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59+ Fun Quiz Ideas to Gain Doubled Interactions Fast and Easy | 2024 Reveals


Jane Ng 10 April, 2024 16 min read

Looking for new ideas for your quizzes to engage your audience and liven up your presentations? Whether it's a calling for team building, introducing a new project to your team members, pitching an idea to a client, or simply a Zoom call to increase the connection with your remote teammates or your family? 

Here we come with 45+ Interactive Fun Quiz Ideas that your audience will love!

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Icebreaker Quiz Ideas

Fun Quiz Ideas
Fun Quiz Ideas

#No. 1 ''How Are You Feeling Today?" Quiz

Connect with your audience most simply with How Are You Feeling Today Quiz Ideas. This quiz will help you as well as the participants understand how they are feeling right now. How do you feel today? Worried? Tired? Happy? Relax? Let's explore together.

For example: 

Which of these best describes how you think about yourself?

  • You tend to think about things you would like to change about yourself
  • You tend to think about things you have said or done wrong
  • You think thoughts about how you can improve and try to reflect on the things you've done well

#No.2 Fill In The Blank Game

Fill in the blank is the quiz that easily attracts the most participants. The gameplay is very simple, you just need to ask the audience to complete/fill in the blank part of a verse, movie dialogue, movie title, or song title. This game is also popular at game nights for family, friends, and even partners.

For example: Guess the missing word

  • You _____ With Me – Belong (Taylor Swift)
  • Smells Like _____ Spirit – Teen (Nirvana)

#No.3 This Or That Questions

Take the awkwardness out of the room and put your audience at ease, replacing seriousness with waves of laughter. Here is an example of This Or That Question:

  • Smell like Cat or Dog?
  • No company or Bad company?
  • A dirty Bedroom or a dirty Living Room?

#No.4 Would You Rather

A more complex version of This or That, Would You Rather includes longer, more imaginative, detailed, and even… more bizarre questions.

#No. 5 Group Games To Play

The most awaited time of the year has come with parties with friends, colleagues, and family. So, if you are looking to be a great host with a memorable party, you can’t miss exciting and amazing games that not only bring everyone together but also bring the room full of laughter.

Check out best 12+ Best Group Games to Play

General Knowledge Quiz Ideas

It's quiz time with friends. Photo - freepik

#No.1 General Knowledge Quiz

The quiz question list is easy to use either face-to-face or through virtual platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, or any other video calling platform. The General Knowledge Quiz questions will span many topics from movies, and music, to geography, and history.

#No.2 Science Trivia Questions

We have a summary of questions about scientific knowledge from easy to difficult in Science Trivia Questions. Are you a science lover and confident in your level of knowledge in this field? Try answering the following question: 

  • True or False: sound travels faster in the air than in water. False

#No.3 History Trivia Questions

For history buffs, History Trivia Questions will take you through each historical timeline and event. These are also good questions to quickly test how well your students remember what was in the last history class.

#No.4 Guess the Animal Quiz

Let's move forward into the animal kingdom with Guess the Animal Quiz and see who loves and knows the most about the animals around us.

#No.5 Geography Quiz Questions

Travel across continents, oceans, deserts, and seas to the most famous cities in the world with Geography Quiz Ideas. These questions aren't just for travel experts but provide great new insights that can come in handy for your next adventure.

#No.6 Famous Landmarks Quiz

As a more specific version of the geography quiz above, Famous Landmarks Quiz focuses on the world Landmarks question with emoji, anagrams, and picture quizzes.

  • For example: What is this landmark? 🇵👬🗼. Answer: Petronas Twin Towers.

#No.7 Sports Quiz

You play a lot of sports but do you really know them? Let's learn sports knowledge in Sports Quiz, especially subjects like Ball Sports, Water Sports, and Indoor Sports.

#No.8 Football Quiz

Are you a fan of football? Are you a die-hard Liverpool fan? Barcelona? Real Madrid? Manchester United? Let's compete to see how well you understand this subject with a Football Quiz

For example: Who won the Man of the Match award in the 2014 World Cup final?

  • Mario Goetze
  • Sergio Aguero
  • Lionel Messi
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger

Check out: Baseball Quiz

#No.9 Chocolate Quiz 

Who doesn't love the sweet taste mixed with a bit of bitterness in the aftertaste of delicious chocolates? Let's dive into the chocolate world in Chocolate Quiz.

#No.10 Artists quiz

Among the millions of paintings created and present in galleries and museums around the world, a very small number transcends time and makes history. This group of the most famous selection of paintings is known to people of all ages and is the legacy of talented artists.

So if you want to try your hand at the artists quiz to see how well you understand the world of painting and art? Let’s get started!

#No.11 Cartoon quiz

Are you a cartoon lover? You must have a pure heart and can observe the world around you with insight and creativity. So let that heart and the child in you once more adventure in the fantasy world of cartoon masterpieces and classic characters with our Cartoon Quiz!

