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105+ Ultimate New Years Trivia Ideas to Ring a New Year Party


Jane Ng 22 November, 2023 16 min read

Needed to be inspired with the new years trivia quiz? There are thousands of things when mentioning New Year – one of the most fabulous festivals in the world. It is high time to relax, have a party, travel, and reunite with family and friends or make resolutions either from Western culture or Oriental Culture.

There are many ways to have fun and go bonker during New Year, and you won’t be surprised if you see people gathering and doing New Year Quiz challenge. Why? Because “Quizzing” is obviously one of the funniest activities both online and offline.

Take a look at AhaSlides 105+ Ultimate New Years Trivia Quiz to see how much you and your friends know about New Year.

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New Year’s trivia

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20++ WesternNew Years Trivia – General Knowledge

1- Where were the first New Year’s celebrations recorded about 4,000 years ago?

A: The city of Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia  

2- Which king accepted January 1st as the date for New Year In 46 B.C?

A: Julius Caesar

3- Where the 1980 Rose Parade was held with the Rose Bowl featuring 18 million flowers designed in floats?

A: California’s Pasadena.

4- Which tradition was started by Ancient Romans which was stemmed from their Saturnalia festival?

A: Kissing tradition

5- Which is recorded as the most common resolution people have made?

A: To get healthier.

6- NYE in the Gregorian calendar occurs on December 31. When did Pope Gregory XIII implement this calendar in Rome?

A: In late 1582

7- When did England and its American colonies officially adopt January 1st as New Year?

Answer: 1752

8- Which country begins the year after the Nile River flood which happens when the star Sirius rises?

A: Egypt

9- In The early Roman calendar, which month is designated as the new year.

A: March 1

10- Which country in the Central Pacific is the first location to ring in the new year each year?

A: The island nation Kiribati

11- When did the baby as a symbol of the new year start?

A: Dates to the ancient Greeks

12- Among the 7th-century pagans of Flanders and the Netherlands, What was the custom do the first day of the new year?

A: exchange gifts

13- What is another name for The Odunde Festival which is celebrated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the second Sunday of June? 

A: African New Year

14-  What is the name of the New Year in Sunni Islamic culture which marks the beginning of a new year?

A: Hijri New Year

15- Which orchestra traditionally performs a New Year’s concert on the morning of New Year’s Day?

A: The Vienna Philharmonic orchestra

16- What is another name for the Old Year?

A: Father Time 

17 – How long does First Night, a North American artistic and cultural celebration on New Year’s Eve take place?

A: From the afternoon until midnight.

18- What is New Year’s Six?

A: It is a common term to describe the following NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) bowl games.

19- Where the firework tradition began?

A: China

20 – When did Scottish poet Robert Burns publish the Scots Musical Museum containing the song “Auld Lang Syne”?

A: In 1796

new years eve trivia
New Years trivia

20++New Years Trivia about Unique Traditions Around the World

21- In Spain, it is the custom to eat 12 grapes as the bells sound for midnight on 31 December. 

A: True

22. New Year’s Eve is called Hogmanay, and ‘first footing’ remains a popular custom for Scottish.

A: True

23- Vingkings usually hang onions on doorsteps for their children’s goodwill.

A: False, Greeks

24- Brazilians wear brand-new yellow underwear to welcome in the New Year.

A: False. Colombians

25- The idea of a ball “dropping” to signal the passage of time dates back to 1823.

A: False, 1833.

26- In Turkey, Sprinkling salt on the doorsteps as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day is considered good luck to s

A: True

27- The Danes jump off the chair at the stroke of midnight to literally “leap” into a luck-filled new year.

A: True

28- In Norway, the tradition of molybdomancy is practiced to foresee people’s fortune for the next year. 

A: False, Finland

29- In Canada, coins are baked into sweets and whoever finds the coins has good luck for the next year.

A: False, Bolivia

30- Canadian do the polar bear plunge to ring in the new year. 

A: True

31- To make a wish for New Year, Russians write it on a piece of paper and burn the paper.

A: True

32- In Filipino culture, wearing clothes in polka dots design symbolizing prosperity is a must.

A: True

33- Samoa people celebrate by popping firecrackers (to ward off evil spirits).

A: False, Hawaiian

34- In Greece, Mexico, and the Netherlands, people consider round cakes to symbolize the circle of life.

A: True

35- Pigs symbolize progress in countries like Austria, Portugal, and Cuba. So, eating pork on New Year’ Eve is common as a way to attract prosperity for the next 365 days.

A: True

36- From German pass to English folklore, a midnight kiss is a great way to begin the New Year.

A: True

37- The Jewish New Year’s Day, or Rosh Hashanah, can fall anytime from September 6 to November 5 in the Gregorian calendar.

A: False, October

38- Eating green-eyed peas is a Southern American tradition said to bring economic prosperity in the coming year.

A: False, black-eyed peas

39- It’s customary for Irish people to sleep with a mistletoe under their pillow on New Year’s Eve.

