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Team Building Activities For Work | 10+ most popular types


Jane Ng 23 April, 2024 12 min read

Two years of transformation due to the pandemic brought a new definition of team building. Now it no longer takes too much time and complexity but focuses on Team Building Activities For Work or during the workday, which is quick, efficient, convenient, and makes everyone no longer hesitate to participate.

Let’s discover the latest updates, with the most popular team building activities for work in 2024 with AhaSlides

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What are team building activities for work?

A good and effective team is a team that not only has excellent individuals but also has to be a team that works well together and constantly improves teamwork skills. Therefore, team building was born to support that. Team building activities for work include tasks that strengthen unity, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Why are Team Building Activities for Work Important?

As mentioned above, team building in the workplace offers the following benefits:

  • Communication: In team building exercises for work, people who do not usually interact in the office could have the opportunity to bond more with everyone. Then employees can find additional motivations and reasons to perform better. At the same time, this also helps to release the negative energy previously in the office.
  • Teamwork: The greatest benefit of team building games is to improve good teamwork. When people have a better relationship with each other, breaking down their self-doubt or distrust of their colleagues, each person has their strengths that will help a team come up with the best plans and contribute to accomplishing the best goals.
  • Creativity: Best team building games take all members out of the daily working environment, push you into team building challenges that require flexible gameplay and thinking, and stimulate creativity to overcome challenges nagging in the game.
  • Critical thinking: Teamwork exercises allow everyone to analyze information and make objective judgments. By critically evaluating an issue, team members can draw factual conclusions that will help them make a decision, which is highly valued by employers.
  • Problem-solving: Team building activities for work are limited in time, requiring members to complete challenges in the shortest. In work, too, every job has a deadline that trains employees to be self-disciplined, have time to master, have principles, and always complete the assigned work.
  • Convenience: Indoor office games for employees can take place in a short period from 5-Minute Team Building Activities to 30 minutes. They doest not required to interrupt everyone’s work but still be effective, it also has online team building games for teams working remotely.

Team Building Activities for Work: Fun Team Building Games

Let’s generate more ideas for team building at work!

Blind Drawing

Blind drawing is a group activity that encourages communication, imagination, and especially listening.

The game requires two players to sit with their backs to each other. One player has received an image of an object or a word. Without specifying directly what the thing is, the player must describe the image. For example, if one player has a flower picture, she/he has to express it so that their teammate understands and redraws the flower. 

The results are interesting to see and describe whether members can effectively communicate or not.

Workplace Teambuilding Activities – Team Building Activities For Work – Image: Playmeo

Embarrassing Story

  • “I was complaining to my friends about the gym trainer, and I realized he was right behind”
  • “I saw a friend coming up the street, so I waved like crazy and yelled her name…then it’s not her.”

These are all moments we might feel embarrassed about. 

Sharing these stories can quickly find empathy and shorten the alienation between colleagues. In particular, members can vote for the most embarrassing story to award prizes. 

Team Building Activities For Work – Photo: benzoix

Puzzle Game

Divide your team into groups of equal members and give each team a jigsaw puzzle of equal difficulty. These teams have a certain amount of time to complete the puzzle in groups, but some pieces of their puzzle belong to other teams in the room. So they must convince other teams to give up the slices they need, whether through bartering, swapping team members, spending time, or a merger. The purpose is to complete their puzzle before other groups. This Team bonding exercise requires strong solidarity and quick decision-making.

Towel Game

Place the towel on the floor and ask players to stand on it. Make sure to turn the towel over without ever stepping off it or touching the ground outside the fabric. You can make the challenge more difficult by adding more people or using a smaller sheet.

This exercise requires clear communication, cooperation, and a sense of humor. It’s a great way to find out how well your teammates cooperate when given an odd task.

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Team Building Activities for Work: Virtual Team Building Games 

Virtual Icebreakers

Virtual team building is the act of creating stronger bonds between remote members and is also the most effective way to launch teamwork games. You can start with funny questions like: Would You Rather, Never Have I Ever or funny questions about life as:

  • To be honest, how often do you work from bed?
  • When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?

Look at some examples that you could try out at 10 Virtual Meeting Ice Breaker Tools

Virtual Music Club

Music is the fastest way to connect with everyone. Organizing an online music club is also a fun activity for employees. People can talk about their favorite music, singer, or musician and meet on topics such as movie soundtracks, rock music, and pop music. 

Image: redgreystock

Check out virtual team events with the virtual dance party playlist on Spotify.

Bingo Game

Teamwork Bingo Game is a great game to motivate employees and discuss skills. All the participants prepare a paper with 5×5 panels. Then use the Spinner Wheel to get specific instructions on how to play (very fun and easy).

One-Word Storyline

This game is interesting because of its creativity, humor, and surprise. Everyone will arrange their order to tell the story, divided into 4 -5 people 1 group. Players will take turns speaking and only say one word correctly.

For example We – was – dancing – at – a – library,…. and start a 1-minute timer.

After all, write down the words as they come, then get the group to read aloud the full story at the end.

Zoom team building games

Currently, Zoom is the most convenient and popular online meeting platform today. Because of that, there are many fun virtual games for work that were built with this foundation as Movie Night, Pictionary, or the most famous Murder Mystery!

Team Building Activities for Work: Team Building Ideas 

Movie Making

What better way to stimulate creativity, teamwork, and collaboration, and get people working in large groups than by inviting your team to make a movie of their own? These team communication exercises can be done indoors or outdoors. It does not require complicated equipment. You just need a camera that can record video or a smartphone.

Making a movie needs every part of the “set” to work together to create a successful film. At the end of the day, show all completed movies and award prizes to those with the most votes.


Jenga is a game of building a tower of wooden blocks by arranging three blocks in each row, with rows alternating in direction. The goal of this game is to remove wooden blocks from the lower floors to form new rows on top. Team members aim to successfully unpack and stack blocks without spilling the rest of the tower. The team that knocks down the building will lose.

This is a game that requires the whole team to think very carefully and unite as well as communicate effectively.

Human Knot

The human knot is an excellent exercise for a large group of employees and is of the best team building activities for work. Human knot urges employees to communicate and cooperate with the aim to solve the problem in a set time, cultivating skills like problem-solving and time management. 

Find out How to play this game!

Photo: Mizzou Academy

Scavenger hunt 

a scavenger hunt is A classic example of team building. The objective is to build teamwork and camaraderie among employees with problem-solving and strategic planning skills.

Staffs need to be divided into groups of 4 or more. Each group receives a separate task list with different score values ​​assigned to each task including taking selfies with bosses and quizzes about the company,… You can also design your ideas. 

Learn more about Team Bonding Activities are both fun and satisfying for everyone

Key Takeaways

It is always a challenge to build activities to encourage teamwork and increase solidarity. And it is even harder to make everyone love to participate in these events. But don’t give up! Give yourself a chance to Host a Quiz for Team Building to feel that it is possible to create team building activities for work that are fun, engaging, and morale-boosting, and your co-workers won’t hate them!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best team building exercises games?

Scavenger hunt, Human Knot, Show and Tell, Capture the Flag and Charades

Best team building problem solving activities?

Egg Drop, Three-legged race, Virtual clue murder mystery night and The shrinking vessel challenge.