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150++ Insane Fun Debate Topics No One Tells You, Updated in 2024


Astrid Tran 22 April, 2024 14 min read

What are fun debate topics for all ages? Debates is a powerful place for expressing one’s thoughts, ideas, and beliefs while engaging with others in a spirited discussion. It’s an art form that requires a sharp mind, a quick wit, and a willingness to challenge yourself and others. 

But with so many topics, how do you pick the perfect one? That’s where we come in. In this article, we’ve gathered over 150 super fun debate topics that no one tells you about, whether you are a kid, high student, or adult. From the absurd to the serious, historical to the futuristic, there’s something here for everyone. So buckle up and prepare to engage in lively and entertaining debates!

Fun Debate Topics
Fun Debate Topics | Source: Shutterstock

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What is debate?A debate can be a discussion in which at least two people or teams present and try to express their different views about a specific issue.
What is the most essential thing in debate?Every point that you make must be logical and relevant to the topic.

Easy and Fun Debate Topics for Kids

What is essential to Kids, and How to choose suitable discussion topics for kids while having fun. Check out the 30 following super easy and fun debate topics for pupils under 13. 

1. Should students be allowed to have cellphones in school?

2. Is it better to have a big family or a small family?

3. Should homework be abolished?

4. Is it better to read a book or watch a movie?

5. Should students wear school uniforms?

6. Is it better to be an only child or have siblings?

7. Should animals be kept in zoos?

8. Is it better to have a pet or not have a pet?

9. Should junk food be banned in schools?

10. Is it better to be homeschooled or attend public school?

11. Should kids have a say in family decisions?

12. Is it better to play outside or inside?

13. Should kids be allowed to have social media accounts?

14. Is it better to be rich or happy?

15. Should kids have an allowance?

16. Is it better to be a morning person or a night owl?

17. Should schools have longer or shorter summer breaks?

18. Is it better to learn from experience or from a book?

19. Should video games be considered a sport?

20. Is it better to have a strict or lenient parent?

21. Should schools teach coding?

22. Is it better to have a big house or a small house?

23. Should kids be allowed to have a job?

24. Is it better to have a small group of close friends or a large group of acquaintances?

25. Should schools have longer or shorter days?

26. Is it better to travel alone or with a group?

27. Should kids be required to do chores?

28. Is it better to learn a new language or a new instrument?

29. Should kids be allowed to choose their own bedtime?

30. Is it better to spend money on experiences or material possessions?

Fun Debate Topics
Fun Debate Topics

Super Fun Debate Topics for High School

High school is the best time for students to be familiar with debate and argument skills. If you are looking for some funny debate topics for high school students, here are 30 fun things to argue about:

31. Should college education be free?

32. Is it ethical to use animals for scientific research?

33. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

34. Is social media harmful to mental health?

35. Should the death penalty be abolished?

36. Is it ethical to use AI in decision-making processes?

37. Should the minimum wage be raised?

38. Is climate change a real threat?

39. Should the government regulate technology companies?

40. Is online learning as effective as traditional classroom learning?

41. Should genetically modified foods be banned?

42. Is nuclear energy a viable alternative to fossil fuels?

43. Should professional athletes be held to higher ethical standards?

44. Is censorship necessary to protect society?

45. Should the government provide healthcare for all citizens?

46. Should schools teach financial literacy?

47. Is there a gender pay gap?

48. Should the US adopt a single-payer healthcare system?

49. Is it ethical to use drones for military purposes?

50. Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18?

51. Is homeschooling better than public or private schooling?

52. Should there be limits on campaign finance in elections?

53. Should internet privacy be a fundamental right?

54. Should the government provide universal basic income?

55. Is social media a threat to democracy?

56. Should the government regulate gun ownership?

57. Is it ethical to use AI in the criminal justice system?

58. Should college athletes be paid?

59. Should the electoral college be abolished?

60. Is online privacy a myth?

Fun debate topics
Fun debate topics – Class debate templates

Fun Debate Topics for College Students

In university, debating is always something exciting and competitive. It is the best chance for young adults to show their opinions and practice communication skills to persuade others. Check out 30 topics to debate for fun with your friends. 

