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Event Management Company | 10 Tips To Save Time, Money and Stress


Leah Nguyen 10 October, 2023 10 min read

Planning the perfect event can feel overwhelming, and that’s where event management companies come in.

Whether you’re dreaming of the wedding of a lifetime, throwing an anniversary celebration or need to organise a corporate conference, an event management company can turn your vision into an experience people won’t forget.

Keep reading the article to know what exactly is an event management company, their role, plus tips to choose the best one and what are the red flags to avoid.

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What is the meaning of an event management company?An event management company can be responsible for all the important organising tasks to contribute to a successful event, helping you concentrate on the event’s content and your guests.
What does an event company do?Planning, organising, and coordinating many events for its clients.
Overview of an event management company.

What Is An Event Management Company?

When planning an event of any scale, from a wedding to a corporate meeting, an event management company can ensure everything runs seamlessly.

Event planners work closely with clients to understand their needs, goals and budget. Then they craft a comprehensive event plan tailored to the client’s vision so clients have peace of mind that their event vision will become a memorable reality.

What Is The Function Of An Event Management Company?

There are many event management company objectives, such as organising an excellent event that meets all demands of clients. The primary function of an event management company is to plan, coordinate and execute successful events on behalf of their clients. They handle all the logistics and details so clients can focus on enjoying their event, rather than worrying about the organisation.

Some key functions of an event organising company include👇

#1 – Conceptualise and plan the event – They work with clients to understand the vision, goals and budget for the event, then devise a comprehensive plan to realise that vision.

#2 – Secure the venue and negotiate contracts – They scout potential venues, compare options based on location, space, facilities, pricing and availability, secure the best one and negotiate contracts on behalf of the client.

#3 – Coordinate suppliers and vendors – They identify, select, book and manage all required suppliers like caterers, photographers, decorators, rentals, etc. to ensure everything runs smoothly.

#4 – Manage the event budget – They create a budget, track expenses and look for ways to save costs while still achieving the client’s objectives.

#5 – Create timelines and schedules – They develop detailed schedules and contingency plans to make sure the event unfolds as intended.

#6 – Entertainment planning – They arrange for any performances, speakers or activities as part of the event program.

What is The Function of an Event Management Company?
What is The Function of an Event Management Company? (Image source: Ovation)

#7 – Decoration and signage – They order the necessary decorations, linens, flowers, staging and signage required.

#8 – Hire and manage event staff – They find, book and manage all temporary staff needed to help run the event.

#9 – Execute the event plan flawlessly – On the day of the event, they oversee setup, manage all vendors, troubleshoot issues and ensure the program proceeds as planned.

#10 – Follow up after the event – They handle tasks like equipment return, invoice payments, sending thank you notes, evaluating successes and areas for improvement.

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How To Choose The Best Event Management Company?

The best event management company might take time to seek, but with these realistic tips, they will be right at your front door🚪

#1 – Experience – Consider companies that have successfully executed many events similar in scale and scope to yours. They’ll have a process down pat and know how to handle common issues that arise.

#2 – Portfolio – Review examples of past events the company has planned and managed. Look for quality, creativity and attention to detail that matches your vision.

#3 – References – Ask for and check references from previous clients to confirm the company delivers on its promises and handles issues professionally.

#4 – Specialisation – Some companies focus on corporate events while others specialise in weddings. Go for one that has experience and necessary resources tailored to your specific event type.

#5 – Team – Meet key members of the event management team who will be planning and executing your event. Assess their professionalism, responsiveness and grasp of your needs and vision.

How to Choose The Best Event Management Company? (Image source: katemangostar on Freepik)

#6 – Contract and pricing – Compare multiple proposals (at least 3) to get the best contract terms and pricing. Ensure the scope of work is clear and you understand all fees.

#7 – Reputation – Check reviews, awards (if any), its stand in event industry organisations and how long the company has been in business as indicators of legitimacy and quality.

#8 – Communication – The company should listen carefully to your needs, answer all your questions and promptly respond to requests. Good communication is key to a successful working relationship.

