throne. There are 25 suspects, including undercover spies from both teams, civilians and an assassin, all encrypted by Codenames.

Each team has a spymaster who knows the identities of all 25 suspects. The spymaster will give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board. The other players on the team attempt to guess their team’s words while avoiding the words of the other team

How to play Codenames on Zoom

  1. Go to the game’s website.
  2. Click on the “CREATE ROOM” button.
  3. Choose the game settings according to your preferences.
  4. Share the room URL with your friends and begin the game.

#16 – Mafia 

If you enjoy arguing and breaking off friendships, then Mafia is the Zoom game to go for. As a modern take on the Werewolf game, Mafia has a similar mechanism, which would be easy to understand if you’ve already played Werewolf.

In this game, players will be assigned either as civilians (normal people who need to figure out who the mafia are and kill them off), or as the mafia (killers who will be taking an innocent life each night).

How to play Mafia on Zoom

  1. Have everyone ready to open private Zoom chat, voice message, and webcam.
  2. Choose a narrator. The narrator will inform everyone via a private message what role they’re given. (See here for the details of each role).
  3. Let the killing begin!

#17 – Mystery Escape Room

Mystery Escape Room is a great Zoom game for adults into true crime and riddles. In this one, you and your remote crew get to solve a variety of fun puzzles and unique challenges that will bring out the best teamwork spirit in every person.

How to play Mystery Escape Room on Zoom

  1. Select a date and book your game on the official website.
  2. Invite people to join through the private link you’ve received.
  3. Read through your personal ‘character guide’ and get ready to solve the puzzle with your teammates.

#18 – AceTime Poker by LGN

If you love playing poker but don’t have the physical tool, AceTime has you covered. With realistic looking 3D chips and cards, plus all the possible actions of live poker, AceTime Poker can add a thick layer of strategy to any Zoom party.

How to play AceTime Poker on Zoom

  1. Install the game on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Choose “New game” and set the buy-in, blinds, and rebuy options for the table.
  3. Invite everyone through the chat and start bluffing!

All-in-One Zoom Games for Adults

Gaggle Party

What’s grander than a Zoom app with all the games you need? In Gaggle Party, you and your peers can play four collaborative games, from drawing and acting to classic card games.

  1. Drawtini Classic: A prompt will be given, and it’s your job to draw it so that everyone can guess what it is. The faster their guess, the higher the points they will get. Players: 2-12.
  2. Flipping the Bird: A bidding and bluffing game in which you try to guess what your friends have in their hand! Press your luck, and flip one more card. See how far you can get flipping the birds! Players: 3-6.
  3. Crazy Eights: The classic card game, Crazy Eights. Play all of your cards by matching the number or type of card previously played. No need to deal, just play your cards, and empty your hand. Players: 2-4.
  4. Swan: Win big in this strategic card game! Predict how many tricks you’ll win for higher points, but if you guess wrong, you’ll lose points fast. Have you been blessed with Swans or stuck with Jesters? Players: 3-6.

How to play Gaggle Party on Zoom

  1. Install Gaggle Party on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Choose 1 out of 4 available games to play.
  3. Read the rules carefully on the top corner of the app. 
  4. Click “Start game” after everyone has ready.

Funtivity Zoom App

This super-app provides a bunch of funtastic activities to get your remote tribe on the same wavelength. From scavenger hunts to trivia, Funtivity is the jester of virtual Zoom games with a variety of activities that cater to everyone’s needs. Below is the list of the most popular games people can enjoy on Funtivity:

  1. Rebus Puzzles: Challenge your idiom knowledge by guessing the phrases represented in the game’s pictographical depiction. A unique take on the typical Pictionary game.
  2. Trivia: As a staple form of entertainment, Trivia is the real deal for anyone who prefers the non-physical activity of taking their brain for a workout. This short game provides a range of ready-to-play themes to choose, but you can customise your question pack and let everyone play individually or in a team.
  3. Name that Person: Did Bob try out contemporary dance last week and sprain his ankle, or was it Susan? It’s time to know your mates better by guessing who the anonymous response on the screen belongs to. Use your snooping skill, try to piece together which story belongs to whom and get the most correct answers.
  4. Homophones: You’ll be given three clues to identify each of the three different words, that sound just about the same. Enter the words in the text box provided, comma-separated, in the same order. Try to ace this game before the time runs out.
  5. Say What?: “Can I get a burrito without whack-a-mole?😰” Ever had a moment in life when you’ve misheard something someone else said? We all have. Play Say What? to see if your team can figure out what those garbled phrases mean.

How to play Funtivity on Zoom?

  1. Install Funtivity on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Choose themed events for the gathering occasion such as Harry Porter, Catch up, Halloween and such, or jump straight to the activities.
  3. Invite the attendees through Zoom chat, then launch the activities when everyone’s ready.

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