24 Circle Time Activities To Inspire Learning And Laughter For Children

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Jane Ng 16 April, 2024 7 min read

Imagine the joy of children gathering in a circle, ready for a delightful adventure of learning and play. Circle time isn't just a routine—it's a gateway to building essential social skills and enhancing knowledge in the early stages of life. 

Today, we're sharing 24 playful and simple circle time activities that will light up the faces of your little learners. Join us as we explore the magic within the circle and create lasting memories of childhood education!

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Here's a list of simple and engaging circle time activities suitable for preschoolers and kindergarteners divided into categories:

Movement and Interaction - Circle Time Activities

Engage the children in an energetic whirlwind of fun with these Movement and Interaction circle time activities!

#1 - Duck, Duck, Goose

How to play: A classic circle time game where kids sit in a circle, and one child walks around, tapping others' heads, saying "duck, duck, goose." The chosen "goose" then chases the first child around the circle.

#2 - Pass the Smile

How to Play: Children sit in a circle. One child starts smiling at the person next to them and says, "I pass the smile to you." The next child smiles back and passes the smile to the next person.

#3 - Hot Potato

How to Play: Pass an object ("hot potato") around the circle while music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the thing is "out."

How to play Hot Potato | Circle time activities

#4 - High-Five Counting

How to Play: Kids count from 1 to 10, giving high-fives for each number, reinforcing counting skills.

#5 - Freeze Dance

How to Play: Play music and encourage kids to dance. On the count of three, the music stops and everyone freezes in place.

#6 - Nature Yoga

How to Play: Assign each child an animal or nature pose (tree, cat, frog). Children take turns doing their pose, and others guess the pose.

#7 - Body Part Identification

How to Play: Call out a body part, and children touch or point to that body part on themselves.

Learning and Creativity - Circle Time Activities

Step into a realm of exploration and imagination with these Learning and Creativity circle time games for preschool, igniting young minds with knowledge and ingenuity.

preschool circle time games ideas
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#8 - Weather Wheel

How to Play: Create a wheel with weather symbols. Spin the wheel and discuss the weather indicated. Encourage children to share their favorite weather and why.

#9 - Number Count

How to Play: Start counting, with each child saying the following number in line. Use toys or visual aids for younger children to grasp counting concepts.

#10 - Alphabet March

How to Play: Start with a letter of the alphabet and have each child say the next letter, marching in place. Repeat, encouraging letter recognition and sequence skills.

#11 - Rhyme Time

How to Play: Start with a word, and each child adds a word that rhymes. Keep the rhyming chain going.

#12 - Letter Detective

How to Play: Choose a letter. Children take turns naming words that start with that letter, enhancing vocabulary and letter recognition.

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Emotional Awareness and Expression - Circle Time Activities

Create a safe and nurturing space for emotional growth and expression using these Emotional Awareness and Expression preschool circle time games, where feelings find their voice.

#13 - Emotion Hot Seat

How to Play: Choose a child to sit in the "hot seat." Others ask questions to guess the emotion they're acting out.

#14 - Feelings Check-in

How to Play: Each child expresses how they're feeling using words or facial expressions. Discuss why they feel that way, promoting emotional awareness and empathy.

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#15 - Pass the Compliment

How to Play: Each child says something they appreciate about the person on their right, fostering kindness and positive affirmations.

#16 - Feeling Statue

How to Play: Children act out a feeling (happy, sad, surprised) and freeze in that pose while others guess the emotion.

Imagination and Creativity - Circle Time Activities

Unleash the boundless potential of young imaginations with these Imagination and Creativity circle time activities, sparking delightful tales and vibrant artwork.

#17 - Story Circle

How to Play: Start a story and let each child add a sentence as it goes around the circle. Encourage creativity and imagination as the story unfolds collaboratively.

#18 - Simon's Silly Faces

How to Play: Children take turns making exaggerated facial expressions, mimicking each other, and adding their unique twist.

#19 - Story Telling with Props

How to Play: Pass around props (a hat, a toy) and have children contribute a sentence to create a story using the prop.

#20 - Colorful Story:

How to Play: Each child adds a sentence to a story. When they mention a color, the next child continues the story but incorporates that color.

Observation and Memory - Circle Time Activities

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Sharpen observational skills and memory prowess through these engaging Observation and Memory circle time activities, where attention to detail reigns supreme.

#21 - Guess the Sound

How to Play: Blindfold one child and have another make a simple sound. The blindfolded child guesses the sound and the object creating it.

#22 - Memory Circle

How to Play: Place various objects in the center of the circle. Cover them, then remove one. Children take turns guessing the missing object.

#23 - Guess the Smell

How to Play: Gather scented items (like citrus, and cinnamon). Blindfold a child and let them guess the smell by taking a whiff.

#24 - Opposite Game

How to Play: Say a word, and children take turns stating its opposite. Encourages critical thinking and vocabulary expansion.

Key Takeaways

Incorporating these Circle Time Activities into your teaching routine can be a game-changer in nurturing a holistic learning experience for young learners. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are circular games?

Circular games are activities or games where participants sit or stand in a circular arrangement. These games often involve interaction, communication, and engagement within the circle, promoting group dynamics, teamwork, and enjoyment among the participants.

What is the meaning of circle time?

Circle time is when we sit in a circle with our friends, usually at school. We talk, play, and learn together in a friendly way. It helps us share, communicate, learn new things, and social development.

What is circle time and why is it important?

Circle time is when a group, like in school, sits in a circle to do activities, talk, play games, or share stories. It's important because it helps everyone feel connected, learn to talk and listen to each other, understand feelings, and grow better, especially for kids.

How do you play circle time?

You can tell stories, talk about things, play games like Duck, Duck, Goose, do easy exercises, sing songs, and more. The important thing is that everyone can join in and have a good time while learning and being friends.