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140+ Best Christmas Picture Quiz Questions | Updated in 2024


Anh Vu 21 November, 2023 29 min read

Looking for a Christmas Picture Quiz with questions and answers? Look no further!

Are you looking for some iconic Xmas symbols and preparing for an upcoming Christmas party? Do you know that the Christmas quiz challenge is an irreplaceable tradition for Christmas parties?

Let’s gather your friends, family, and beloved ones and fascinate them with a fun Christmas pictures quiz. You can completely relax ’cause we have prepared a Christmas gift for you – 140+ best Christmas pictures trivia questions and answers that you can use immediately.

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Let’s check out 140+ ideas of Christmas Picture Quiz with AhaSlides!

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2024 Holiday Special

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Christmas Picture Quiz With Answers

20+ Christmas Picture Quiz | Cryptic Christmas Foods Globally

There are many reasons why a delicious Christmas feast is one of the wanted events for all people around the world. You may heard about Ginger-man bread stick, roasted turkey, chocolate brownies, mince pies… which are some must-have foods in any Christmas celebration. However, for some specific cultures, people may add some unique Christmas dishes for some cryptic reason. Let’t guess what it is and where do they originate from?

Chrismas Picture Quiz – Christmas Foods


41. Rice pudding, Denmark // Guava-berry Rum, St. Maarten // Christmas Pudding, England

42. Sesame baklava, Greece // Bûche de Noël, France // Layered Dessert with Apples and Cream, Norway

43. Frumenty, Yorkshire, England // Roasted sheep head, Norway // Brigadeiro, Brazil

44. Beijinho de Coco, Brazil // La Rosca de Reyes, Spain // Roasted sheep head, Norway //

45. Herring in a fur coat’, Russia // Fruitcake, Egypt // Guava-berry Rum, St. Maarten

46. Tourtière, Canada // Malva Pudding, South Africa // Trollkrem, Norway

47. Roast suckling pig, Puerto Rico // La Rosca de Reyes, Spain // Christollen, Germany

48. Oliebollen, Curaçao // Rabanadas, Portugal // Beijinho de Coco, Brazil

49. Layered Dessert with Apples and Cream, Norway // Tourtière, Canada // Sesame baklava, Greece

50. Christmas Pudding, England // Guava-berry Rum, St. Maarten // Frumenty, Yorkshire, England

51. ‘Herring in a fur coat’, Russia // Hallacas, Venezuela // Puto Bumbóng, Philipines

52. Brigadeiro, Brazil // Fruitcake, Egypt // Trollkrem, Norway

53. La Rosca de Reyes, Spain // Oplatek, Poland // Herring in a fur coat’, Russia

54. Mattak and Kiviak, Greenland // Oplatek, Poland // Rice pudding, Denmark

55. Christollen, Germany // Financiers, French // Blushing Maid, Germany

56. Tourtière, Canada // Malva Pudding, South Africa // Sweet Venison Cake, Germany

57. Halo-Halo, Philipines // Lengua de Gato, Indonesia // Puto Bumbóng, Philipines

58. Palmier Cookies, French // Oliebollen, Curaçao // Buko Pandan, Maylaysia

59. Malva Pudding, South Africa // Hallacas, Venezuela // Brigadeiro, Brazil

60. Mattak and Kiviak, Greenland // Raw Shark meat, Japan // Raw Crocodile meat, Vietnam

Ref: PureWow

Credit: AhaSlides

20+ Christmas Picture Quiz | Unusual Traditions Around the World

Christmas Picture Quiz – Questions

Can you guess the name of the following weird Christmas traditions and their original hometown?


61. Julebukking, Scandinavian // The Gavle Goat, Sweden // Goat Dancer’s Festival, Greece

62. Hiding Brooms, Norway // Jumping the broom, South Africa // Hiding Brooms, England

63. Arcadia Spectacular, New Zealand // Rapati Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile //A Christmas spider, Ukraine

