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50 Exciting Zoom Quiz Ideas for any Virtual Hangout (Templates Included!)


Ellie Tran 19 December, 2022 18 min read

Lockdown dragging on for the last 2 years has made everyone familiar with seeing others on a small screen via Zoom or any other virtual meeting platforms. It can get dull sometimes, but virtual quizzes are one of the best Zoom games to liven up any online session, whether it’s at work, school or with your loved ones.

Still, making a quiz can be a huge effort. Save your time by checking out these 50 Zoom Quiz Ideas and the bunch of free templates within.

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5 Steps to Host Quizzes in Zoom Meetings

Online quizzes are now becoming a staple in Zoom meetings to bring more engagement and fun to long hours sitting with laptops. Below are 5 simple steps to make and host one like this 👇

AhaSlides Zoom quiz ideas
Fun Questions to Ask on Zoom

Step #1: Sign Up for an AhaSlides Account (For Free)

With AhaSlides’ free account, you can create and host a quiz for up to 7 participants.

Step #2: Create a Quiz Slide

Create a new presentation, then add new slides from the Quiz and games slide types. Try Pick Answer, Pick Image or Type Answer first, as they’re the most simple, but there’s also Correct Order, Match Pairs and even a Spinner Wheel.

Step #3: Insert your Questions

Type your questions and answer options, then choose the correct one. You can spice up your quizzes with some customisation.

Step #4: Invite the Participants

Share the link or QR code so that your participants can join the quizzes and answer questions with their phones. They can type in their recognisable names, choose avatars and play in teams (if it’s a team quiz).

Step #5: Host your Quiz

Start your quiz and engage with your audience! Simply share the screen with your audience and let them join the game with their phones.

💡 Need more help? Check out our free guide to running a Zoom quiz!

Save Time with Templates!

Grab free quiz templates and let the fun begin with your crew over Zoom.

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Quiz in Zoom

Zoom Quiz Ideas for Classes

Studying online means that students have more chances to be distracted and shy away from interacting during lessons. Grab their attention and motivate them to engage more with these exciting Zoom quiz ideas, which help them learn and play and give you a chance to check their understanding of a topic.

#1: What Country Are You in If…

You’re standing in ‘a boot’ located in the South of Europe? This quiz round can test the students’ geography knowledge and evoke their love for travelling.

#2: Spelling Bee

Can you spell insomnia or veterinarian? This round is suitable for all grades and is a great way to check spelling and vocab. Embed an audio file of you saying a word, then get your class to spell it out!

#3: World Leaders

It’s time to get a little more diplomatic! Reveal some pictures and get your class to guess the names of famous political figures from all around the world.

#4: Synonyms

How to tell your mom that you’re hungry without saying the word itself? This round helps students revise words they know and learn many others while playing.

#5: Finish the Lyrics

Instead of typing or talking to answer quiz rounds, let’s sing songs! Give students the first part of the lyrics to a song and let them take turns in finishing them. Big points if they get every single word right and partial credit for getting close. This Zoom quiz idea is a great way to bond and relax!

#6: On this Day…

Finding a creative way to teach history lessons? All teachers need to do is give students a year or a date, and they must answer what happened back then. For example, What happened on this day in 1989? – the end of the Cold War.

#7: Emoji Pictionary

Use emojis to give picture hints and let students guess the words. This can be a great way for them to memorise important events or concepts. It’s mealtime, craving some 🍔👑 or 🌽🐶?

#8: Around the World

Try naming famous destinations exclusively through pictures. Show a picture of a city, market or mountain and get everyone to say where they think it is. A great Zoom quiz round idea for geography lovers!

#9: Space Travel

Similar to the previous round, this quiz idea challenge students to guess the names of planets in the solar system through pictures.

#10: Capitals

Check your students’ memories and understanding by asking them the names of countries’ capitals around the world. Add some visual aids like pictures of those capitals or countries’ maps to get them more excited.

#11: Countries’ Flags

Similar to the previous Zoom quiz idea, in this round, you can show pictures of different flags and ask students to tell the countries or vice versa.

a picture of a flag quiz being held on AhaSlides
Zoom Quiz Idea

Zoom Quiz Ideas for Kids

It’s not an easy task to interact with kids virtually and stop them from running around. They shouldn’t be looking at the screens for too long, but spending some time learning through quizzes does no harm and can be good for them to learn more about the world from home.

#12: How Many Legs?

