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21 Greatest Marriage Gifts for Friends That You Could Think Of

21 Greatest Marriage Gifts for Friends That You Could Think Of

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Leah Nguyen 13 Nov 2023 8 min read

The most stressful thing – besides finding proper attire, is probably choosing gifts to give at your friend’s wedding.

There are plenty of cool ideas you could think of, but can you narrow it down to one “just-right” gift that your friend could use and remember for the days to come?

With our list of best marriage gifts for friends below, getting that perfect present is an easy feat!

Do you always buy a wedding gift?While not always required, bringing a gift to a wedding is generally seen as a gesture of goodwill, generosity, and thoughtfulness.
How much do I spend on my friends’ wedding gifts?Depends on your situation, but we suggest spending from $50 to $100 on friend marriage gifts.
What do you get for a wedding gift?Popular choices for wedding gifts are kitchenware, home decor, gift cards, luxury bags, body products, etc.
Overview of Marriage Gifts for Friends

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The Best Marriage Gifts for Friends

Are you considering what are the best wedding gifts for friends? Forget the standard candles and picture frames; the best marriage gifts for friends are those that honour the joy and love they share while reflecting your thoughtful understanding of their unique bond. Dive in right now to explore the list👇

#1. Custom Photo 3D Lamp

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Custom Photo 3D Lamp
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Custom Photo 3D Lamp

This 3D lamp makes an outstanding wedding present that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The customised design process ensures the lamp will reflect something meaningful and special from your friends’ lives together, commemorating their relationship in a subtle yet striking decor piece that will light up their home.

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#2. Two-Person Picnic Basket

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Two-Person Picnic Basket
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Two-Person Picnic Basket

Celebrate the outdoor spirit of the couple with this handsome wicker picnic basket. It features a sturdy trap and an insulated cooler compartment to keep the food fresh.

Packed with a wide space for dishes, napkins, and cutlery, this picnic hamper makes an ideal gift for the newlywed couple wanting to create cosy moments together.

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#3. Luggage Tags & Passport Holder Set

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Luggage Tags & Passport Holder Set
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Luggage Tags & Passport Holder Set

One of the good wedding gifts for friends that we want to suggest is a luggage tag set. Make travelling together truly memorable with this stunning personalised present.

Crafted from the finest vegan leather and brass hardware, these durable tags are built to last through every adventure – from quick weekend getaways to honeymoon world-tour.

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#4. Marriage Survival Kit

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Marriage Survival Kit
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Marriage Survival Kit

Let the couple start their married life together on the right foot with this thoughtful Marriage Survival Kit, packed with practical yet playful gifts that encourage closeness, laughter, and relaxing moments.

• His and hers stainless steel wine tumblers with straws – cheers to forever!
• A decorative brass bottle opener – celebrate the little things
• Square wooden coasters with suggestion cards for spicing up married life
• A heart-shaped trinket dish – a forever symbol of your love
• “Coupons for couples” and “Decision Making Dice” for fun, decision-free experiences together

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#5. Bamboo Charcuterie Boards

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Bamboo Charcuterie Boards
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Bamboo Charcuterie Boards

Crafted from sustainable Moso bamboo, the stylish cutting board features a hidden utensil drawer with essential accessories for enjoying an artisanal spread – cheese knives, serving fork and spear.

Presented in an attractive gift box, it makes an exceptional wedding gift for friends.

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#6. Robot Vacuum

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Robot vacuum
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Robot vacuum

Relieve your friends of one household chore and gain major points as the gift giver with this smart robot vacuum – a super practical and useful wedding gift for friends you can think of.

Packed with high-tech features and meticulously engineered for efficiency, the robot vacuum will sweep into your friends’ lives and transform their cleaning routine from tedious tasks to things of the past.

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#7. Mini Projector

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Mini projector
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Mini projector

More useful wedding gifts for friends? Make your friends’ usual movie date night feel like a trip to the theatre with this cute mini projector. It can be connected through Wifi and Bluetooth, and is compatible with iOS, Android, PC and TV sticks.

Since it’s small and doesn’t take up too much space, they can carry it everywhere, from camping trips to spontaneous car rides.

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#8. Scented Candle

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Scented candle
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Scented candle

Forget the kitchen appliances and bath towels! The most appreciated wedding gifts are often the smallest and simplest.

Skip the traditional gifts and go straight for the candles. A personalised jar with a quirky message will show the happy couple you put real thought into choosing their gift while bringing on the smiles.