61. Should college be free for all students?

62. Should there be limits on free speech on college campuses?

63. Should college athletes be paid?

64. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

65. Should the government provide free healthcare for all citizens?

66. Should the United States adopt a single-payer healthcare system?

67. Should affirmative action be abolished?

68. Should social media companies be held responsible for fake news?

69. Should there be limits on the size of corporations?

70. Should there be term limits for members of Congress?

71. Should the death penalty be abolished?

72. Should we eliminate all plastic packaging?

73. Should marijuana be legalized nationwide?

74. Should college tuition be free for all students who qualify academically?

75. Should genetically modified foods be banned?

76. Should English be the official language of instruction in all colleges in Asia?

77. Is it better to have a roommate or live alone?

78. Should Asian countries implement a four-day workweek for all employees?

79. Should the government increase funding for the arts?

80. Should there be limits on how much money individuals can donate to political campaigns?

81. Should a developing country provide more funding for public transportation?

82. Should we eliminate tipping in restaurants and pay servers a living wage?

83. Is it better to have a pet rock or a pet tree?

84. Should there be a higher tax rate for the wealthiest individuals?

85. Should there be more restrictions on immigration?

86. Should we all be required to learn a second language in college?

87. Should there be stricter regulations on the use of personal data by companies?

88. Should we all be required to volunteer in our communities?

89. Should there be more restrictions on the use of plastic products?

90. Should a developing country invest more in space exploration?

Interesting and Fun Debate Topics in the Workplace

The workplace isn’t a place for small talk or gossip, employees and employers can spend their time debating topics that are fun and good for maintaining a healthy workplace and employee engagement. If you don’t know where to start, there are 30 best fun debate topics that everyone will definitely love as follows:

91. Should companies allow employees to take naps at work?

92. Should we have a “bring your pet to work” day?

93. Should companies have a mandatory “happy hour” at the end of each week?

94. Should companies allow employees to wear pajamas to work?

95. Should we have a “dress like a celebrity” day at work?

96. Should we have a “bring your parents to work” day?

97. Should companies allow employees to work remotely from a beach?

98. Should companies provide free massages for employees?

99. Should we have a “talent show” at work?

100. Should companies provide free breakfast for employees?

101. Should we have a “decorate your office” contest?

102. Should companies allow employees to work from a hammock?

103. Should we have a “karaoke” day at work?

104. Should companies provide free snacks and candy for employees?

105. Should we have a “team-building” day at an amusement park?

106. Should companies allow employees to take a “mental health day” off work?

107. Should we have a “pie-eating” contest at work?

108. Should companies allow employees to have a “nap pod” at work?

109. Should we have a “game day” at work?

110. Should companies allow employees to take a “personal day” off work without giving a reason?

111. Should companies allow employees to work in their pajamas from home?

112. Should we have a “silly hat” day at work?

113. Should companies provide free beer and wine for employees?

114. Should we have a “compliment battle” at work?

115. Should companies allow employees to bring their children to work for a day?

116. Should we have a “best desk decoration” contest?

117. Should companies provide free pizza for employees every Friday?

118. Should companies offer nap rooms for employees?

119. Should companies offer sabbaticals for long-term employees?

120. Should companies offer free transportation to and from work?

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Fun Debate Topics
Fun Debate Topics | Source: BBC

Incredible and Fun Debate Topics about Trendings and Hot Topics

What are fun debate topics for friends to argue about for fun? Here are 30 super fun debate ideas for what you always know but never think of, related to the latest trends, or new social phenomena like AI, ChatbotGBT, social media, and more.

