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Creative Presentation Ideas – Ultimate Guide for 2024 Performance


Astrid Tran 05 April, 2024 9 min read

To boost performance, what creative presentation ideas should be adopted?

Have you ever complained about a Death by PowerPoint? Failed performance might stay behind a range of fruitless presentation slides or lack of body languages. A useful idea to kill participants’ boredom while doing a public speech is to ask for help from presentation tools or implement different creative presentation ideas from experts. 

In this article, we summarize the best 12 creative presentation ideas that are recommended by many professionals and speakers around the world. Grabbing your topic and creating your desired presentations right away with these following tips.

How many slides should Creative Presentation Ideas have?5-10
What types of creative presentation work best?Visual
Can I make informative presentation creative?Yes, use lots of chart and visuals should work.
Overview of creative presentation ideas

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Tips for Better Engagement

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#1. Visuals and Infographics – Creative Presentation Ideas

Embellishing your creative presentations with creative elements like visuals and infographics is always the first priority. If your voice is not so attractive or you want to distract people from your boring voice, you should add some photos, images to describe your ideas more clearly. If it is an idea-making presentation, corporate presentation, a lack of infographics like charts, graphs, and smarts arts is a huge mistake as they can help explain the boring data in a more persuasive way.

In many meetings with employers or strategic partners, there is not much time left for you to beat around the bush, so using visuals and infographics in the right context can tackle time management and enhance performance to impress your boss and supercharge your business pitches.

creative presentation ideas
Creative elements for presentation – creative slides ideas

#2. Lives Polls, Quizzes and Games – Creative Presentation Ideas

If you want to make innovative presentation ideas without PowerPoint, you can create live quizzes and polls via online presentation tools. Most e-learning training software like AhaSlides offer tons of customizable templates for you to create different subjects, quizzes and surveys to communicate with audiences better.

You are flexible to blend different types of questions to make icebreakers for your speech more interesting and exciting, such as spinning wheel, multiple-choice, Word clouds, picture questions, Q&A, Yes/No questions and beyond.

creative presentation ideas with live quiz
Creative presentation ideas with live quiz – art presentation ideas

#3. Tunes and Sound Effects –Creative Presentation Ideas

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you might be so obsessed with its classic opening soundtracks, for decades, it is the movie signature of all time. Similarly, you also can add sound effects for your opening to catch people’s attention and be curious about your further introduction. With AhaSlides features, there are catchy audios for you to set up sound effects to make your presentation incredible, especially when there are quizzes and game sections, there will be a funny sound to congratulate your correct answers or fail your answers.

#4. Video Storytelling –Creative Presentation Ideas

For an impactful presentation, it cannot miss playing a video, an ultimate way to start as a storyteller. Video is the best performing content type that can connect and fill the gap of communication and knowledge shared between speakers and listeners. It is a creative way for the audience to feel natural and authentic about your content and ideas as well as retain more information. A tip is to choose a video that has good quality so that audience won’t feel troublesome and annoyed. 

#5. Funny Effects with Emojis and GIFs –Creative Presentation Ideas

Funny ideas for a creative presentation? It is common that in the middle of the presentation, many listeners start taking their eyes off the ball. To avoid this situation happening regularly, putting some GIFS and funny emojis to awaken your audience is a cool presentation idea. You know how to use GIFs, right? Don’t overuse GIFs and funny emojis if you don’t want your audience to find your presentation weird and disordered rather than creative. 

creative presentation ideas
AhaSlides creative presentation ideas with GIFs – creative project presentation ideas

#6. Transition and Animation –Creative Presentation Ideas

In MS PowerPoint Thumbnail Pane, there is an obvious section for transition and animation. You can easily change transition types for different slides or apply random functions so that a presentation moves from one slide to the next in harmony. In addition, you also can leverage four types of animation effects consisting of entrance, emphasis, exit and motion paths to transit your text and images and more which may help enhance information emphasis.

#7. Be Minimal –Creative Presentation Ideas

Sometimes, minimalism is the best. A tip for creative PowerPoint presentation ideas for students is to make use of modern or minimalism-themed background design for your report. It is said that many instructors prefer a neat and elegant background with clear information and data displayed rather than a colourful one with disorganized text and images. Don’t get fancy if it is not necessary.

#8. A Timeline –Creative Presentation Ideas

Not only required for corporate level report but also other presentation events in university and class, a timeline in one slide is needed as it shows relevant goals, proposition a work plan and conveys historical information quickly. Creating a timeline can help to set clear priorities and directions so that audience feels comfortable following the progress and critical events.

A timeline for Creative presentation ideas Source: iStock

#9. Spinner Wheel – Creative presentation ideas

By using spinner wheel, let’s input and choose the best creative presentation ideas for your next presentation!

#10. Themed Backgrounds – Creative Presentation Ideas

Since many websites offer free ppt templates, users can download and edit them easily. As the more options are, the more confusing it is. Depending on your topic, choosing a suitable background is more reasonable than a beauty slide with many meaningless animated figures. When it comes to art presentation ideas, if you are working on a business project related, you should find the themed background has a colour range linking to the brand with creative photo crops, or if you want to introduce about 1900s art, the template should offer portfolio slides and art-relevant patterns. 

#11. Make the Presentation Sharable– Creative Presentation Ideas

One of the important keys that many presenters seem to forget is to make keynotes sharable, which means listeners and others who are fascinated by the topic can access the content and view the material without having to track down the slides from time to time. You can use SlideShare to create a direct link for access or use presentation software online then forward the link for further reference. If possible you can upload your work in the library for someone who finds it valuable.

Refer to these creative ways to make a presentation efficiently – Ideas for creative presentation.

The Bottom Line

There are many useful tips to make your presentation more creative than just using formal PowerPoint as before. Try PowerPoint add-in with integration with other presentation software to make your presentation outstanding and intriguing. Improving assimilation by applying different presentation elements is a good idea, too.

If you also are looking for guidance to perform better your ideas with presentation or interesting topics to present and discuss, here are other handy resources for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is creativity?

Creativity is a complex and multifaceted concept that can be described as the ability to generate new and valuable ideas, connections, and solutions. It involves the use of imagination, originality, and innovation to approach problems or tasks in unique ways.

Why are creative presentation ideas important?

Creative presentation ideas are important for 7 reasons, to (1) engage the audience (2) enhance understanding and retention (3) set yourself apart (4) foster connection and emotional resonance (5) encourage innovation and critical thinking (6) make complex information accessible (7) leave a lasting impression.

Why should presenters use interactive elements in presentation?

Interactive elements are the best way to increase engagement, enhance learning and comprehension, improve information retention, get more feedbacks, and get the slides being more storytelling and narrative.