#9 – Flexibility – The best companies are willing to customise their services based on your budget and preferences, rather than sticking rigidly to a standard template.

#10 – Transparency – Insist on full transparency in budgets, contracts, timelines and plans. Avoid companies that are secretive or refuse to share details.

#11 – Crisis management – How do they handle unexpected issues that arise? A company with strong crisis management experience will help avoid disasters.

#12 – Innovation – Are they open to new ideas and solutions to achieve your goals in creative ways? Progressive companies foster novel outcomes.

#13 – Insurance – Do they carry the necessary insurance including liability coverage for your event? This protects you from risks and claims.

#14 – Values – Do their business approach and company values align with your organisation’s culture? Cultural fit leads to mutual understanding.

#15 – Technology – Are they tech-savvy and always follow up on industry trends’ best practices? Do they leverage technology like project management software to keep plans organised and on track? Technology improves efficiency.

Look for an event management company with relevant experience and a proven track record, a good reputation and the flexibility, communication and transparency necessary to execute your unique vision and exceed your expectations for your special event.

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What To Avoid When Reviewing Event Management Proposals?

What to Avoid when Reviewing Event Management Proposals?
What to Avoid when Reviewing Event Management Proposals? (Image source: Trustpilot)

There are certain red flags you need to watch out for in some event management companies. Avoiding it would dodge a bullet in the execution stage later.

Vague or general language – Proposals that don’t specifically address your event objectives, budget requirements or timeline are a red flag. Beware of companies that use generic language instead of customising their proposal.

Unclear or undefined scope of work – Avoid companies that don’t clearly specify exactly what services they will provide and which tasks are excluded from their proposal. The scope should be detailed and comprehensive.

Excessive extra fees – Watch out for proposals with extra fees that aren’t explicitly stated, like fuel surcharges, administrative fees or payment processing charges. These should all be transparent and clearly explained.

Refusal to answer questions – If a company avoids answering your questions about planning details, contracts or pricing, this likely means they are hiding something. Transparency is important for building trust.

What Are Examples Of Events That An Event Management Company Can Plan?

What are Examples of Events that an Event Management Company Can Plan? (Photo courtesy of Ken Burgin)
What are Examples of Events that an Event Management Company Can Plan? (Photo courtesy of Ken Burgin)

Weddings – Planning and executing weddings is a core service for many event management companies. They handle all aspects of planning from venue selection to invitations and on-the-day coordination.

Conferences and trade shows – Event companies can organise large corporate events like conferences, seminars, summits, product launches and trade shows. They manage registration, speaker coordination, venue logistics, catering and registration.

Product launches – Event managers can create immersive, buzz-worthy events to unveil new products or services to the public. They plan activities, demonstrations and promotional elements such as live polls and quizzes to generate excitement.

Fundraisers and charity events – Non-profit events like charity balls, runs/walks and donations are another common event type managed by event companies. They focus on maximising attendance and funds raised.

Company parties – Event companies assist with planning and managing company holiday parties, summer outings, retirement celebrations and other types of employee social events. They arrange activities and catering.

Award ceremonies and galas – Planning award shows, gala dinners and black-tie events is another specialty for some full-service event management companies. They handle the decor, seating charts, gift baskets and speeches.

Product demonstrations – For companies planning to showcase a product line, event planners can design interactive demonstrations, test drives, taste tests and other impactful ways to showcase the product to potential customers.

Event management companies plan events of various sizes and types, ranging from intimate weddings to large corporate conferences, fundraisers, parties, product launches and more – basically any planned event where professional coordination and logistics are needed to achieve a client’s objectives.


Hiring an expert event management company transforms a basic vision into an experience people won’t stop talking about for years.

Their management frees you up from logistical headaches so you can fully inhabit the role of a gracious host. Picture the event space perfectly set up, with excited guests enjoying delicious catering and amazing entertainment – while you stroll through the room, having the time to mingle with everyone. Wonderful isn’t it?

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