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8 Best Easy Sports To Play In Your Spare Time | 2024 Updates


Astrid Tran 09 April, 2024 12 min read

What is the easiest sport in the world? What is a good easy sport to play everyday?

We all want to stay physically fit and lead an active, healthy lifestyle, but with a vivid schedule of work, school, family, and social activities, having enough time and energy to stay fit can seem impossible. That’s where easy sport emerges as a great help. 

So, what is an easy sport, how can it help you to be healthy and what are suitable easy sports for you to train your body? Check out the 8 Best Easy sports to play in your spare time!

Check out few best sports for beginners as below!

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easy sport
Which are the most common easy sports that every love to do everyday | Image: Freepik

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What is Easy Sport?

In many ways, Easy Sport is a blend of low-impact movements, easy to do, and requires minimal equipment. Easy Sport could include leisurely activities like walking, swimming, yoga, or dancing, as well as high-intensity interval training. The most important part is finding fun and challenging activities while still being achievable and fitting into your lifestyle.


Why is Easy Sport important?

Playing low-impact activities like easy sport is a viral trend recently, as it offers so many amazing benefits that are beneficial for both physical and mental well-being. Aside from the obvious physical benefits of increased energy levels, improved strength, and greater flexibility, many people also find well-being benefits like greater focus and higher happiness and productivity levels. 

Exercise in general can help reduce anxiety and depression, and because Easy Sport puts emphasis on mindful movements and achievable goals, it can be a more effective way to reach your desired fitness level, while simultaneously enjoying yourself.

How to know which Easy Sport is right for you?

  • The key to enjoying Easy Sport is finding activities that both challenge and motivate you. Anything that appeals to your interests and lifestyle, that’s comfortable and manageable, fits the bill are key considerations. 
  • If you’ve been avoiding physical activity for a while, assessing your current fitness level is important. Start slow and gradually build up your confidence. 
  • Basic items like comfortable workout clothes, a pair of good shoes, and a gym or yoga mat might be helpful. 

What are the Best Easy Sports to play?

The following 8 delightful easy sports offer a perfect blend of fun and fitness, making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking a boost of positive energy in their lives.

#1. Jogging

Jogging is the quintessential activity for those seeking a simple yet invigorating way to stay active. Step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and let your feet carry you on a journey of self-discovery. As you pound the pavement, you’ll not only strengthen your body but also clear your mind, leaving you with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

easiest sport
Jogging is the easiest sport to play everyday | mage: Freepik

#2. Swimming

Dive into the refreshing world of swimming, where every stroke propels you towards a healthier and happier you! Whether you’re gliding through the serene waters of a pool or feeling the waves of the ocean beneath you, swimming is an extraordinary exercise that not only works wonders for your body but also uplifts your spirits. 

Revel in the joy of weightlessness and let the water wash away any stress or negativity with Swimming | Photo by B Mat an gelo on Unsplash

#3. Yoga

Discover the art of finding balance and harmony through the transformative practice of yoga. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, yoga empowers you to connect with your inner self and the world around you. As you flow through the poses, you’ll embrace a sense of tranquility and mindfulness that extends far beyond the mat. 

easy sport
Simple Yoga exercise within 30 minutes is a good start of your day | Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

#4. Cycling

Embrace the freedom of the open road, feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of motion with cycling. This easy sport that not only invigorates your body but also nourishes your soul. Whether you choose to pedal through picturesque landscapes or explore your city’s hidden gems, cycling offers an excellent way to stay active and explore the world around you. 

Cycling is a good easy sport to do in year round | Image: Freepik

#5. Table Tennis

Experience the thrill of friendly competition and rapid-fire rallies with table tennis. This fast-paced and engaging sport is perfect for fostering social connections while boosting your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Get ready to laugh, cheer, and celebrate your victories, no matter how big or small. Table tennis is a sport that’s easy to pick up and endlessly entertaining, offering an excellent way to stay active while having a blast!

Table tennis is easy to set up and don’t need much skills | Image: Shutterstock

#6. Badminton

Grab a racket, find a partner, and get ready to experience the sheer joy of badminton! Whether you’re playing a friendly match or engaging in some spirited doubles, badminton is a fantastic way to get moving and have fun. Feel the rush of endorphins as you swing, jump, and smash your way to victory. With each game, you’ll not only improve your fitness but also strengthen the bonds of friendship and camaraderie!

easy sport
Badminton is the simplest sport to start | Photo: Shutterstock

7. Volleyball

Feel the sand between your toes and the excitement in the air as you join the volleyball court for an unforgettable experience. Volleyball is a sport that brings people together, promoting teamwork and a sense of belonging. Dive, spike, and serve your way to fitness, all while fostering a positive and encouraging environment. 

Volleyball easy
Volleyball easy | Photo by Marina Lakotka on Unsplash

#8. Bowling

Roll your way to a striking good time with the ever-enjoyable sport of bowling! Perfect for all ages and skill levels, bowling offers a fantastic opportunity to bond with family and friends while improving your coordination and balance. The thrill of knocking down those pins is unparalleled, and the laughter and joy shared on the lanes will leave you with cherished memories.

Fun and easy sport to play for beginners calling for Bowling | Image: Shutterstock

How to be motivated and reach your goals?

  • Setting attainable goals is essential for staying motivated. It’s important to be realistic—set both short-term and long-term goals for yourself that are achievable and will help you meet your goals. 
  • Practicing mindful movement can help you stay focused on the present moment and be conscious of how your body is moving.
  • Tracking your progress via journaling can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals. 
  • Small habits make huge changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest sport to play professionally?

King of Sport, football, or soccer is the most popular sport globally, both in terms of professional and amateur. As it is age unlimited, it can be a good start for a kid who wants to play professionally. Many famous players used to play street football when they were kids.

What’s the hardest sport to play?

According to ESPN’s Top Ten Hardest Sports to Play requires many skills, Boxing is the hardest one, followed by American football, basketball, wrestling, mixed martial arts, ice hockey, tennis, baseball, gymnastics, and water polo.

Is soccer an easy sport?

To be a professional football player in football, it is a long process of hard practices and training. But when it comes to playing for fun, soccer is a relatively simple game to learn for kids, as kicking the ball into a goal is easy to grasp.

What’s the least skilled sport?

Running is considered a less complicated sport that has a limited amount of skill. It is a low-impact activity as you don’t push your muscles and joints too hard, yet still get the benefits of a workout.

Bottom Line

No matter which easy sport you choose to play, each one promises to infuse your life with positivity, energy, and inspiration. So, lace up your sneakers, overcome any obstacles to explore the world of sports! Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and today is the perfect day to take that leap towards a happier, healthier you!

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