64. Christmas Skating, Norway // Roller Skate Mass, Venezuela // Christmas Skate Love, Spain

65. Ghost festival, Croatia // Krampus Run, Austria // Bad Santa, Denmark

66. Fried Caterpillars, South Africa // Fried worms, Sudan // Fried Caterpillars, Egypt

67. Shoes-tossing, Australia // Shoes-throwing, New Zealand // Throwing Shoes in the Czech Republic

68. Padant Christmas tree, Ghana // The Kiwi Christmas Tree, New Zealand // The Christmas Kauri tree, New Zealand

69. Christmas Eve Saunas, Finland // The Agora Sauna, Norway // Secret Sauna Day, Iceland

70. Sea witch festival, Delaware // La Befana the Witch, Italy // Traditions Samhain, Scotland

71. Belgian Christmas Beer Weekend – Brussels, Belgium // Oktoberfest, German // 12 pubs of Christmas, Ireland

72. The Yule Cat, Iceland // Kattenstoet, Belgium // MeowFest Virtual, Canada

73. Shoes by the Fire, Netherlands // Sinterklaas Avond, Netherlands // Samichlaus, the Swiss Santa

74. Risalamande, Denmark // Catalan Logs, Spain // Tio Caga, Frecnch

75. Flying Witches, Norway // Bad witch, Denmark // Hiding Broom, Norway

76. Diwali, India// Loy Krathong, Thailand // Giant Lantern Festival, the Philippines

77. Radish carving, Cuba // Christmas Radish festival, Sweden // Night of the Radish in Mexico

78. Donald duck, USA // “Kalle Anka,” in Sweden // Donald’s Christmas Carol, England

79. Tsechus, Bhutan // Mari Lwyd, Wales // Semana Santa, Guatemala

80. Tree’s Pickle in Germany // Christmas pickle, America // Christmas Eve Cucumber, Sctoland

Ref: Holiday extra

20+ Christmas Picture Quiz | Famous Celebrations Globally

Christmas Picture Quiz – Questions


81. Bethlehem, West Bank // Paris, France // New York, USA

82. Strasbourg, France // Midnight Mass, The Vatican, Italy // Valkenburg Christmas Market, Netherlands

83. Miami Beach, USA // Havana, Cuba // Bondi Beach, Australia

84. Newport beach , USA // Miami Beach, USA // Havana, Cuba

85. The Christmas Fair of Budapest // Dresden Striezelmarkt, Germany // Zagreb Christmas Market, Croatia

86. Strasbourg, France // Bruges, Belgium // Santa Claus Village, Lapland, Finland

87. Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, Berlin, German // Quebec City, Canada // Salzburg, Austria

88. Santa Claus Village, Lapland, Finland // Winter Wonderland, London, England // Inari, Finland

89. Brussels’ Plaisirs d’Hiver, Belgium // Santa Claus Village, Lapland, Finland // Cologne, Germany

90. Dresden Striezelmarkt, Germany // Stockholm Christmas Market, Sweden // Valkenburg Christmas Market, Netherlands

91. The Christmas Fair of Budapest // Winter Festival, Moscow, Russia // Copenhagen Christmas Market, Denmark

92. Brussels’ Plaisirs d’Hiver, Belgium // Winter Illuminations light display at Yebisu Garden Place in Tokyo, Japan // Garden of Morning Light Festival, Gapyeong, South Korea

93. Christmas in Ice, the North Pole, Alaska // Winter village, Grindelwald, Switzerland // Cologne, Germany

94. Cologne, Germany // Winter village, Grindelwald, Switzerland // Asheville, North Carolina

95. Strasbourg, France // Festival de la Luz, San José, Costa Rica // Dresden Striezelmarkt, Germany

96. Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, USA // Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade, South Florida // Winterfest Boat Parade, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

97. Garden of Morning Light Festival, Gapyeong, South Korea // Asheville, North Carolina // ZooLights, Portland, Oregon, USA

98. ZooLights, Portland, Oregon, USA // Crucian Christmas Festival, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, USA // Glacier Express, Switzerland

99. The 12 Days of Christmas Market, Dublin, Ireland // Stockholm Christmas Market, Sweden // Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, Berlin, German

100. Amsterdam Light Festival, the Netherlands // Glow, Eindhoven, Netherlands // Toronto’s Cavalcade of Lights festival, Canada

Ref: Popsugar

40+ Christmas Picture Quiz Questions and Answers

Check out these 40 questions and answers for a Christmas image quiz. Scroll through the image galleries and see the questions from 1 to 10 below, updated in 2024.

Round 1: Christmas Markets Around the World

  1. Where’s this Christmas market? Graz // Bern // Berlin // Malmo
  2. Where’s this Christmas market? Birmingham // Dublin // Montpellier // Venice
  3. Where’s this Christmas market? Bratislava // Barcelona // Frankfurt // Vienna
  4. Where’s this Christmas market? Moscow // Odesa // Helsinki // Reykjavic
  5. Where’s this Christmas market? Krakow // Prague // Brussels // Ljubljana
  6. Where’s this Christmas market? New York // London // Auckland // Toronto
  7. Where’s this Christmas market? Edinburgh // Copenhagen // Sydney // Riga
  8. Where’s this Christmas market? Sibiu // Hamburg // Sarajevo // Budapest
  9. Where’s this Christmas market? Rotterdam // Tallinn // Bruges // St. Petersburg
  10. Where’s this Christmas market? Cusco // Kingston // Palermo // Cairo