121. Should pineapple be a topping on pizza?

122. Should we all have a mandatory “nap time” at work or school?

123. Is it better to be an early bird or a night owl?

124. Should we allow pets in the workplace?

125. Is it better to watch movies at home or at the cinema?

126. Should we all wear pajamas to work or school?

127. Is it better to have a summer or winter birthday?

128. Should we allow unlimited snack breaks at work or school?

129. Is it better to have a staycation or a vacation abroad?

130. Should we all have a mandatory “fun day” at work or school?

131. TikTok or Instagram: Which is the better social media platform?

132. Should celebrities be held accountable for their actions on social media?

133. Should we all have a “social media detox” day once a week?

134. TikTok trends or Instagram filters: Which is more fun to use?

135. Is social media making us more narcissistic?

136. Should we be required to disclose our social media history during job interviews?

137. Should we prioritize mental health over physical health?

138. Is technology making us more anxious and stressed?

139. Should we have a mandatory “quiet hour” every day?

140. Is it better to live in a big city or a small town?

141. Is it better to be an introvert or an extrovert?

142. Should we introduce a global sugar tax to address health issues?

143. Should we provide free public transportation?

144. Should we have a global minimum wage?

145. Can AI chatbots replace human customer service representatives?

146. Should we be worried about AI taking over our jobs?

147. Should we be worried about AI chatbots becoming too intelligent and surpassing human intelligence?

148. Is using Chatbot GPT to do homework unethical?

149. Is it fair for AI chatbots to be used to generate content without proper attribution?

150. Should we prioritize sustainable tourism over mass tourism?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualities of a good debater?

A good debater should have excellent communication skills, a thorough understanding of the topic, the ability to think critically and analyze information, strong persuasion and argumentation skills, good research and preparation skills, and the ability to stay calm and composed under pressure.

What is a controversial topic to debate on?

Controversial topics for debates vary depending on the context, but some examples include abortion, gun control, the death penalty, same-sex marriage, immigration, climate change, and racial equality. These topics tend to evoke strong emotions and differing opinions, making for heated and interesting debates.

What is the hot topic of discussion?

The hot topic of discussion can vary depending on current events and trends, but some examples include COVID-19 and vaccination policies, climate change and environmental issues, social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter, and political and economic developments such as Brexit and the rise of China.

What is the World School Debating Championship?

For many Debaters, to be in the World School Debating Championship is an extremely honorable and great opportunity to learn and discuss everything that matters to us. The competition is a world tournament that typically lasts for about a week, with multiple rounds of debates and other related events such as social activities and cultural excursions.

How can I make my debate attractive?

To make your debate attractive, focus on your delivery and communication skills, use persuasive arguments supported by evidence, engage with your audience, and present your ideas in a clear, concise, and interesting manner.

What are the best topics for debate competitions?

The best topics for debate competitions are ones that are current, relevant and have different perspectives or sides to argue. Some examples include climate change policies, immigration laws, social media regulation, and healthcare reform.

Tips To Improve Debating Skills

To make the most out of these debate topics, here are some tips to help you excel in your debating skills:

  • Research and preparation: Gather information and evidence on both sides of the argument, and be knowledgeable about the topic.
  • Develop critical thinking skills: Analyze arguments and evidence, identify logical fallacies, and consider counterarguments.
  • Practice speaking and delivery: Work on speaking confidently, clearly, and persuasively, and practice speaking in front of others.
  • Learn to listen: Pay attention to your opponent’s arguments, actively listen, and be respectful.
  • Participate in debates: Join debate clubs or mock debates to practice and improve skills.

One additional tip is to use AhaSlides to set up virtual debates. AhaSlides is an interactive presentation tool that allows participants to engage with the debate topic, ask questions, and provide feedback in real-time. It can enhance the debate experience and make it more engaging and interactive for all participants.

Curious about how a fascinating debate happens? We know, and here is an exciting example of funny debate ideas to debate with kids that may surprise you and inspire your discussion:


Bottom Line

What matters to you might not matter to others. Debating isn’t an argument but a discussion aimed at finding common ground and understanding each other’s perspectives. 

Whether discussing personal issues or global trends, debates allow us to broaden our horizons and learn from each other. By engaging in debates with an open mind and respectful attitude, we can cultivate a culture of intellectual curiosity and enriching dialogue.

So let’s continue challenging ourselves and others to explore new ideas, expand our understanding, and make informed decisions through healthy and respectful debates.