Random Category Generator

There are so many things that need to be chosen and decided by you in one day, like what games to organize for your friends at this weekend’s party? What to wear today? What’s for dinner?…

Do not know where to start? Let the Random Category Generator help you! Or, learn more about AhaSlides Best Spinner Wheel 2022!

Random List Generator for A Party (Food, Theme, Game, Drink)

Entry list: Game Night

Entry list: Party Theme

Here is how to work this magic picker wheel

  • Find and click the play button in the center of the wheel 
  • Wait for the wheel to spin and randomly stop in one of the entries
  • A pop-up will announce the winning entry

You can add new suggestions as well as remove any entries in the table on the left.

  • To add an entry – Type your category into the box “Add a new entry” on the left
  • To delete an entry – If you want to delete the category right away, hover over it, and click the bin icon to delete it.

Design a new wheel, save it, and share it with your friends. 

  1. New – All the current entries will be cleared. Add your own to the wheel to spin.
  2. Save – Finish your wheel and save it to your AhaSlides account. If you do not have one yet, it’s free to create!
  3. Share – This gives you a URL link for sharing, which will point to the main spinner wheel page. Please note that the one you made on this page would not be accessible through the URL.

Whether you are looking to make a spinner wheel game offline or online, check out How to Make a Spinner Wheel Game.

Why Use Random Category Generator 

The more choices you have, the harder it is to make a decision. 

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, you are forced to make small decisions every day that are mostly trifles. For example, what do you want for breakfast? Do you like coffee, tea, water or something else? You may feel terrible in making decisions. However, it’s something we all have to deal with how our brains work.

So, whatever you are struggling with, AhaSlides’ random category generator will serve you right!

When to Use Random Category Generator

  • Game night: There are too many games that everyone wants to play. You can use a random category generator for quiz or random categories for games. Check out AhaSlide’s Quizzes and Game Suggestions!
  • Party theme: One of the simplest ways to decide the direction of the party is to choose a theme. When a theme is picked, you will know the food, drink, music, and entertainment that fit your vision. You can create a random category list including topics by month: New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.
  • Classroom activities: The best way to increase Student Classroom Engagement is to create brainstorming activities, choose topics to debate, or use games like random word generator Pictionary, random category generator for drawing, and random word generator to increase students’ creativity.
  • Daily life: Let a random category generator for clothes help you choose what to wear in the morning or decide what movie to watch after a long day. Or What to cook by Food Spinner Wheel. You will find your life much easier.
  • Looking for some inspiration? 💡 You can build your own wheel according to themes like Yes or Know Wheel, Zodiac Spinner Wheel, Harry Potter Random Name Generator

    Wanna Make it Interactive?

    Let your participants add their own entries to the wheel! Find out how to make a spinner wheel…

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