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12 Stunning Low Budget Wedding Stage Decorations


Astrid Tran 22 April, 2024 16 min read

​Less is more! In simplicity, there is beauty. An ideal wedding doesn’t need to cost a fortune to be stunning and memorable.

If you are looking for tips to lower your wedding prices? Check out the top-notch low budget wedding stage decoration! These 12 simple but extraordinary low budget wedding stage decorations definitely save your big day without losing a reflection of your love story and personal style.

Simple makes the perfect wedding for a couple who wants to save money

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Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #1 – Nature

When nature does all the work for you, just make use of it. A simple wedding doesn’t need a complicated stage, as you and your guest can immerse yourselves in nature, the coastline, or the lake view framed by a perfect backdrop without an arch. Plan your wedding during the golden hour to take advantage of the breathtaking sunset views. Let the natural colors of the sky and ocean create a picturesque backdrop for your ceremony.

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #2 – Trio of Arches

You can rent customized backdrops at a low cost. It can be a large framed mirror or a trio of arches adorned with pressed flowers or empty, which can serve as a stunning backdrop, reflecting the beauty of the wedding space. You can add floral garlands or fairy lights around the mirror for an enchanting effect. You also can collaborate with a local artist to design an artistic drawing or illustration that complements your wedding theme.

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #3 – Frame with Tree

Set the stage for a romantic atmosphere by framing it with a tree or two, any sort of grand trees, like oak or willow, will make an epic ceremony decoration. Decorate the tree branches with fairy lights and hanging candles to create a whimsical and intimate ambiance for your special moment. You can hang a piece of elegant fabric drapes and curtains in various colors and textures to create a soft and vintage backdrop.

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #4 – Flower Wall

Elevate your wedding stage with the beauty of flowers. Simple arrangements of flowers in mason jars or vintage vases can add a rustic charm to the stage without breaking the bank. You also can use paper or silk flowers to keep costs down while still achieving a captivating and photogenic setting. Customize the flower colors and arrangement to match your wedding theme.

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #5 – Circle Installation

A circle installation symbolizes unity and eternity. Create a captivating circle backdrop with affordable materials like bamboo or hula hoops adorned with fairy lights, flowers, and lush greenery. you can combine it with an overlooking of the hills or breathtaking mountain views. To infuse a hint of natural color and texture, clusters of blackberries and blueberries are artfully incorporated into the circle installation. 

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #6 – Fairy Lights

A minimalist wedding can be done by incorporating string lights, fairy lights, or Edison bulbs into the backdrop design, which adds a warm and romantic glow to the wedding stage. Hang them vertically, or create a curtain-like effect by stringing them across a rod or wire, or create enchanting light installations to add a touch of romance and elegance to the stage. Using white or golden fairy lights can add a sense of magic to your open stage decoration. Float some mason jars or glass bottles containing fairy lights inside to create charming centerpieces or aisle markers.

low cost low budget wedding stage decoration
Low cost low budget wedding stage decoration

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #7 – Shapes and Graphics

Incorporate unique shapes and graphics, such as a trio of arches, into your wedding stage decoration. For example, use geometric patterns on backdrops or cut-out shapes for a modern and chic look. It can be wooden or metal frames. Paint them in your chosen wedding colors, or keep them in their natural state for a minimalist touch. Add some lush greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns, and in-season flowers to add a sense of freshness and elegance to the modern geometric decor. In this way, you can make your wedding stage simple but still appealing, as these elements can be cost-effective yet visually striking.

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #8 – Wooden Backdrop

Need inspiration on a minimalist wedding and simple wedding stage decoration ideas? Create a rustic and charming setting with a wooden backdrop. Use reclaimed or inexpensive wooden pallets to construct the backdrop and adorn it with flowers, and the groom and bride’s names, add some greenery or hang some string lights to shine up an inviting atmosphere. 

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #9 – Doorway 

If the location features rich architecture, you can take advantage of its entrance to create a special wedding stage that exudes grandeur and refinement. You can always add a few classic touches such as nude floral accents, garlands, sheer, flowing drapery in blush or pastel shades to frame the entrance. If the location’s architecture reflects a specific cultural heritage, incorporate elements that pay homage to it.

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #10 – Pampas Grass

Why do you need expensive flowers when you have pampas grass? For couples and guests with allergies to flowers, pampas grass is an excellent alternative. Pampas grass has a unique and ethereal appearance that adds a natural and bohemian charm to any setting. Its feathery plumes create a soft and romantic ambiance without the need for elaborate arrangements.

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #11 – Beach and Surfboard

For beach-loving couples, if you are planning a beach wedding, you don’t need an affluent altar for making a vow, finding banyan trees and endless ocean views. Then embrace a pair of surfboards, and some tropical elements to create a simple and relaxed atmosphere like an Oahu wedding. Display a surfboard with your name or wedding date for a personal and fun touch. Adding some tropical flowers such as hibiscus, orchids, or bird-of-paradise to infuse the altar with vibrant colors and island vibes.

Low Budget Wedding Stage Decoration #12 – Indie style

Still want more stage ideas? Apply a bohemian-inspired indie style with macrame hangings, dream catchers, and colorful textiles. This eclectic and budget-friendly way will create a unique sense of wanderlust and whimsy in your grass stage decoration, that reflects your free-spirited personality. Don’t forget to adopt the warm and intimate ambiance of candlelight by incorporating an abundance of candles in mismatched holders, lanterns, or even repurposed wine bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I decorate my wedding for cheap?

There are several ways to decorate your wedding on low-budget: 
Select a wedding venue that already has some natural ambiance or decor elements that you can complement with your own items. Nature’s backdrop can be incredibly beautiful and save you on extra decorations.
Check if friends or family members have fairy lights they no longer need and are willing to lend you for the wedding. Hang fairy lights from the ceiling or rafters to create a starry-night effect.
Reuse mason jars or glass bottles and scatter them throughout the stage area for an intimate and whimsical ambiance.

Can I do my own wedding decor?

It is possible for you to decorate your wedding on your own. A simple wedding on the beach without arches with coastlines as backdrops, or a simple wall-style backdrop adorned with only fresh flowers, garlands, and string lights can also make it a beautiful and stunning wedding. 

Is it cheaper to DIY wedding decor?

You can save a ton of money by doing DIY ideas for your wedding, from decorating wedding stages like the altar and aisle to making your own invitations, bouquets, and boutonnières. 

Does decor matter at a wedding?

It is a matter of choice whether to decorate the wedding or not. If the couple finds a simple wedding is totally okay, then it is totally okay to plan a wedding without investing money in decoration. However, decoration stimulates the atmosphere, as it is a one-of-a-kind life event, and not many brides or grooms want to make it too meager.

Bottom Line

It is understandable that planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task, and one of the key concerns for any couple is keeping the costs under control without compromising on the overall experience. With a focus on wall-style wedding backdrops, minimalistic elegance, and thoughtful details, I hope this article will help you create a stunning wedding with cost limited.

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