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Creating an Online Quiz on AhaSlides

Creating an Online Quiz on AhaSlides


Vincent Pham 10 Feb 2022 4 min read

Whether for a presentation, for a class, or just for fun, competing in a friendly online quiz could raise the mood and add energy to your audience. AhaSlides Quiz feature lets you do just that.

Creating an online quiz on AhaSlides is simple. In this article, we will show you:

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Creating an Online Quiz on AhaSlides

If you haven’t had an account with us, go ahead and create one now.

Creating a New Presentation for Your Quiz

In the My Presentation page, create a new presentation by select the button New Presentation on the top left corner.

Creating a new presentation for your online quiz

Name your presentation and an optional access code for your participants, then select Create Presentation.

Your presentation displays as below.

Setting up Your Quiz

In the editor board on the right side, you can see there are 2 types of quiz questions: Pick Answer and Pick Image.

There are two types of questions in AhaSlides online quiz: pick answer and pick image
  • Pick Answer are multiple choice questions, in which the options are words.
  • Pick Image are also multiple choice questions, but apart from words, the image options are available.

Select an option for your quiz question. Two slides will be created, one for the quiz and one for the leaderboard. We will explain the leaderboard slide later.

In the Content tab, you can set your quiz question.

Under Your Questions, you can set your question you want to ask.

For this example, we have set my question to be: “Which world city has the slogan: ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’?“. You can also add a description or an image to the question for extra hints.

Under Options, you can list the possible answers to your question. If you select Pick Image quiz, you can also add images to the options.

Remember to check the box to the right of the right answer.

We have listed 3 possible answers to the question above, with Las Vegas checked as the right answer.

Under Time to answer, you can set the time limit to answer your question.

There are 2 settings for Other settings

  • The first option allows participants to get more points the faster they answer. If left unchecked, participants will get the same points if they answer right, regardless of how fast they answer.
  • The second option allows participants to pick multiple options. Participants only get points if they pick all correct options.

Playing an Online Quiz on AhaSlides

An AhaSlides’ online quiz game has 3 stages:

  1. The lobby
    The lobby appears at the beginning of the quiz. This is where your participants join, choose an avatar, and enter their nickname.
  2. The Quiz
    Once you start the game, the participants try to answer the questions and compete in the leaderboard.
  3. The Leaderboard
    After every question, a leaderboard will show the score of each player, and how the score change from one question to another.

When you are ready to start your online quiz, select the Present button on the top right corner.

Participants will join in the quiz through the presentation’s given QR code or permanent access code.

The Lobby

At the lobby, you will see participants showing up with with their respective avatar and nicknames.

The lobby stage in an AhaSlides online quiz
The lobby session

When you are ready, select Start the Quiz button to begin.

The Quiz

The questions appear and the participants will have a limited amount of time to answer each question. A correct answer gives 50-100 points depended on your settings. When the countdown ends, the result and correct answer will be shown. The participants can see if they have answered correctly on their phones.

The Leaderboard

After each question, a leaderboard is shown. After the final question, the leaderboard will display the winner.

an AhaSlides online quiz demo
Demo of a quiz and the final leaderboard

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