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New Year Song Quiz – 30++ Best Song Ideas in 2023

New Year Song Quiz – 30++ Best Song Ideas in 2023

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Astrid Tran 06 Dec 2022 7 min read

How many New year songs can you remember? So, let’s check out the New Year Song Quiz.

New Year Eve is one of the most lively celebrations in many countries around the world. Some people like to immerse themselves in festive outdoor music festival while some people like to enjoy ballad songs with beloved one at home. For whatever reason, turning on New year songs is indispensable idea.

Let’s test your smart with our 30++ best New year songs quiz.

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New Year Trivia

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New Year Song Quiz – 10 Multiple Choice MV Scene Challenge

  1. Can you name the song have this classic New year scene?
The Music Trivia – Credit: Vevo

A. Break my soul, by Beyonce

B. Auld Lang Syne, by Mariah Carey

C. Happy New Year, by ABBA

D. Raise Your Glass, by Pink

2. What is the name of the song?

Credit: Vevo

A. Don’t stop the music, by Rihana

B. Diamond, by Rihanna

C. Love me like you do, by Ellie Goulding

D. Thank U, Next, by Ariana Grande

3. In which MV song, there is a beautiful scene like this?

New Year Song Quiz

A. Love story, Taylor Swift

B. Call me maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen

C. Diamond, by Rihanna

D. New Year’s Day, Taylor Swift

4. What is the name of the music band with the famous song “Home of Christmas?

New Year Song Quiz

A. Nsync

B. Maroon 5

C. Westlife

C. Backstreet Boys

5. Which song has this scene?

Credit: Vevo – New Year Song Quiz – Music Trivia for Seniors

A. Secret Love Song by Little Mix

B. Work from home, by Fifth harmony

C. Happy New Year”, by ABBA

D. Step to me by Spicy Girls

6. Do you still remember what the name of the song is?

new year song quiz
new year song quiz

A. Last Christmas, by Backstreet Boys

B. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, by NSYNC

C. Payphone, by Marroon 5

D. I have a dream, by ABBA

7. What song does this scene belong?

Source: Vevo – New Year Song Quiz

A. Freedom, by Pharrell Williams

B. Sorry for party rocking, by LMFAO

C. Happy, by Pharrell Williams

D. Dust till dawn, ZAYN

8. This picture remind you what song of Jessie Ware?

Credit:Vevo – New Year Song Quiz

A. Free yourself

B. Champagne Kisses

C. Spotlight

D. Please

9. What is the singer, who is famous with the song Bringing In A Brand New Year?

Source: BIllboard – New Year Song Quiz

A. B.B King

B. Bob Crewe

C. German

D. Freddie Mercury

10. What is group band and this famous song?

Credit: Bohemian rhapsody – New Year Song Quiz

A. Lemon tree, by Fool’s Garden

B. To be free, by Passengers

C. Here Comes The Sun, by The Beatles

D. Bohemian rhapsody, by Queen

New Year Song Quiz – 10 “Complete the Lyrics” Questions

11. New Year’s Prayer by Jeff Buckley

Past the ……. within the sound. Past the ……. within the voice

Leave your ……. run past your funeral

Leave your home, car, leave your …….

Answer: sound / voice / office / pulpit

12. Funky New Year by The Eagles

Can’t ……. when I ever felt worse. Nothing matters and everything …….

They were passin’ round the bottle, made me feel …….

Trouble with the new man he wants a hit too, hit me

Answer: remember / hurts / brand new

13. It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve, by Barry Manilow

Tonight’s ……. chance to start again. It’s just ……. New Year’s Eve

And we’ll grow old, but think how wise we’ll grow. 

There’s more you know, it’s only ……..

Answer: another / another / New Year’s Eve

14. In the new year, by The Walkmen

Out of the darkness. And into the ……..

I tell you I love you. And my heart’s in the …….

Answer: fire / strangest place

15. Our New Year, by Tori Amos

Every corner that I turn.

I’ve convinced myself one day you’ll be there

Choruses of …….. Could this be the year, yours and ……..?

Answer: Auld Lang Syne / me

16. Feeling Good, by Nina Simone

Stars when you shine, you know how I feel.

Scent of the ……., you know how I feel

Oh, ……. is mine. And I know how I feel

Answer: pine / freedom

17. Let’s Start the New Year Right, by Bing Crosby

Let’s watch the old year …….. With a fond goodbye.

And our hopes as high. As a ……..

Answer: die / kite

18. Shake it off, Taylor Swift

I’m …….. on my own (dancin’ on my own)

I make the moves up as I go (moves up as I go)

And that’s what they ……., mm-mm

That’s what they don’t know, mm-mm

Answer: dancin’ / don’t know

19. Firework, Katy Perry

You don’t have to feel like a waste of space

You’re …….. cannot be replaced

If you only knew what the future holds

After ……… comes a rainbow

Answer: original / a hurricane

20. Bring me the horizon, by Ludens

How do I form a …….. when we can’t even shake hands?

You’re like a phantom greeting me

We plot in the shadows, hang out in the gallows

Stuck in a loop for ……..

Answer: connection / eternity

New Year Song Quiz Fun Facts – 10 True/False Questions and Answers

21. Initially, “Happy New Year” by ABBA has a rather funny name, ” Daddy Don’t Get Drunk On Christmas Day”.

Answer: True

22. Auld Lang Syne” was first published by Scottish poet in 1988.

Answer: False, it was 1788

23. New Year’s Resolution is the collaboration between Carla Thomas and Otis Redding.

Answer: True, and it was released in 1968

24. Feliz Navidad in “Feliz Navidad” by José Feliciano mean Happy New Year.

Answer: False. it means Merry Christmas

25. One of the best-selling tunes of all times, “Let It Snow!” was first recorded by Frank Sinatra for RCA Victor in 1945

Answer: False, it was first recorded by Vaughn Monroe with the Norton Sisters

26. New Year’s Day” is a song by U2. They are German rock band.

Answer: False. They are Irish rock band.

27. New Year’s Eve 1999 by Alabama was first released in 1999.

Answer: False, it was 1996.

28. Since the 2005–06 edition of the Time Square Ball, the drop has been directly preceded by the playing of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” at 11:55 p.m

Answer: True

29. “Raise Your Glass” is a song by American singer Pink

Answer: True

30. “New Year’s Day,” by Taylor Swift is a pop song

Answer: False, it is an acoustic piano ballad song.

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  • Make it a team quiz – No one person knows all the music of 2021. Running a team quiz improves the correct rate of the questions and encourages some good communal fun at a very communal time of the year.
  • It’s doesn’t have to be a 2021 music quiz! – A bit of music trivia for new year’s doesn’t have to be about the year just passed. You can have general music questions from different decades, but if you do, remember to…
  • Pick a theme – A theme gives a sense of identity to a new year song quiz. Rather than sporadic questions on a wild range of topics, a theme like ’90s music’, ‘music from the movies’ or ‘the music of Elton John’ makes a quiz more memorable and more appealing to fans of that particular genre or artist.

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