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60 Star Wars Quiz Questions and Answers for Fans to Swoon Over


Vincent Pham 28 November, 2023 9 min read

Enjoy the Star Wars Series very much? Claim yourself to be a diehard Star Wars fan? Grab your lightsaber, gather your friends, and hold a trivia game night over these 60 Star Wars Quiz Questions and answers to see who's the real Jedi (or Sith).

Table of Contents

Who wrote Star Wars?George Lucas
How many Star Wars Movies are there?11
When was the Star Wars Book first published?November 12, 1976
What's the name of Robot in Star Wars?Droid
Overview of Star Wars Quiz Questions

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50 Star Wars Quiz Questions and Answers | star wars trivia
Star Wars Series - Star Wars Quiz Questions

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Star Wars Quiz Questions

Multiple-Choice Questions | Easy Star Wars Trivia

1. What happened to Anakin Skywalker during the battle with Count Dooku?

  • He lost his left leg
  • He lost his right arm
  • He lost his right leg
  • He lost

2. Who played the part of Commander Cody?

  • Jay Laga'aia
  • Temuera Morrison
  • Ahmed Best
  • Joel Edgerton

3. What did Luke Skywalker lose in his fight with Darth Vader?

  • His left hand
  • His left foot
  • His right hand
  • His left leg

4. According to the Emperor, what was Luke Skywalker's weakness?

  • His faith in the Light Side of the Force
  • His faith in his friends
  • His lack of vision
  • His resistance to the Dark Side of the Force
50 Star Wars Quiz Questions and Answers for Diehard Fans | star wars trivia game
Star Wars Quiz Questions

5. Where did the Clone Wars begin?

  • Tatooine
  • Geonosis
  • Naboo
  • Coruscant

6. Which Star Wars film has this quote: "I've been in this fight since I was six years old!"

  • Star Wars: A New Hope
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

7. What did Jar Jar Binks end up owing Qui-Gon Jinn after being rescued by the same during the invasion of Naboo?

  • A trip to Otoh Gunga
  • A Bongo
  • An honor debt
  • 9,000 credits

8. What did Owen Lars tell Luke Skywalker about his father?

  • He had been a Jedi Knight
  • He had been a Sith Lord
  • He was a navigator on a spice freighter
  • He was a fighter pilot

9. Who said this quote: "I choose to live for my people."

  • Padmé Amidala
  • Riyo Chuchi
  • Queen Jamillia
  • Hera Syndulla
50 Star Wars Quiz Questions and Answers for Diehard Fans | starwars trivia
Star Wars Quiz Questions

10. What is Chewbacca’s weapon of choice?

  • Blaster rifle
  • Lightsaber
  • Metal club
  • Bowcaster

11. What's the name of the spiky-headed Sith Lord holding a cool double-blade lightsaber?

  • Darth Vader
  • Darth Maul
  • Darth Paul
  • Darth Garth

12. When we see him again in The Force Awakens, after many years galavanting around the galaxy with Han Solo, how old is Chewbacca?

  • Under 55 years
  • 78 years old
  • 200 years old on the dot
  • Over 220 years

13. Which Star Wars film has this quote: "I don't like sand."

  • Star Wars: A New Hope
  • Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

14. What are the creatures, living on Endor, that helped the Rebels to defeat the second Death Star?

  • Ewoks
  • Wookies
  • Nerf Herders
  • Jawas
star wars trivia game
star wars quizzes
star wars test
star wars quiz hard
Star Wars Quiz Questions

15. What is the color of C-3PO's arm in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Silver

16. What was the original title of the Star Wars movie?

  • Star Battles
  • Adventures of Luke Starkiller
  • The Adventures of the Jedi
  • Battles in Space

17. What nickname does Han Solo call Luke Skywalker that drives him crazy?

  • Buckaroo
  • Kid
  • Skydancer
  • Lukie

18. Who delivers the final blow that destroys the second Death Star?

  • Han Solo with an X-Wing
  • Luke Skywalker with a Speeder
  • Jar Jar Binks with a Y-Wing
  • Lando Calrissian with the Millennium Falcon

19. Who blew up the first Death Star, and with what weapon?

  • Luke Skywalker with his Lightsaber
  • Princess Leia with an X-Wing
  • Luke Skywalker with an X-Wing
  • Princess Leia with a thermal detonator
easy star wars trivia
Star Wars Quiz Questions

20. Who adopted Padmé Amidala's daughter?

  • Bail Organa
  • Captain Antilles
  • Owen and Beru Lars
  • Giddean Danu

21. What was the job that Finn told Han Solo he had at Starkiller base?

  • Pilot
  • Sanitation
  • Guard
  • Chef

22. What were Padmé's last words?

  • "Please, I'll give you anything. Anything you want!"
  • "We're losing power. There seems to be a problem with the main reactor."
  • "Obi-Wan… there… is good in him. I know there is."
  • "You were right, Obi-Wan"