Round 2: Zoomed in Christmas

  1. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas animal? Donkey
  2. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas animal? Reindeer
  3. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas animal? Partridge
  4. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas animal? Turkey
  5. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas animal? Robin
  6. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas object? Cracker
  7. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas object? Snowman
  8. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas object? Stocking
  9. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas object? Wreath
  10. What’s this zoomed-in Christmas object? Rudolph

Round 3: Christmas Movie Screenshots

  1. What movie is this from? Scrooged
  2. What movie is this from? The Muppet Christmas Carol
  3. What movie is this from? Love Actually
  4. What movie is this from? Deck the Halls
  5. What movie is this from? Nativity!
  6. What movie is this from? Office Christmas Party
  7. What movie is this from? Miracle on 34th Street
  8. What movie is this from? The Christmas Chronicles
  9. What movie is this from? Christmas with the Kranks
  10. What movie is this from? Holiday Inn
  1. Who’s the Secret Santa? Mariah Carey
  2. Who’s the Secret Santa? Michael Jackson
  3. Who’s the Secret Santa? Eartha Kitt
  4. Who’s the Secret Santa? Michael Bublé
  5. Who’s the Secret Santa? Boney M
  6. Who’s the Secret Santa? Bing Crosby
  7. Who’s the Secret Santa? Elton John
  8. Who’s the Secret Santa? George Michael
  9. Who’s the Secret Santa? Will Smith
  10. Who’s the Secret Santa? Nat King Cole

How to Use the Christmas Picture Quiz

Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of your new Christmas image quiz, let’s take a brief look at what you’ll need to host it successfully on quiz night:

What You’ll Need…

  1. 1 laptop for the quiz master.
  2. 1 phone for each quiz player.

Like with all of AhaSlides’ quizzes, this Christmas image quiz works great both online and offline. As host, you can hold it flawlessly over a video call or in a live setting, with audiences using their phones to both see and answer the questions.

How it Works…

  1. You present the quiz to your players, who can see your screen live or via Zoom.
  2. Your players join your quiz by typing the unique room code into their browser.
  3. You proceed through the quiz questions one by one, while your players race to answer them the fastest.
  4. The leaderboard reveals the final winner!

3 Ways to Personalize Your Christmas Picture Quiz

#1. Solo or Team Quiz?

By default, all of our quizzes are solo affairs; everyone for themselves. Not very Christmassy, though, is it?

Well, turning your Christmas picture quiz into a team endeavour is a doddle:

How to make a team quiz on AhaSlides
  1. Click on the ‘settings’ tab in the header and scroll to the ‘quiz settings’.
  2. Check the box marked ‘play as teams’, then set team number and sizes, along with the scoring rules.
  3. Set the team names by clicking on ‘set team names’….
Setting up the team names and numbers for a Christmas picture quiz.
Funny Christmas Quiz Rounds

Once the lightbox opens, fill in the team names. You can do this on quiz day, after the teams have been established and have come up with their own team names.

When each player is joining the quiz, they’ll have to enter their name, choose an avatar and select their team from the list.

But exactly how do players join the quiz? Funny you should ask!

#2. Joining the Quiz

This Christmas picture quiz, like all of AhaSlides’ quizzes, operates 100% online. That means that you can host it from your laptop and your players can take part from literally anywhere with an internet connection.

There are two ways that players can join your quiz:

  • Through typing the join code that sits at the top of every slide into their address bar:
How to join the Christmas picture quiz on AhaSlides
  • Through scanning the QR code that is shown when the host clicks the top bar of a slide:
a QR code used by quiz players to join the Christmas picture quiz on AhaSlides

The join code or QR code will take them to the start of your presentation. When you present your first quiz slide, each player will be prompted to enter their name, team and chosen avatar like so…

Participant view when joining the Christmas picture quiz on AhaSlides.

#3. Adapting the Questions

The questions in this Christmas picture quiz are aimed at all sorts of abilities. Still, no matter if you’ve got a bunch of Christmas clods or Noel know-it-alls, you can adapt the questions to fit your audience.

There are a few ways that you can simplify any questions you feel are too hard:

  • Turn open-ended ‘type answer’ quiz slides into multiple choice ‘pick answer’ slides.
  • Add easier questions and remove the harder ones.
  • Allow more time to answer questions and get rid of the ‘faster answers get more points’ time pressure (see below).
Changing the time limitations on AhaSlides.
Changing the time constraints is a quick way to make the quiz easier and a more level playing field.

Of course, on the other hand, there’s a few ways you can make your Christmas picture quiz more difficult:

  • Make the time limits even stricter.
  • Turn multiple choice ‘pick answer’ questions into open-ended ‘type answer’ ones (see below).
  • Add more difficult questions and remove the easy ones.
  • Keep it a solo quiz so it’s everyone against everyone else!
How to change a pick answer slide to a type answer slide on AhaSlides.
Take away the multiple choice to add some festive spice to your Christmas image quiz!

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