How many legs does a duck have? What about a horse? Or this table? This virtual quiz round with simple questions can make the kids remember the animals and objects around them better.

#13: Guess the Animal Sounds

Another quiz round for the kids to learn about animals. Play the calls and ask which animal they belong to. Answer options can be text and images or just images to make it a bit more challenging.

#14: Who’s that Character?

Let kids see the photos and guess the name of famous cartoon or animated movies characters. Oh, is that Winnie-the-Pooh or Grizzly from We Bare Bears?

#15: Name the Colours

Ask kids to identify objects with certain colours. Give them one colour and one minute to name as many things as possible that have that colour.

#16: Name the Fairy Tales

It’s no secret that kids are into fancy fairy tales and bedtime stories, so much so that they often remember the details better than adults. Give them a list of pictures, characters and movie titles and watch them match all of them up!

Zoom Quiz Ideas for Film Nuts

Are you hosting quizzes for movie fans? Do they never miss the blockbusters or hidden gems of the film industry? These Zoom quiz round ideas test their film knowledge through text, image, sound and video!

a picture of a movie quiz on AhaSlides

#17: Guess the Intro

Every famous movie series begins with a distinctive intro, so play the intro songs and get your players to guess the name of the series.

#18: Christmas Movie Quiz

All I want for Christmas is a fantastic Christmas movie quiz! You can either use the template below or make your own Zoom quiz with rounds like Christmas movie characters, songs and settings.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

#19: Guess the Celebrity Voice

Play audio of famous actors, actresses, or directors in interviews and get your players to guess their names. The quiz can get tricky sometimes, even for some film buffs.

#20: Marvel Universe Quiz

Here’s a Zoom quiz idea for Marvel fans. Dig deep into the fictional universe with questions about movies, characters, budgets and quotes.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

#21: Harry Potter Quiz

Hosting a meeting with Potterheads? Spells, beasts, houses of Hogwarts – there’s a lot of stuff in the Potterverse from which to make a full Zoom quiz.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

#22: Friends

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Friends. This is a lot of people’s all-time favourite series, so test out their knowledge on Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler!

#23: The Oscars

Can the movie addict remember all the nominees and winners in eight Oscars categories this year? Oh, and what about last year? Or the year before that? Challenge your participants with questions that revolve around these prestigious awards; there’s a lot to talk about!

#24: Guess the Movie

Another guessing game. This quiz is quite general, so it can have a bunch of rounds like get the movie from…

  1. The emojis (ex: 🔎🐠 – Finding Dory, 2016)
  2. The quote
  3. The cast list
  4. The release date

AhaSlides’ Free Template Library

Explore our free quiz templates! Enliven any virtual hangout with the perfect interactive quiz.

Zoom Quiz Ideas for Music Lovers

Double the fun with a sound quiz! Embed music into your quizzes for a super convenient multimedia experience!

a picture of AhaSlides' sound quiz

#25: Song Lyrics

Let the players hear parts of a song, or read (not sing) a line in the lyrics. They must guess the name of that song in the fastest time possible.

#26: Pop Music Image Quiz

Test your players’ knowledge with a pop music image quiz with classic and modern pictures. Includes classic pop icons, dancehall legends and memorable album covers from the 70s to now.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

#27: Christmas Music Quiz

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to play this Christmas music quiz today (or, you know, when it’s actually Christmas)! The holidays are full of iconic tunes, so you’ll never run out of questions for this quiz.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

#28: Name the Album by its Cover

Just album covers. Participants have to guess the names of albums by cover photos. Remember to have the titles and artist images overlaid.

#29: Songs by Letters

Ask your participants to name all the songs that start with a particular letter. For example, with the letter A, we have songs like All of Me, Addicted to Love, After Hours, etc.

#30: Songs by Colours

Which songs contain this colour? For this one, colours can appear in the song title or the lyrics. For example, with yellow, we have songs like Yellow Submarine, Yellow, Black and Yellow and Yellow Flicker Beat.

#31: Name that Song

This quiz never gets old and you can customise it however you like. Rounds include guessing the names of songs from lyrics, matching songs with the release year, guessing songs from emojis, guessing songs from the movies they appear in, etc.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

Zoom Quiz Ideas for Team Meetings

Long team meetings are draining (or sometimes outright mundane). It’s important to have some easy, remote-friendly way to connect the colleagues in a casual way to keep the buzz alive.

