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50+ Unique Custom Gifts for Coworkers | 2024 Reveal


Astrid Tran 02 April, 2024 9 min read

Human connection is extremely valuable in today’s society, particularly in the workplace. We spend one-third of our workdays or more to interact with coworkers, and sometimes even more, depending on the jobs. It is crucial to maintain a good relationship with them, and giving a custom gift is obviously the best way.

Choosing a gift is a daunting task. What kind of custom gifts can make them feel appreciated and excited? Here, we offer a list of the top 50 best custom gifts for coworkers that everyone loves to have in 2024.

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Tips for Choosing Custom Gifts for Coworkers

Custom gifts for coworkers – Image: Shutterfly

Remember not to bring gifts haphazardly. Your choice of gift indicates your sense of sophistication, sincerity, and worthiness. Here are some ideas for thoughtfully choosing gifts and giving them to others:

Personalize gifts

It’s easy to look for the most generic gifts available when searching for the ideal presents to give to your coworkers and employees. That won’t, however, be sufficient to leave a lasting impression on your colleagues.

Making your gifts feel special is essential if you want them to be memorable. Make sure every gift you give your staff is personalized with their characteristics in mind.

Choose a practical gift

The internet is full of original gift suggestions and ideas. However, be very careful when choosing gifts that don’t accomplish anything or leave the receiver wondering what they’re for. To help them remember you more, choose presents that they will interact with frequently. Impressive doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A costly gift that has no significance is also insincere.

Always attach a card

You can choose any gift but don’t forget to add a card. Putting meaningful wishes, heartfelt words, and a lovely signature on it will make a lasting impression. When someone gives you a gift that takes too long to open and see again, it can be easy to forget who gave it to you.

Aim for an appropriate budget

Surprising gifts and small, sincere gestures are the ideal way to express gratitude to coworkers, superiors, and superiors. Having said that, you don’t have to spend a fortune on costly presents to let them know how much you value them.

Consider making a budget that you can stick to in place of doing that. You can amaze and motivate your boss with a variety of inexpensive gift ideas. Giving gifts is an act of kindness, not a contest to see who can present the most expensive gifts. Besides, most people won’t expect you to buy them something as lavish as a massage chair, and if you do, they’ll just think you’re showing them appreciation.

Wrap it delicately

When giving your customized office gift, packaging is essential. Consider more than just the gift you should give; consider the wrapping. Consider selecting the wrapping paper style for the gift based on your favorite style. Alternatively, place the gifts in elegant custom packaging boxes. Part of the gift giver’s personality will come through in the little but incredibly valuable details.

Note that well-customized presents in distinctive packaging will make a lasting impression on the receivers.

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Best Custom Gifts for Coworkers

When selecting a gift, start by taking the colleague’s needs and interests into account. Consider the event, the time of year, and your particular relationship after that. When searching for the ideal gift, you can use the following categories as a guide:

Practical Custom Gifts for Coworkers

Gifts that are specially tailored to your child and highly applicable are excellent choices. Nothing is more ideal than if it’s the thing they need but haven’t purchased yet. Because they can use it frequently rather than just stashing it in a corner and never pulling it out to look at it again, your coworkers are happy. This is a great idea if your colleague moved to a new home or started a family.

  1. Decorative artificial flowers
  2. Wall clock featuring a coworker’s picture
  3. Go-anywhere charger
  4. Classy key ring/ keychain
Cheap custom gifts for coworkers – Image: Esty
  1. Ballpoint Pen design with engraved name
  2. Beautiful little flower pot
  3. Puzzle game or Board game
  4. Coffee warmer machine
  5. Wall decorations like posters or magnets
  6. A professional backpack

Custom Gifts for Coworkers: Emotional Gifts

The presents listed below might not be used frequently, but they will evoke unique feelings when they are. It can help the mind relax and feel at ease. Here are some ideas for things you could try.

  1. A happy-go-lucky tchotchke
  2. Candles
  3. Leather Wallet
  4. Personalized Mugs
  5. Personalized AirPods case
  6. Funny Wine glasses
  7. Custom Mirror
Custom gifts for coworkers cheap
Custom gifts for coworkers cheap – Image: Esty
  1. Personalized wrap ring
  2. Customized T-shirt
  3. New hobby kit

Custom Gifts for Coworkers: Handmade Gifts

If you have a lot of time or have special abilities such as sewing, crocheting, painting, etc., then try making a gift yourself. Homemade gifts are unique and show your appreciation to your colleagues.

  1. Knitting and crocheting woollen things
Personalized gifts for coworkers
Personalized gifts for coworkers
  1. DIY keychain
  2. Tote bag 
  3. Catcher Dream
  4. Flannel Hand Warmers
  5. Homemade scented candles mixed with colleagues’ favorite scents
  6. DIY Spa Gift Basket
  7. Coasters
  8. Handmade letter
  9. DIY Checkerboard

Custom Gifts for Coworkers: Food Gifts

Presents that your coworker can consume can be delightful and are perfect for the office. It’s crucial to take into account your coworker’s taste preferences and inquire about any dietary restrictions or food allergies before you make a purchase, which shows how thoughtful you are. In addition, to celebrate a particular achievement or occasion, you can also bring a food gift to share with the entire team or office. Here are some ideas for “yummy” presents for colleagues:

  1. Jar of candies
  2. Doughnuts or cupcakes
  3. Homemade Orange Bitters
  4. Chocolate package
  5. DIY Snack Tin
  6. Macarons
  7. Tea Gift Box
Custom gifts for coworkers female
Custom gifts for coworkers female – Image: Esty
  1. Coffee
  2. Local specialty food
  3. Bagels

Unique Office Gifts for Coworkers

Office staff might appreciate office gifts more as these items can make their office space look more beautiful and interesting. They are simple, affordable yet practical. They are the best reminders of your support toward their work.

  1. Photo Frame
  2. Custom Photo Cushion
Unique Office Gifts for Coworkers
Unique Custom Gifts for Coworkers
  1. Customized Phone Case
  2. Floral Gift Box
  3. Personalized Spatula
  4. Chapstick and Rescue Balm
  5. Paper Flower Wall Art
  6. Personalized desk name
  7. Pet treats or accessories
  8. Desk organizer

Key Takeaways

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Do you give gifts to coworkers?

Giving gifts to your coworkers is typically a win-win scenario. Maintaining relationships and establishing advantageous circumstances for the future are a couple of the advantages. Express your gratitude and admiration to superiors, managers, and coworkers.

How much should you gift a coworker?

Consider your financial capabilities. There are no restrictions on gift giving. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift to make an impression or show your sincerity. Truly suitable gifts should consider the other person’s preferences and the occasion. You can consider a cost of $15-30, maybe up to $50 for a holiday gift to give to a coworker.

Is a $10 gift card too cheap for coworkers?

Depending on the cost of living in your area, $30 should be the maximum you spend, and anything less is fine, too. A $10 gift card to a favorite coffee shop is the ideal office gesture and a great treat for any occasion. A homemade gift can be worth more than anything else.

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