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9 Best Valentines Day On Sale Products Ideas

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Lynn 19 January, 2024 7 min read

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you're wondering what are the most wanted Valentines Day On Sale products or services that every couple is looking for, then you've landed at the right place.

This year, we are embracing the art of romance by exploring 9 Valentines Day on sale products or services ideas that are perfect for couples and can help savvy entrepreneurs make profits. Join in us in exploring some lucrative Valentines Day on-sale ideas that sellers can leverage to attract customers and maximise sales during this special occasion.

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Flowers and Chocolates: Valentines Day On Sale Classics

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some fine chocolates. Both flowers and chocolates have stood the test of time to be the most popular gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and therefore can be excellent choice for a classic Valentines Day On Sale products. Flowers, particularly roses, have always been associated with passionate, wholehearted love while chocolates are often considered as sweet expressions of adoration. This is the Valentines Day on sale classic that can never go wrong.

Chocolates and flowers: Valentines Day On Sale classics
Source: FloraQueen

Experience Gift Voucher

Experience gifts provide excellent opportunities for couples to create long lasting memories. Whether it’s hot air balloon rides, wine tastings, or cooking classes, these will strengthen their bond and become the memories they can cherish. These experience gift vouchers often come with numerous options and can be chosen to suit the interests of the couple. There are many reputable platforms where gift vouchers are often purchased such as Virgin Experience, Groupon, Smartbox,, Buyagift.

Romantic Getaways

A romantic getaway offers the opportunity to break from daily life and focus on each other in an intimate setting. It provides an uninterrupted quality time of shared experience, allowing the couple to connect deeper and create memorable moments. To make romantic getaway affordable, couples often plan ahead to take advantage of early booking discounts and secured affordable options. Travel sales, promotions and holiday packages offered by airlines, hotels and travel agencies are often well-researched by couples weeks before Valentine's Day. Collaborate with local businesses to create exclusive bundles, enticing customers with the promise of memorable and shared experiences.

Spa Packages

Spa packages offer a retreat into relaxation and wellness, allowing couples to spend quality time together, unwind and connect. Spas often create a romantic ambiance with soothing music, dim lighting, and luxurious amenities. This setting adds a touch of romance to the experience, making it well-suited for Valentine's Day celebrations. Savvy businesses often have discounts for weekday or off-peak time appointments when the demand is much lower. Some spas offer packages that include multiple treatments at a bundled price to further attract mindful spending couples.

Restaurant Deals 

Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with dinner at a fine restaurant with romantic decoration and atmosphere. Some restaurants offer limited-time promotions, such as complimentary desserts, discounted bottles of wine, or special pairings. Couple normally try to get the best deals for Valentine’s Day by making early reservations to secure a table and potentially benefit from early bird discounts. Lunch or brunch reservation are often more affordable than evening options and many couple utilises this pricing strategy of restaurants they can still enjoy a special dining experience without overspending.

Valentines Day on sale ideas: restaurant deals
Source: The FairWays at Bey Lea

Gourmet Food and Wine Discounts

As Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, many couples want to indulge in a shared culinary experience together with gourmet food and wine. When preparing a gourmet dinner at home, couples have the flexibility to customise the menu to their tastes and preferences while creating an intimate and personalised setting. What can be better than restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their own home?

Home Decor 

Gifting home decor on Valentine's Day is a way of celebrating togetherness and a couple’s shared journey of building a relationship and creating a home. It acknowledges the importance of the home as a place where love and memories are nurtured and serve as a constant reminder of love and thoughtfulness. No matter if it is a small accent piece or a bigger furniture item, the right home decor can add a charm to the shared space and make the Valentine's Day space more special.

Art and Craft Supplies 

Art and craft supplies enable individuals to create personalised and handmade gifts for their partners. This adds a special touch to Valentine's Day since handmade gifts are often more meaningful and can creatively express the giver’s feelings and love. 

Art and craft supplies are often budget-friendly, especially when compared to purchasing pre-made gifts. Investing in a set of supplies provides the materials needed for multiple projects, making it a cost-effective way to create thoughtful gifts.

Couple Photo Products

“A picture says a thousand words”, therefore, couple photo products, such as custom photo books, canvases, or frames, are wonderful as personalised and sentimental gifts. Unlike other gifts that have a limited lifespan, photo-related products capture cherished memories and have enduring value. It is a reminder of love and connection. 

Nowadays, various photo services and websites like Shutterfly, Snapfish or Vistaprint provide affordable options for creating personalised products with regular discounts around holidays. Businesses can encourage customers to subscribe to their newsletters and regularly send out exclusive discounts and early access to promotions to their subscribers to keep them updated on the latest Valentines Day on sale items.


Valentine’s is a special day and by offering special Valentines Day on sale products and services, businesses can attract a great deal of couples' attention. By strategically offering Valentines Day on sale products that cater to the desires of couples, sellers can not only significantly increase their sales during this love-filled season but also foster long-term customer engagement loyalty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there sales on Valentine's Day?

Yes, there are often sales towards Valentine's Day. Numerous online and brick-and-mortar retailers offer discounts on their Valentine-themed products such as flowers, chocolates, jewellery, and more. It's common for businesses to emphasise on the romantic spirit of the occasion to attract customers with hot deals.

When should I start selling for Valentine’s Day?

There’s no perfect timing for starting Valentine's Day sales for all businesses. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for Valentine's Day - it depends a lot on the nature of your business and the products or services the business offers. Generally, businesses can start planning and promoting Valentine's Day sales a few weeks in advance, possibly from early January to allow ample time for customers to browse, make decisions, and place orders. For retail and e-commerce industries, the earlier the start, the better, as it gives them a competitive advantage to capture early shoppers.

What sells the most during Valentines Day?

There are a few product categories that seem to always experience increased sales during Valentine's Day due to the romantic nature of the products. They include:
1. Flowers: Especially roses.
2. Chocolates: Gourmet chocolates and heart-shaped treats
3. Jewellery: Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are popular choices 
4. Experiences: Restaurants, catering services, and food delivery services often see increased business for romantic dinners.