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Still Life Drawing | Best Art Classes In Summer With 20+ Ideas in 2024


Jane Ng 10 January, 2024 8 min read

Taking a still life drawing class this summer, why not? 

Drawing is an excellent way to express one's innermost personal feelings and emotions naturally. Moreover, it engages the brain by fostering observation, memory retention, and imagination. After a long and tiring day at work, drawing can provide a therapeutic outlet to help relax and alleviate stress. 

So, If you're unsure where to begin, don't worry! We'll give you some ideas to help you get started with still life drawing.

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What is another name for life drawing?Figure Drawing or Gesture Drawing
Who invented still life drawing?Painter Jacopo de'Barbari
When was still life drawing first established?1504
Overview about Still Life Drawing

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Taking a still life drawing class this summer, why not? 
Taking a still life drawing class this summer, why not? 

6 Easy Ways To Begin Still Life Drawing

: Exercise your creativity and improve your artistic skills!

#1 - Easy Art Project At Home 

Drawing still life at home is a fun and creative way to develop your creative skills without spending too much on your budget. Here are some steps you need to prepare to create art in your own home:

  • Find a good spot: Find a place in your home or yard for a still life composition. It should be a spot with good lighting and a simple background like a white wall or a piece of fabric. A cluttered or busy background can distract you from the still life.
  • Set up your workspace: You can choose a drawing board or a flat surface to lay your paper. Position yourself so that you have a good view of your still life. Make sure this location has easy access to all the materials you need.
  • Choose your objects: They can be anything from fruits and vegetables to household items like books, vases, or lamps. You can also include natural elements like flowers, yard statues, etc.
  • Arrange your objects: Experiment with different arrangements until you find a composition you like. Try different angles and positions to make your still life interesting.
  • Now let's relax and draw!
Let's improve your artistic skills. Image: freepik

#2 - Join Classes Or Workshops In Your Community 

If you're interested in learning new techniques and connecting with other artists, checking out local still life drawing classes or workshops is a fantastic idea. You might even make some new friends or meet that special someone!

To find these classes, you can start by checking out community groups on social media like Facebook. Another great option is to browse through flyers and bulletin boards at your favorite coffee shops or art stores. 

Don't miss out on the chance to connect with like-minded individuals in your community.

#3 - Take Online Courses

One of the ways to save more time and effort for those who are just starting to learn to draw still life is to refer to online drawing courses. In addition, these courses are also free and paid classes, so you can try the free version first and read the reviews to see if you are really suitable for this subject.

Still life drawing courses are widely available on Udemy and Skillshare.

#4 - Attend Art Fairs and Festivals

Summer is a terrific season to participate in outdoor activities such as art fairs and festivals.

When attending an art fair or festival, you can take the time to explore the different exhibits and artists on display. It's a great way to learn about the colors, textures, and techniques used in the artwork. Remember to take notes of what you find interesting.

Moreover, joining these events is an opportunity to connect with other artists and art enthusiasts. Maybe by striking up conversations with exhibitors and attendees, you can find a new mentor or collaborator to work with.

Image: freepik

#5 - Join An Online Art Community or Forum 

Joining an online art community or forum where you can share your work and get feedback from other artists is a chance to improve your still life drawing skills. 

In addition, online art communities or forums can be a valuable resource for artists of all levels to ask questions, share opinions, and connect with a supportive network. 

Once you've found a community that interests you, you can:

  • Take some time to explore and get a feel for the discussion types and shared content.
  • Consider sharing your artwork and asking for feedback.
  • Be open to suggestions, constructive criticism and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

But to get started, search for online art communities or forums that focus on still life drawing or art in general. Some popular options include DeviantArt, WetCanvas, and Reddit's r/Art community.

#6 - Take A Walk In Nature

Walking in nature is not only a great way to improve your mental and physical health, but it can also easily inspire still life works. Don't forget nature offers a multitude of textures, shapes, and colors that can add depth and interest to your artwork.

To start, you can head to your local park, nature reserve, or even your backyard. As you explore, keep an eye out for objects like leaves, rocks, and flowers. You can also find interesting textures in the bark, or ground.

By injecting the spirit of nature into your still life drawings, you can add an organic and authentic feel to your artwork.

Also, spending time in nature is a great way to relax and rejuvenate, which can help you approach your artwork with a fresh and creative perspective.

20+ Still Life Drawing Ideas 

20+ Still Life Drawing Ideas 

You can start your artwork with the following Still Life Drawing Ideas:

  1. A vase of fresh flowers
  2. A bowl of fruit
  3. A collection of seashells
  4. A teapot and cups on a tray
  5. A bouquet of dried flowers
  6. A bouquet of wildflowers in a mason jar
  7. A nest with bird eggs
  8. A seashell with sand and seaweed
  9. A group of autumn leaves with acorns and pine cones
  10. A cluster of rocks and pebbles on the beach
  11. A butterfly on a flower
  12. A plate of donuts
  13. A glass vase with marbles or beads
  14. A set of wooden blocks or toys
  15. A vase of feathers or bird nests
  16. A group of teacups and saucers
  17. A bowl of colorful candies or chocolates
  18. Some mushrooms in a woodland
  19. A bunch of wild berries on a branch
  20. A ladybug on a flower
  21. A spider web with dew drops
  22. A bee on a flower

If you are confused because you do not know what to draw first or want to find breakthrough ideas and stimulate creativity for your painting, Random Drawing Generator Wheel will help you create an impressive artwork with just one click. Try it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of art class?

Art class teaches art forms, techniques, and materials to perform art. 

Can you learn art online?

Yes, you can learn through online courses, tutorials, and virtual workshops.

Is Art Class A Noun?

Yes, art class is a noun.

Is The Arts Singular or Plural?

The word "arts" is plural.

What is still life in drawing?

It is the drawing of a group of inanimate objects arranged in a particular composition.

What Are 4 Types Of Still Life? 

Flowers, Banquet or breakfast, Animal(s) and Symbolic

Is Still Life Hard?

Still life art can be challenging.

Is 18 too old to learn art?

No, it's never too old to start learning.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, the ideas AhaSlides has just provided can help you have fun activities this season with still life drawing. Bring out the artistic side in you with art classes this summer. Remember, it's never too late to be an artist, no matter what kind of art!

And don't forget to make your summer more amazing than ever with our public templates. Whether hosting a game night, a heated debate, or a workshop, we can help you engage with your audience!