A: True

40 – Brazilians jump over the waves five times to get into the Sea Goddess’s good graces.

A: False, 7 times

New Years Trivia

10++New Years Trivia in Movies Questions and Answers

41- Snoopy Presents 2021 has a title name is Merry Christmas.

A: False, For Auld Lang Syne

42 – A Lot Like Love has the New Year’s Eve kiss in Paris.

A: False, in New York

43- New Year’s Eve is the second in an unofficial trilogy of romantic comedy films directed by Garry Marshall, after Valentine’s Day (2010)

A: True

44- Ocean’s Eleven is a 2001 American heist comedy film.

A: True

45- In Holidate, Sloane Benson decides to take Jackson up on his offer and the two end up spending Christmas Eve together

A: False, New Year’s Eve

46- When Harry Met Sally is aim to resove the line: Can men and women ever just be friends.

A: True

47- The movie “When Harry Met Sally” is ranked 23rd on AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Laughs list of the top comedy films in American cinema. 

A: True

48-  In High school musical seriees, the song “Breaking Free” is sung after meeting at a resort for New Year’s Party

A: True

49- In movie God Father, part 2, Michael tells his brother, Fredo , that he knows of his betrayal at the Christmas party

A: False, At a New Year’s Eve party

50- In Sleepless in Seattle, Jonah calls in to a radio talk show and persuades Sam to go on the air to talk about how much he misses Maggie, in New Year’s Eve.

A: False, at Christmas Eve

10++ ChineseNew Years Trivia in Movies – Picture Q&A

Credit: Netflix – New Years Trivia

42. What is the name of movie?

A: Crazy rich Asian

43. Which traditional board game that Rachel Chu plays with Nick Yong mother?

A: Ma jiang

44- Where is song used in Nick Young friend wedding?

A: Can’t help falling inlove with you

45- Where is the city that Young family’s mansion?

A: Singapore

Credit: Pixar – New Years Trivia

46. Bao is is the first Pixar short film was directed by a women.

A: True

47. In Bao, a Chinese woman with empty-nest syndrome finds relief when one of her dumplings springs to life.

A: True

New Years Trivia | Turning red is a movie about Chinese immigrants in Toronto
New Years Trivia

48- What is name of the movie?

A: Turing red

49- What is the stoty take place?

A: Canada

49- Which is Mei family business?

A- Take care of the family’s temple dedicated to their ancestor Sun Yee

20++ Chinese New Years Trivia Fun Facts – True/ False

61- The Chinese New Year is a festival that lasts fifteen days and starts on the same date every year.

A: False, different date

62- There are 12 zodiac signs according to Lunar Calendar.

A: True

63- 2024 New Year is Rabbit year

A: False. It’s Year of the Dragon

64- Through centuries of China’s agrarian tradition, the New Year is the one period when farmers could rest from their work in the fields.

A: True

65- Chinese New Year 2024 will fall on February 10th, 2024. 

A: True

66- In Japan, Toshi Koshi soba is the traditional New Year’s food of choice.

A: True

A: In Chinese culture, eating rabbit meat in the New year will bring good lucks.

A: False. It’s fish

67- The dumplings are shaped like gold ingots, ancient China’s currency, so eating them in New Year’s Eve will bring financial luck.

A: True

68- Chinese New Year has a history of over 5,000 years

A: False, 3000 years

69- In Thailand, erecting a bamboo pole, known as a Neu tree, in front of their house on the last day of the lunar year to expel evils,

A: False, Vietnam

70- The lunar calendar is also referred to as the Xia calendar because the legend holds that it dates from the time of the Xia dynasty (the 21st to 16th centuries BCE).

A: True

71- It is recorded that the origin of spring couplets can be dated back to 2000 years ago.

A: False. 1000 years ago

72- During the New Year holiday, Korean play Yut Nori, a board game played with wooden sticks.

A: True

73- The Chingay Parade, which occurs each year for Lunar New Year, is an extravagant celebration of Malaysians.

A: Falso, Singaporean

74- Hokkien New Year is observed on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year.

A: False, the ninth day

75- In Indonesia, the most traditional celebration of the Lunar New Year is called Media Noche.

A: False, Philippine

76- In Chinese culture, the New Year holiday is called the ‘Winter Festival’.

A: False, Spring Festival

77- Lucky money is usually wrapped in a Red envelope.

A: True

78 – It is a customer to sweep or throw out garbage on New Year’s Day.

A: False, not allowed

79- In Chinese culture, People hang Upside the Chinese character ” Fu” on the wall or door meaning Luck is coming, starting from the Qing dynasty.

A: False, Ming dynasty

80- The Lantern Festival is ten days after the Spring Festival. 

A: False, 15 days

Lunar New Year quiz

25 New Year’s Eve Quiz Questions

Here are 25 unique questions for a new year’s eve quiz. You won’t find these anywhere else!

