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Feeling awkward? Meeting Icebreakers with AhaSlides!

Feeling awkward? Meeting Icebreakers with AhaSlides!


Mattie Drucker 11 Feb 2022 3 min read

Have you ever gotten up to present to your coworkers and you were met with blank stares, or worse, a chatty crowd? Gone are the days of silly bonding games and uncomfortable icebreakers to clear the awkward atmosphere. Start off with a bang before your introduction, and get people talking immediately with thought-provoking and entertaining quizzes, polls, and open-ended responses. 

*Also, there will be a lot of The Office gifs in this post (I couldn’t help myself)!*

You’re welcome

Light-hearted debate

Nothing like a light-hearted debate to get everyone’s attention – especially when it’s humorous and interesting. Try asking question that can invoke an opinion out of anyone and can get people debating. Perhaps, Best genre of music? Dogs or cats? Sweet or savory?

With AhaSlides, you can immediately foster a fun environment with online presentation tools that can be accessed with any device connected to the internet.

You can provide pre-written answers that people can vote on, or have people respond to an open ended question. It may seem funny to debate silly topics, but it will encourage participation, competition, and creative thinking. Furthermore, who doesn’t love a good laugh and team building?

Some great team building happening here

Constructive Icebreaker

Try the free response slide option for a more personal way to connect with your employees. It’s a great way for people to voice problems or positive experiences anonymously and publicly. Additionally, this will encourage group problem solving and air any problems that aren’t getting enough attention.

Some constructive prompts could be: 

  • What do you want out of the week?
  • Personal/group accomplishments!
  • Positive reinforcement (complimenting a coworker!)
  • Things we want to work on…
  • Honest feedback from how we did last week…
  • What things do we need to fix…
  • Things we haven’t talked about yet but need to cover…
  • Any Questions? 
And we are here to answer them!

Interactive Quiz

Want to spice up a work meeting, but keep it company focused? Try an interactive quiz about company history. Out of all the meeting icebreakers, this is a favorite because employees re-learn basic information about the company along with enjoying themselves with some friendly competition. With AhaSlides, there is an option for people vote anonymously, so the participants won’t have to worry about answering incorrectly.

Or, your can channel your coworkers competitive drive and have people race to the top of the leaderboard – who doesn’t love to win? This is a great tool to encourage participation and genuine learning about the business. Also, people tend to invest more in competition and attain more information this way. 

Here are some questions to include on your AhaSlides presentation from SnackNation:

  • Mission statement?
  • Founding year?
  • Biggest goal?
  • Founder’s name?
  • Number of employees?
  • Biggest competitor?
Don’t let your employees be like Michael Scott … please

Two Truths and a Lie

If you haven’t played the classic icebreaker game of Two Truths and a Lie, it’s very easy to understand. The game is in the name, you present 3 statements and only 2 of them are true. People have to guess which one is the lie. This is a great way to get to know the presenter. Participants will be able to vote on the lie via a customizable link and, while setting up the slide, make sure to select “Hide results” – so can reveal the correct answer at the end. 

Here’s an example: 

  • I’ve worked for the circus
  • I’ve moved 25 times in 50 years!
  • I have twins and they’re both named Jack. 

(which one’s the lie? You will never know…)

I think it does

You know what isn’t a lie? AhaSlides is FREE! Check it out now.

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