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15 Unforgettable Birthday Party Games For All Ages


Leah Nguyen 27 June, 2023 11 min read

Inject joy and thrill into your significant one’s upcoming party by incorporating these 15 birthday party games, easy to play at home and are enjoyed by all ages.

From indoor activities to outdoor adventures, these party games are guaranteed to captivate everyone’s hearts, leaving them yearning for more. Discover inspiration for your next birthday party right below👇

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Indoor Birthday Party Games 

#1. Treasure Hunt

Add an element of adventure to your children’s party games by hosting a classic treasure hunt where they have to work for their goody bags.

It’s as simple as hiding clues throughout the house or yard, gradually leading them to the treasure.

If you prefer, you can even create a map to guide them on their quest. Adjust the difficulty level according to the age of the participants, ensuring that the treasure hunt becomes a hit with every group.

#2. Would You Rather?

The Funny Would You Rather Game is a hit among kids, as they enjoy the silliness it brings.

Pose humorous questions such as “Would You Rather have bad breath or stinky feet?” or “Would You Rather eat worms or beetles?”.

You can make the game even more interactive and keep the excitement going by preparing a spinner wheel with Would You Rather questions on it. The designated person will have to answer whichever the wheel point to.

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#3. Hot Potato

Hot Potato is one of the absolute preschool birthday party games hit, and the best part is that you only need a ball to get started.

Gather the young guests in a circle and initiate the game by having them pass the ball swiftly to one another while live music plays in the background. When the music suddenly stops, whoever ends up holding the ball will be out.

This high-energy game captivates little ones and is sure to evoke plenty of laughter throughout the celebration.

#4. Musical Chairs

This timeless birthday game can be played either indoors (if there’s enough space) or outdoors by arranging chairs in a circle on the grass.

The kids walk around the circle of chairs while music plays.

When the music stops, everyone has to rush to the closest chair and sit on it. With each round, one chair is taken away, leading to elimination for the child who is left without a seat, until only one chair remains.

Make sure to play a pop song that every kid would know and happily sing along to, adding extra funky bubbly moods to the party.

#5. Minute to Win It

As the name suggests, the birthday party guests will need to complete a task within one minute.

It can be eating a whole doughnut/unwrapping a gift/sorting out books in alphabetical order in one minute. Whichever you choose, you will be guaranteed some fast-paced fun with minimal effort in these 1-minute games for birthday parties.

Outdoor Birthday Party Games

#6. Piñata Smash

Birthday Party Games - Piñata Smash
Birthday Party Games – Piñata Smash

Kids are always thrilled by the scene of breaking open a birthday piñata and enjoying the sweet rewards that await them! To set up this exciting activity, you’ll need a piñata (which can be purchased or made by yourself), a stick or a bat, a blindfold, and some candy or small toys to fill it with.

Here’s how to play – hang the piñata from a tree branch or a high spot, like your outdoor patio. Each child takes turns wearing the blindfold, attempting to hit the piñata with the stick or bat, until it eventually breaks open and treats come cascading down, creating a delightful shower of surprises! This game guarantees loads of fun and anticipation for all the young participants.

#7. Water Balloon Toss

Step outside and bring along a bucket filled with water balloons for this fun birthday party game.

The rules are straightforward: Guests pair up and engage in a game of tossing the water balloon back and forth, taking a step backwards after each successful catch.

However, if the water balloon bursts, they will be out of the game. Naturally, the ultimate victors are the last remaining duo, although they may not escape unscathed from the water balloon fight that is likely to ensue.

#8. Duck Duck Goose

Here’s an easy and energetic birthday party game suitable for kids of all ages.

All you need is an open space and a whole lot of energy—no additional props required. To initiate, one player starts as the “goose” and walks around a circle of seated players, lightly tapping each one on the head while saying “duck.”

If the player taps someone and says “goose”, he or she will need to get up and chase the goose.

If the goose manages to reach their vacant spot before being tagged, the newly tagged player becomes the new goose. If they get caught in time, the player continues as the goose for another exciting round.

#9. Hanging Donuts

Fun Games for Parties - Pin the Tail on The Donkey
Birthday Party Games – Hanging Donuts (Image credit: Kidspot)

All you need for this outdoor party game are some donuts with holes in the middle, string, and a suitable spot to hang them. A clothesline or patio bars work well for this purpose.

To ensure fairness, adjust the height of the donuts to accommodate younger or shorter kids. Hang the donuts from strings so that they are at the level of the kids’ faces.

Have each child stand in front of a donut with their hands behind their backs. When you say “GO,” the players must start eating their donuts using only their mouths—no hands allowed! The first one to finish their donut is the winner!

#10. Capture The Flag

Here’s a fantastic game suitable for larger groups, perfect for kids of all ages, and even ideal as a birthday party game for teens! It requires a spacious area, two flags or bandanas, and a group of enthusiastic participants.