Round 1: In the News

  1. Put these 2021 news stories in the order that they happened!
    Wildfires in Greece (3) // Barbados becomes a republic (4) // U.S Capitol Building stormed (1) // Suez Canal blocked by a container ship (2)
  2. In a bid to stick it to short-selling investors, people caused stocks of which company to skyrocket in January?
  3. Select the 3 Italian football clubs who, in April, announced plans to join the ill-fated European Super League.
    Napoli // Udinese // Juventus // Atalanta // Roma // Inter Milan // Lazio // AC Milan
  4. Which of these leaders ended her 16-year role as chancellor in December this year?
    Tsai Ing-Wen // Angela Merkel // Jacinda Ardern // Erna Solberg
  5. Which billionaire made his first trip to space in July?
    Richard Branson // Paul Allen // Elon Musk // Jeff Bezos

Round 2: New Releases

  1. Arrange these Netflix shows from least to most watched in 2021.
    Stranger Things (3) // Tiger King (1) // Emily in Paris (2) // Squid Games (4)
  2. What was the name of the James Bond film released in September 2021?
    No Time to Die
  3. Match each artist to the album they released in 2021.
    Olivia Rodrigo (Sour) // Modest Mouse (The Golden Casket) // Ed Sheeran (=) // Adele (30)
  4. After over 20 years of waiting, Pokemon fans finally got a sequel to which game in 2021?
    Pokemon Snap // Pokemon Go // Pokemon Red // Pokemon Stadium
  5. Which film is from Marvel’s highest grossing film of 2021?
    Dune // Black Widow // Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings // Spider-Man: No Way Home

Round 3: Sports

  1. Which team beat England in the UEFA Euro 2020 final?
    Spain // Italy // France // Belgium
  2. Match each athlete with the event in which they won a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
    Marcell Jacobs (100m) // Richard Carapaz (cycling) // Quan Hongchan (diving) // Sakura Yosozumi (skateboarding)
  3. Which female tennis player is the first to win a US Open after strarting as a qualifier?
    Bianca Andreescu // Naomi Osaka // Petra Kvitová // Emma Raducanu
  4. Who won the 2021 Tour de France after also winning it last year?
    Mark Cavendish // Tadej Pogačar // Chris Froome // Franck Bonnamour
  5. In April, Hideki Matsuyama became the first Japanese man to win a major championship in which sport?
    Tennis // Fencing // Golf // MMA

Round 4: 2021 in Pictures

There are 5 pictures in the gallery below. Tell me when each event happened! (Image credits: CNN)

  1. When did the event in picture 1 happen?
    February // March // June // September
  2. When did the event in picture 2 happen?
    January // May // June // August
  3. When did the event in picture 3 happen?
    January // March // October // December
  4. When did the event in picture 4 happen?
    February // April // August // November
  5. When did the event in picture 5 happen?
    March // July // September // December

Bonus Round:New Years Trivia Around the World

You’ll not find these bonus questions in the 2024 quiz above, but they’re a great addition to any New Year’s Eve quiz questions, whichever year you’re asking them.

  1. What’s the first country to celebrate the new year?
    New Zealand // Australia // Fiji // Tonga
  2. Countries that follow which calendar celebrate the new year usually in January or February?
    The lunar calendar
  3. Where would you find Ice Stock, the freezing festival held at New Year’s?
    Antarctica // Canada // Argentina // Russia
  4. Traditionally, Spanish people ring in the new year by eating 12 what?
    Sardines // Grapes // Prawns // Sausages
  5. Since Victorian times, people from New York have celebrated New Year’s by smashing a small candy pig coated in what flavour?
    Peppermint // Liquorice // Sherbet // Chocolate

Tips for Hosting a New Year’s Eve Quiz

No matter if this is your 1st or your 15th New Year’s Eve quiz rodeo – there are always ways to spice up your trivia.

Here are some of the best practices when writing your New Year’s Eve quiz questions…

  • Focus on fun – There’s been a lot of grim news this year, but that’s not what quizzes are about! Keep the mood lighthearted throughout by focusing your questions on the fun, quirky events of the past year.
  • Fun facts are not questions – By and large, quiz questions about New Year’s Eve traditions are destined to fail. Why? Because most of the ones you find online are just facts and require complete guesswork to answer. For example, did you know that the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball weighs 11,865 pounds? No, neither did we.
  • Use different question types – One open-ended question after the other can be a draining slog for your quiz players. Mix up the formats with some multiple choice, image questions, correct order, matching pair and audio questions.

Want MoreNew Years Trivia Questions?

The end of the year quiz doesn’t have to be about 2024 or the new year at all. Tis the season of trivia, so fill your boots with whatever trivia you have to hand!

At AhaSlides, we’ve got a lot to hand. You’ll find thousands of quiz questions across dozens of quizzes in our template library, all just waiting for you to host for your family, friends, colleagues or students for absolutely free!

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