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Autumn Wedding Centerpieces | 22 Stunning Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day Magical


Jane Ng 22 April, 2024 10 min read

Looking for ideas for autumn wedding centerpieces? A beautiful autumn wedding starts with the perfect centerpiece –  a touch of seasonal elegance that will wow your guests.

In this blog post, we’ve gathered the most stunning ideas for autumn wedding centerpieces to inspire your big day. They will not only complement your theme but also make your special day unforgettable. Let’s explore how you can bring the magical touch of fall to your wedding tables!

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Charming Ideas For Autumn Wedding Centerpieces

1/ Fiery Foliage

autumn wedding centerpieces
Autumn Wedding Centerpieces | Image: Inspired By This

Tall, clear vases with branches displaying vibrant red and orange maple leaves. Surround with small, white votive candles for a warm glow.

2/ Candle Lanterns Amidst Fall Leaves

autumn wedding centerpieces
Image: Delfina

Arrange black or bronze candle lanterns with red, orange, and yellow maple leaves. The lanterns’ glow will highlight the leaves’ colors, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

3/ Wooden Crate Displays with Seasonal Harvest

autumn wedding centerpieces
Source: Pinterest

Fill rustic wooden crates with an assortment of miniature pumpkins, gourds, and wheat sheaves. Add in splashes of color with burgundy dahlias and orange ranunculus to enhance the harvest feel.

4/ Maple Leaf and Berry Arrangements

autumn wedding centerpieces

Gather bright red and orange maple leaves, pairing them with dark red berries in/around clear glass vases. This simple design focuses on the natural beauty and color palette of the season.

5/ Mason Jar Lanterns with Fairy Lights

autumn wedding centerpieces
Image: Lil Blue Boo

Wrap mason jars with burlap and lace, then fill them with acorns or dried moss and warm white fairy lights. The soft lighting will create a romantic, rustic ambiance.

6/ Rustic Log Slices with Candles and Pine Cones

autumn wedding centerpieces
Autumn Wedding Centerpieces | Image: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Place thick slices of logs as bases and arrange cylindrical glass vases filled with pine cones and adorned with white floating candles. This centerpiece combines the warmth of candlelight with the rustic charm of the woodland.

7/ Vibrant Sunflower Bouquets

Image: Jacqui O

Create bouquets of bright yellow sunflowers mixed with small roses and greenery. The sunny yellows will pop against the more subdued tones of your table settings, adding a cheerful brightness.

8/ Floating Cranberries and Candles in Glass Bowls

autumn wedding centerpieces
Autumn Wedding Centerpieces | Image: Jessika Davis

Fill clear glass bowls with water, add cranberries and a few floating candles. The red of the cranberries and the candlelight will create a warm, enchanting effect, perfect for evening receptions.

💡 Bride Tips: Add a tiny sprinkle of edible glitter to the water for a hint of sparkle, but avoid using too much to maintain a sophisticated look.

9/ Antique Book Stacks with Dried Flowers

autumn wedding centerpieces
Image: Junebug Weddings

Stack antique books with neutral covers and top them with vases of dried flowers. This centerpiece adds a vintage, romantic vibe with a soft, muted color palette.

10/ Berried Branches in Tall Vases

autumn wedding centerpieces
Image: Wedding Mania

Arrange tall branches laden with autumn berries in clear tall vases. The height adds drama, and the deep reds and purples of the berries introduce a rich color pop, adding elegance to your tables.

11/ Warm Sunset Glow

autumn wedding centerpieces
Image: Inspired By This

The flowers include blooms in shades of peach, deep red, and cream, with hints of green from leaves and other foliage. The rich, warm color palette suggests a fall theme, with the deep reds and peaches evoking a sense of autumn elegance.

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DIY Budget Ideas For Autumn Wedding Centerpieces

1/ Mini Pumpkin Cluster

autumn wedding centerpieces
Image: Something is done

Group together mini white and orange pumpkins on a slate tile/wood tray. Accent with sprigs of greenery for a pop of color. This minimalist approach focuses on the natural beauty of autumn’s bounty.

2/ Candle Trio in Autumn Leaves: 

autumn wedding centerpieces
Autumn Wedding Centerpieces | Image: lights4fun

Arrange three varying heights of pillar candles on a round mirror base. Surround with a ring of red, orange, and yellow fallen leaves for a warm, inviting glow.

3/ Sunflower Mason Jar: 

autumn wedding centerpieces
Image: The Knot

Fill clear mason jars with bright yellow sunflowers, accented with a few sprigs of green. Tie a raffia ribbon around the jar for a rustic touch. The sunny yellows will bring a cheerful vibe to your tables.

4/ Acorn and Candle Display: 

Image: The Detroit News

Fill a clear glass hurricane vase with acorns up to half, then place a cream pillar candle in the center. This centerpiece combines the rustic appeal of acorns with the elegance of candlelight.

5/ Rustic Wood and Mason Jar Lanterns: 

autumn wedding centerpieces
Autumn Wedding Centerpieces | Image: Hammons Nest

Place a simple white tea light in a small mason jar. Set on top of a rustic wood slice, and surround with a few pine cones. This design brings a cozy, woodland feel to your table setting.

6/ Burlap-Wrapped Floral Bouquets: 

Image: Powers Floral Studio

Create small bouquets of autumnal flowers like dahlias and chrysanthemums in green, oranges, and yellows. Wrap the vases in burlap for a simple, rustic look.

7/ Berry and Leaf Garland: 

autumn wedding centerpieces
Autumn Wedding Centerpieces | Image: Amazon

Create a garland using faux autumn leaves and berries in reds, oranges, and gold. Lay the garland down the center of the table as a colorful, festive runner.

8/ Wheat Sheaf with Ribbon: 

Autumn Wedding Centerpieces | Image: Weddings with Elaine

Tie a bundle of dried wheat with a burgundy ribbon and place upright in a narrow vase. This simple design speaks volumes with its texture and soft, golden hue.

9/ Pine Cone Basket: 

autumn wedding centerpieces
Image: DHgate

Fill a small, woven basket with pine cones. Intersperse with small amber LED lights for a subtle, warm glow. This centerpiece is all about bringing the outdoors in, with a hint of sparkle.

10/ Glass Jars with Warm Fairy Lights: 

autumn wedding centerpieces
Autumn Wedding Centerpieces | Image: Mustikkamaki

Glass jars wrapped in burlap with warm fairy lights inside, emitting a gentle, ambient glow on small, circular wood slices. The soft light through the frosted glass gives a gentle, warm ambiance, complemented by the rustic charm of the wood and twine.

11/ Miniature Hay Bale Display: 

autumn wedding centerpieces
Image: Danielle Martin

Arrange a miniature hay bale as the base and top with a small arrangement of your wedding photos or fall flowers and berries. This playful centerpiece captures the essence of the harvest season in a charming, whimsical way.

  • 💡 Bride Tips For DIY Budget Ideas:
    • Find baskets, vases, mirrors, and other items at thrift stores for unique and budget-friendly centerpiece elements.
    • Consider purchasing flowers or greenery in bulk for DIY bouquets to save money.
    • Keep an eye out for fall-themed decorations on clearance after the season, which you can use for next year’s wedding.


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