23. Where were the Hoth sequences filmed?

  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Greenland

24. How old was Anakin Skywalker during the Battle of Geonosis?

  • 21
  • 19
  • 20
  • 22

25. Who says: "We are the spark that'll light the fire that'll burn the First Order down."

  • Rose Tico
  • Poe Dameron
  • Admiral Holdo
  • Admiral Ackbar

Typed Questions | Hard Star Wars Quiz

26. Who is a skilled pilot, is no hand-holding, and is no longer waiting?

27. What was Luke Skywalker’s original name in an earlier draft of Star Wars?

Star Wars Quiz Questions

28. What is the location of the scene in which we see the predominant color of Luke Skywalker’s outfit change from white to black?

29. Who is the original actor of Chewbacca?

30. Who plays Chewbacca in the latest films?

31. What is Admiral Ackbar’s famous phrase?

32. What term is used for Force-users who may use both the light and dark sides?

33. When on Pasaana, what artifact did Rey find which held a clue to a Sith Wayfinder device in Episode IX?

34. How many engines does an X-Wing fighter have?

35. In what year was Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope released?

36. Who is an X-wing pilot, a Jedi Master, but still needs power converters?

37. What colour is Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber?

38. What is Samuel L. Jackson’s character called?

39. What race does the comical Jar Jar Binks belong to?

Star Wars Quiz Questions

40. Who freed Princess Leia from her chains at Jabba's palace?

41. Which bounty hunter was trying to capture Han Solo when Greedo arrived first?

42. Why was Jango Fett adopted and raised by Mandalorians?

43. Who tells Rey, "I am no Jedi, but I know the Force"?

44. Which Star Wars film has the most Academy Awards?

Star Wars Quiz Questions

45. Who is Rey's grandfather?

46. Who is the Resistance spy working for the First Order in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker?

47. Who composed the central Star Wars theme?

48. Which handmaiden of Queen Padmé Amidala served as a decoy?

49. How old is Yoda when Luke Skywalker returns to Dagobah to complete his training?

50. Who is a Dorin native, wears a mask, and is betrayed?

Extra Star Wars Trivia Questions

Star Wars Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers
Star Wars Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

51. What is the name of the planet where Luke Skywalker grew up?

Answer: Tatooine

52. What is Death Star's primary weapon that destroys planets?

Answer: The Superlaser

53. What is the name of the mystical energy field that binds the galaxy together?

Answer: The Force

54. Where is the Galactic Empire's capital planet?

Answer: Coruscant

55. Match the quote with the person who said it:

Use the force, Luke.Darth Vader
Always in motion is the future.Leia
Into the garbage chute, fly boy!Obi-Wan
Be careful not to choke on your aspirations.Yoda

Answer: Use the force, Luke. - Obi-Wan; Always in motion is the future. - Yoda; Into the garbage chute, fly boy! - Leia; Be careful not to choke on your aspirations. - Darth Vader

56. May the _ be with you.

Answer: force

57. These aren't the _ you're looking for!

Answer: droids

58. What type of ship does Han Solo primarily use?

Answer: Millennium Falcon

59. What species is Chewbacca?

Answer: Wookiees

60. Arrange the Star Wars Jedi in the correct order ranked from weakest to strongest (they're all strong btw!)

1. Ahsoka Tano2. Anakin Skywalker3. Mace Windu4. Yoda5. Ben Solo/Kylo Ren

Answer: 1 - 5 - 3 - 2 - 4

Play Exciting Star Wars Trivia here

star wars quiz | star wars trivia questions

Star Wars Quiz Questions - The Answers

1. He lost his right arm
2. Temuera Morrison
3. His right hand
4. His faith in his friends
5. Geonosis
6. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
7. An honor debt
8. He was a navigator on a spice freighter
9. Riyo Chuchi
10. Bowcaster
11. Darth Maul
12. Over 220 years
13. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
14. Ewoks
15. Red
16. Adventures of Luke Starkiller
17. Kid
18. Lando Calrissian with the Millennium Falcon
19. Luke Skywalker with an X-Wing
20. Bail Organa
21. Sanitation
22. "Obi-Wan… there… is good in him. I know there is."
23. Norway
24. 20
25. Poe Dameron

26. Rey
27. Bloomingdales
28. Jabba’s Palace
29. Peter Mayhew
30. Joonas Suotamo
31. 'It’s A Trap!'
32. Gray
33. A knife
34. 4
35. 1977
36. Luke Skywalker
37. Green
38. Mace Windu
39. The Gungan
40. R2-D2
41. Danz Borin
42. His parents were assassinated
43. Maz Kanata
44. Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope
45. Emperor Palpatine
46. General Hux
47. John Williams
48. Sabé
49. 900 years old
50. Plo Koon

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