The objective of the game is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your own base. Each team must have a flag or bandana that they must guard and protect.

If a player is tagged by someone from the opposing team, they are sent to jail, which is a designated area in the opponent’s territory.

To escape from jail, players must be freed by their teammates tagging them. The first team to successfully capture the other team’s flag emerges victorious!

Birthday Party Games for Adults

#11. Never Have I Ever

No list of party games for adults would be complete without including the classic game of Never Have I Ever. With over 230 questions at your disposal, you’ll find plenty of fresh and unexpected ideas to engage your guests and foster meaningful connections.

In addition to the extensive question pool, there are variations of the game that includes drinking, penalties, and even non-alcoholic alternatives.

This ensures that everyone can participate and enjoy the game according to their preferences. It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know each other in a fun and lively atmosphere.

#12. Great Minds Think Alike

Birthday Party Games - Great Minds Think Alike
Birthday Party Games – Great Minds Think Alike

Great Minds Think Alike is an entertaining game that challenges players to select answers they believe will match the choices of others. The more individuals who align their answers, the higher their scores.

For example, if two people got the same word in common, 2 points will be awarded, if five people got the same word in common, 5 points will be awarded, and such.

Some questions to kickstart could be:

  • A fruit that starts with the letter “B”.
  • A TV show that you like recently.
  • What is your favourite quote?
  • Which animal would make the best pet?
  • What is your ultimate comfort food?

#13. Two Truths and One Lie

We know we mention it in every group adults activity possible, but this simple party game is the Jack of All Trade if you want everyone to get acquainted with each other quickly fast.

Each participant will take turns sharing two true statements and one false statement about themselves.

The challenge lies in guessing which statement is the false one. It’s a fantastic opportunity to delve into the depths of personal revelations and strengthen bonds with those closest to you. 

#14. Taboo

Considered one of the finest indoor party games for adults, this particular game sparks lively conversations and contagious laughter among players.

The objective is to guide your team to correctly guess the designated word or phrase, all while cleverly avoiding the use of that specific word or any of its variations found on the card the host has prepared.

#15. Who Am I?

Who Am I? is an engaging guessing game that involves drawing or acting out a famous person written on a slip of paper. The challenge lies in your teammates’ ability to guess the identity you’re portraying.

Additionally, there exist numerous variations of this game, with one popular option being the use of sticky notes. Simply place the name on each guest’s back, creating a lively and effortless icebreaker activity.

Tips for Hosting Birthday Party Games

Here are some tips to ensure a stellar birthday party experience:

Plan age-appropriate games: Consider the age group of the attendees and choose games that are suitable for their abilities and interests. Adjust the complexity and rules accordingly to ensure everyone can participate and have fun.

Provide a variety of games: Offer a mix of active games, quiet games, team-based games, and individual challenges to cater to different preferences and keep the energy level balanced throughout the party.

Prepare in advance: Gather all the necessary supplies, props, and equipment required for the games ahead of time. Test any game setups or props to ensure they are working properly and readily available during the party.

Clear instructions and demonstrations: Clearly explain the rules and objectives of each game to the participants. Consider providing visual demonstrations or modelling the gameplay to ensure everyone understands how to play.

Engage all guests: Ensure that every guest has the opportunity to participate and feel included. Consider modifying games if necessary to accommodate any physical limitations or special needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which games we can play in birthday party?

There are numerous games you can play at a birthday party, and the choice depends on factors such as the age group of the participants and the space available. Here are some popular birthday party games: Musical Chairs, Treasure Hunt, Limbo, Freeze Dance, Never Have I Ever, and such.

How can I make my 18th party fun?

To make your 18th party fun and memorable, consider the following ideas:

Theme: Choose a theme that reflects your interests or something you and your friends enjoy. It could be a costume party, decade-themed party, beach party, or any other creative theme that sets the mood and encourages participation.

Entertainment: Hire a DJ or create a playlist of your favourite songs to keep the party lively and energetic. You can also consider live music, karaoke, or even hiring a photo booth for fun and interactive entertainment options.

Games and Activities: Incorporate interactive games and activities to keep your guests engaged. Consider options like a trivia game, outdoor lawn games, dance-offs, or even DIY craft stations where guests can create personalised party favours.

How do you throw a fun party for adults?

To throw a fun party for adults, consider the following tips:

  • Choose a theme that sets the mood.
  • Decorate to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Plan engaging activities and games like trivia, card games, or DIY candle-making stations.
  • Serve delicious food and drinks (cocktails are great!).
  • Curate a great music playlist or hire a DJ.
  • Create photo opportunities for lasting memories.
  • Provide relaxation areas for comfortable mingling.
  • Be a gracious host and make everyone feel welcome.

Remember to prioritise creating a fun and enjoyable environment where guests can socialise and have a great time.

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