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110+ Interesting Questions to Ask Mates, Friends & Families

110+ Interesting Questions to Ask Mates, Friends & Families

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Astrid Tran 12 Dec 2022 6 min read

Need more interesting questions to ask? Communication is always the best way to understand and bond with your relationship with your family, friends, and colleagues or to make new friends. To do that, you need to prepare some questions in advance to start a conversation, grab others’ attention and maintain interesting and deep conservation. 

Here is the comprehensive list of 110++ interesting questions to ask for you to ask people in a variety of situations.

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30 Interesting Questions to Ask your Teammates or Colleagues

Need interesting questions to ask? You are struggling to deal with your teammates and coworkers for a common goal, aren’t you? Or you are the leader and simply want to strengthen your team’s bonding and understanding? They are not only fun questions to ask your teammates and coworkers, but also get-to-know-you kinds of questions. Depending on your motives, you may find these following questions do you a favor:

1/ What is your favorite idol?

2/ What is your favorite color?

3/ What is your favorite cuisine?

4/ What is your favorite drink?

5/ What is your most recommended book?

6/ What is your best scary story?

7/ What is your most hated drink or food?

8/ What is your most hated color?

9/ What is your favorite movie?

10/ What is your favorite action movie?

11/ What is your favorite singer?

12/ Whom do you want to be in your favorite movie?

13/ If you have supernature, which one do you want?

14/ If God’s lamp gives you three wishes, what do you want to wish for?

15/ If you are a flower, what do you want to be?

16/ If you have money to live in another country, which country do you want to hang your hat on? 

17/ If you are turned into an animal, which one do you prefer?

18/ If you have to choose to turn to a wild animal or a farm animal, which one do you prefer?

19/ If you pick up 20 million dollars, what do you want to do?

20/ If you are turned into a princess or prince in the folk, who do you want to be?

21/ If you travel to the world of Harry Potter, which house do you want to join?

22/ If you can choose your job again without being money-centric, what will you do?

23/ If you can act in any movie, which movie do you want to act in?

24/ If you can draw one person, which one do you want to draw?

25/ If you can travel around the world, which country will be your first destination, and which one is your final destination?

26/ What is your dream vacation or honeymoon?

27/ What is your favorite game?

28/  Which game do you want to go into their world?

29/ Do you have hidden talents or hobbies?

30/ What is your biggest fear?

Interesting Questions to Ask
Interesting Questions to Ask

What are 30 Deep Questions to Ask your Mates?

Need interesting questions to ask? It is never late to dig out your mate’s inner world, from the first time you meet or you have been in a long relationship.  You can ask the following questions on your first date, on your second date, and before you get married… It can be used not only for face-to-face deep conversation but also for an online date on Tinder or other dating apps.  Sometimes it is hard to understand your beloved one even though you have been for 5 years or above marriage. 

Leveraging our 30+ following deep interesting questions to ask for couples may help you find your true love.

31/ What do you love most in life?

32/ What’s something I don’t know about you yet?

33/ Which pet do you want to raise in the future?

34/ What is your expectation about your partner?

35/ What do you think about cross-culture?

36/ What do you think about politics?

37/ What is your definition of love?

38/ Why do you think some people are attached to bad relationships?

39/ What issue you cannot accept?

40/ What is your purchasing habit?

41/ What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

42/ What do you do when you are in a bad mood?

43/ What three words describe you best?

44/ What were you like as a kid?

45/ What is the best compliment you have ever received?

46/ What is your dream wedding?

47/ What is the most annoying question that someone has asked you?

48/  Do you want to get to know someone’s mind?

49/ What makes you feel safe?

50/ What are your dreams for the future?

51/ What is the most expensive thing you have bought?

52/ What are you obsessed with?

53/ Which countries do you want to visit?

54/ When was the last time you felt lonely?

55/ Do you believe in love at first sight?

56/ Who is our ideal marriage life?

57/ Do you have any regrets?

58/ How many children do you want to have?

59/ What motivates you to work hard?

60/ What is your favorite thing to do when you are off from work?

What Are 20 Unique Questions to Ask People?

Need interesting questions to ask? In your daily life conversation, you might want to share your point of view with someone, who can be anyone you are familiar with or your beloved ones. Ask these cool and topic-related interesting questions to ask to explore who shares mutual interests with you.

61/ What do you think is the biggest injustice in society?

62/ Why do you think people should follow the rule?

63/ What do you think people should do to follow their inner voice?

64/ What do you think children should be punished for if they break the law?

65/ Do you believe in God and why?

66/ What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

67/ How do you know spirits exist?

68/ How do you know who you will be the person you want in the future?

69/ What makes the world a better place to live?

70/ If you have to say something to the dictator, what will you say?

71/ If you are a queen beauty, what will you do for society?

72/ Why do dreams occur in sleep?

73/ Can dreams have a meaning?

74/ What would you be immortal?

75/ What is your opinion on religion?

76/ What is the most important factor to being a queen beauty?

77/ Who is your favorite author, artist, scientist, or philosopher?

78/ What do you believe in the most?

79/ Would you sacrifice your life to save another?

80/ What makes you different from others?

What are 20 Random Questions to Ask Strangers to Break the Ice?

Need interesting questions to ask? Sometimes you have to participate in new meetings with someone you don’t know, or you are invited to parties and you want to make new friends, or you are excited to study in a new environment and meet new classmates from around the world, or start a new career or position in the new company, in another city… It is time to learn to communicate with others, especially strangers to have a good start. 

You can randomly ask some of the following interesting questions to ask to break the ice.

81/ Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?

82/ What are your hobbies?

83/ What is the best gift you have received?

84/ What is your most scared animal?

85/ Do you collect anything?

86/ Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

87/ What is your favorite motto?

88/ What do you do to keep fit?

89/ How did your first crush look?

90/ Which is your favorite song?

91/ Which coffee shop do you like to go to with your friends?

92/ Is there any place you want to go in this city but you have not had a chance to?

93/ What celebrity would you like to meet?

94/ What was your first job?

95/ Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

96/ What is your favorite season and what do you want to do most in this season?

97/ Do you like chocolate, flowers, coffee, or tea…?

98/ Which college/major are you studying?

99/ Do you play video games?

100/ Where is your hometown?

Interesting Questions to Ask
Interesting Questions to Ask – Inspiration: ScienceofPeople

What Are 10 Cool Questions to Ask?

Need interesting questions to ask? If you want to make your chit chat more entertaining and amusing, you may ask open-ended questions, sort of simple questions, and require responses in 5 seconds. When people are forced to choose something in a second, they don’t have much time to consider, then the answer somehow reveals their institution.

So here are 10 cool interesting questions to ask!

101/  A cat or a dog?

102/  Money or love

103/  give or receive?

104/ Taylor Swift of Adele?

105/ Tea or Coffee?

106/ Action movie or Cartoon?

107/ Daughter or Son?

108/ Travel or Stay at home?

109/ Reading books or Playing games

110/ City or countryside


Interesting questions to ask are the best way to start a conversation first can be an advantage for impressing people and enjoying conversation the way you like.

AhaSlides have a range of themed interesting questions to ask, along with templates for you to use in any circumstance. Start your journey with AhaSlides in no time to master our communication and presentation skills.

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