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#9. Cocktail Set

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Cocktail set
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Cocktail set

Confusing while brainstorming wedding gift ideas for friends? Don’t worry, bring the bar straight to the newlywed’s house with a cocktail set, perfect for a sudden refresher craving and alcohol rush at home.

Whether it’s a margarita, gin & tonic, or mojito, the set provides complete covers for easy bartending on the go.

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#10. Coffee Maker

Marriage Gifts for Friends - Coffee maker
Marriage Gifts for Friends – Coffee maker

Another home appliance gift for marriage would be a coffee maker. Start their first year of marriage off on the right foot – and keep the romance alive through long nights – with the gift of unlimited cups of coffee whenever their hearts desire.

A simple yet useful present for two people beginning a lifetime of shared memories, freshly brewed one cup at a time.

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~ And 11 More

  1. Cashmere blankets – Snuggle up on chilly nights under the lap of luxury, warm and comforted in the blankets you gave to start their adventure in comfort.
  2. Board game set – Spark laughter and competition on rainy weekend afternoons with the collection of classic games you gave, spent side by side.
  3. Massage gift card set – Treat themselves to sharing an hour of pampering and relaxation, reminding each other of the simple joys of touch.
  4. Throw pillows – Add a pop of personality and comfort to their first couch, a snug reminder of your love and support with every movie marathon and lazy Sunday.
  5. Pyjamas – Slip into comfort together every night, cosy and content in the matching pyjamas you presented on their wedding day.
  6. Air fryer – The air fryer will allow you to make all your favourites – from crispy fries to roast chicken – in a quick, healthy, and mess-free way.
  7. Slow cooker – The slow cooker helps make even the most hectic weeknights easy. They’ll be able to come home to delicious, homemade meals cooked low and slow all day – fulfilling one of the simple joys of marriage, sharing a meal at the end of the day.
  8. Neck massager – The massager will provide relief and relaxation after long days, bringing comfort in an instant to the couple.
  9. Gift cards – To home stores, restaurants, grocery stores or even major retailers like Amazon or Target. Gift cards give the couple flexibility to buy what they actually need.
  10. Luxury bath and body products – Nice soaps, bubble baths, lotions, aromatherapy products, etc. help the newlyweds relax and unwind.
  11. Picture album – A keepsake photo album for the couple to fill with wedding photos and keep for years to come. Very sentimental.

So, what is the best wedding gift for a friend? It totally depends on your friend’s preference, personal needs, and your budget too. No matter the gift, if it creates a meaningful moment and leaves a lasting impression, it’s the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I gift to my friends’ wedding?

Here are some short but thoughtful gift ideas for your friends’ wedding:

• Kitchen utensils
• A photo frame
• Bath & body set
• Decorative pillows
• Wine glasses
• Throw blanket
• Gift card

The key is choosing something:

• Practical for their new home
• They’ll enjoy and use it together
• Represents your love and support on their big day

What is traditional gift giving for weddings?

There are some traditional aspects to gift giving for weddings:

• Monetary gifts – Giving cash or a check is a longstanding tradition. It allows the couple to put the money toward whatever they need or want for their new life together. Checks are typically made out to both of their names.

• Following the registry – If the couple has created a wedding registry, it shows the specific gifts they are hoping for. Fulfilling an item on their registry is a very traditional gift option.

• Giving in multiples – Traditional gifts are often given in multiples that have symbolic meaning. Examples:

– 12 dinner plates (for every month of the year, they’ll share meals)
– 13 wine glasses (for good luck)
– 24 tea towels (for every hour they’ll be together)
• Giving gifts by relationship – There are traditionally different gift amounts and types based on your relationship with the couple:

– Parents and siblings – More substantial and meaningful gifts
– Close friends – Medium-priced gifts
– Distant relatives – Less expensive gifts
– Acquaintances – Often a card with cash or check

• Group gifting – Multiple people may pool money to give a single, more expensive gift that none could afford alone. For example, cousins may all chip in.

• Gifts for the home – Traditional gifts tend toward things the newlyweds will use in their home: kitchen items, linens, decor, appliances, etc. Gifts to enjoy as a couple.

• Sentimental gifts – Photo albums, special jewellery, family heirlooms, and other keepsake gifts have deep roots as meaningful wedding gifts.

So while there are no absolute requirements, gift giving for weddings does have traditional customs around monetary gifts, following the registry, giving according to relationship, and choosing gifts useful for the newlyweds’ home and life together.