These online quiz ideas below can help engage any team, whether online, in-person or hybrid.

a picture of people playing quizzes on AhaSlides during team meetings

#32: Childhood Pictures

During casual meetings or bonding sessions with your teams, use childhood pictures of every team member and let the whole team guess who was in the picture. This quiz can bring giggles to any meeting.

#33: Event Timeline

Show pictures of your team events, meetings, parties and whatever occasion you can find. Your team members have to arrange those images in the correct time order. This quiz can be a rewind for your team to look back at how far they have grown together.

#34: General Knowledge

The general knowledge quiz is one of the simplest yet still fun quizzes to play with your teammates. This kind of trivia can be easy for some people but can test some others out, as everyone has a different area of interest.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

#35: Holiday Quiz

Team bonding around the holidays is always a great idea, especially with remote teams based all around the world. Make a quiz based on the holidays or festivals in your country. For instance, if it’s an end-of-October meeting, knock knock, trick or treat? Here comes a Halloween quiz!

💡 Free Template: There are a bunch of holiday quizzes in the template library!

#36: Guess the Workstation

Each person decorates or sets up their workspace in a unique way, depending on their personality and interests. Gather photos of all the workstations and get everyone to guess who works at which one.

#37: Company Quiz

Host a quiz with questions about your company’s culture, goals or structures to see how well your team understand the company that they’re working for. This round is more formal than the previous 5 quiz ideas, but it’s still a great way to learn more about the company in a relaxed setting.

Zoom Quiz Ideas for Parties

All the party animals will go wild with these exciting quiz games. Bring the feeling of live trivia to each players’ house with these Zoom quiz round ideas.

#38: Pub Quiz

A fun bit of trivia can lift up people’s moods at your parties! No one wants to be a wet blanket or a spoilsport, but for some people, it can be hard to cut loose. This quiz game has questions from many fields and can be a great ice-breaker to get everyone in the mood to socialise.

#39: This or That

A very simple quiz game that makes players choose between 2 things. Shall we have gin and tonic or a Jagerbomb tonight, peeps? Ask as many funny, crazy questions as you can to rock your parties.

💡 Get some inspiration from this question bank.

#40: Most Likely To

Who’s most likely to be the quizmaster at parties? Ask questions with this phrase and watch your party people point out others’ names. Note that they can only choose one among the people attending.

💡 Read more about this Zoom game here.

#41: Truth or Dare

Level up this classic game by providing a list of truth or dare questions. Use a spinner wheel for the ultimate nailbiting experience!

#42: How Well do you Know…

This quiz is great for birthday parties. Nothing’s better than making your friends the centre of attention on their birthdays. Make the most out of it by asking both casual and silly questions, you can check out this list for more suggested questions.

#43: Christmas Picture Quiz

Enjoy the festive vibe and celebrate this day with a lighthearted and fun Christmas quiz with pictures.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

Zoom Quiz Ideas for Family & Friends Gatherings

Catching up with family and friends online will be more lively with quizzes, especially during special holidays. Tighten your family relationships or friendships with some amusing quiz rounds.

leaderboard after playing a quiz

#44: Household Items

Challenge everyone to find household items that match the descriptions in a short time, for example, ‘find something circular’. They need to be quick and smart to grab items like a plate, a CD, a ball, etc. before others.

#45: Name the Book by its Cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover, this quiz round can be more fun than you think. Find some photos of book covers and crop or photoshop them to hide the names. You can give some hints like the names of authors or characters or use emojis like many ideas above.

#46: Who Eyes are These?

Use pictures of your family members or friends and zoom in on their eyes. Some photos are recognisable, but for some, your players might have to spend a lot more time to figure them out.

#47: Football Quiz

Football is huge. Share this passion during your virtual gatherings by playing a football quiz and rewinding to many legendary moments on the football field.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

#48: Thanksgiving Quiz

It’s this time of the year again! Reunite with your family or gather with friends in a Zoom meeting to enjoy the cosy atmosphere with this turkey-fuelled quiz.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

#49: Family Christmas Quiz

Don’t let the fun slip away after a great Thanksgiving night. Settle in by the fire for a warming family Christmas quiz together.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!

#50: Lunar New Year Quiz

In Asian culture, the most important time in the calendar is the Lunar New Year. Strengthen family bonds or learn about how people celebrate this traditional holiday in many countries.

💡 Free Template: Find it in the template library!