#No. 12 Bingo card generator

If you want to experience more fun and excitement, you will probably want to try the online bingo card generator, as well as games that replace traditional bingo.

Let's check out this article!

#No. 13 I should have known that game

Are you a quiz lover? Are you looking for a game to warm up the holiday season with family and friends? You have heard that the trivia I Should Have Known That Game is quite popular? Let’s find out if it can help you have a memorable game night!

Get to know you Quiz

#No.1 What is my purpose quiz

'What is My Purpose Quiz'? We tend to define our ideal life as being successful in our careers, having a loving family, or being in the elite class of society. However, even when meeting all of the above factors, many people still feel “missing” something – in other words, they have not found and satisfied their life purpose.

#No. 2 Where am I from quiz

Where am I from quiz‘ is perfect for Meet-up parties, in which there are many people who come from different countries and have different backgrounds. It is a little bit awkward because you don’t know how to start warm-up the parties.

#No. 3 Personality Quiz

We would like to introduce the online personality test that is quite famous and widely used in personal development as well as career guidance. It's an amusing way to learn more about your own self.

#No. 4 Am I athletic?

Am I Athletic? We all know exercise and sports offer opportunities to relax, enjoy the outdoors, or simply make us healthier and happier. However, not everyone is qualified to be an “athlete” and knows what sport they are suitable for.

#No. 5 Quiz for Myself

Hmm… Questioning yourself seems like a simple act. But it’s only when you ask the “right” quiz that you’ll see how this has a powerful impact on your life. Don’t forget that self-inquiry is an important key to understanding your true values, and how to get better every day. 

Check out 'Quiz for Myself'

#No.6 Get To Know You 

Get-to-know-you games are the most popular way to break the ice and bring people together whether in a small group, a classroom, or for a large organization.

Get-to-know-you questions look like this:

  • Are you more of a “work to live” or a “live to work” type of person?
  • Have $5,000,000 right now or an IQ of 165+?

Movie Quiz Ideas 

Get ready with movie quiz ideas

#No.1 Movie Trivia Questions

Here is the opportunity for movie lovers to show off. With Movie Trivia Questions, anyone can participate in answering questions, from questions about TV shows to movies like horror, black comedy, drama, romance, and even big award-winning films like the Oscars, and Cannes. Let's see how much you know about the world of cinema.

#No.2 Marvel Quiz 

"What year was the first Iron Man movie released, kicking off the Marvel Cinematic Universe?" If you answered this question, you're ready to take part in our Marvel Quiz.

#No.3 Star Wars Quiz

Are you a superfan of Star Wars? Are you sure you can answer all the questions surrounding this famous movie? Let's explore the science-fiction part of your brain.

#No.4 Attack on Titan Quiz

Another blockbuster from Japan, Attack on Titan is still the most successful anime of its time and attracts a huge fan base. If you are a fan of this movie, don't miss the chance to test your knowledge!

#No.5 Harry Potter Quiz

Appare Vestigium! Potterheads don't miss the chance to once again discover magic with the wizards of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin with Harry Potter Quiz.

#No.6 Game of Thrones Quiz

Think you know every story and character from Game of Thrones - HBO's super hit? Do you confidently tell the linearity of this series? Prove it with this quiz!

#No. 7 Friends TV Show Quiz

Do you know what Chandler Bing does? How many times has Ross Geller been divorced? If you can answer, you are ready to sit at the Central Park cafe to become a character on the Friends TV Show.

#No. 8 Star Trek quiz

🖖 “Live long, and prosper.”

Trekkie must be no stranger to this line and symbol. If so, why not challenge yourself with the Best 60+ Star Trek questions and answers to see how well you understand this masterpiece?

#No. 9 James Bond quiz

‘Bond, James Bond’ remains an iconic line that transcends generations.

But how much do you know about the James Bond franchise? Can you answer these tricky and hard quiz questions? Let’s see how much you remember and which movies you should watch again. Especially for superfans, here are some James Bond questions and answers.

This James Bond Quiz contains several methods of trivia questions like spinner wheels, scales, and polls that you can play anywhere for James Bond fans of all ages.

Music Quiz Ideas

Music Quiz Ideas
Image: freepik

#No.1 Music trivia questions and answers 

Prove yourself a true music lover with Pop Music Quiz Questions.

For example:

  • Who encouraged the world to ‘Get Down on It’ in 1981? Kool and the Gang
  • The Depeche Mode had their first major U.S. hit in 1981 with which song? Just Can’t Get Enough

#No.2 Music Quiz

Guess the Song from the Intro with our Guess the Song Games. This quiz is for anyone who loves music of any genre. Turn on the mic and you're good to go.

#No.3 Michael Jackson Quiz

Entering the world of Michael Jackson's immortal songs has never been so easy with 6 rounds of focusing on different areas of his life and music.

Christmas Quiz Ideas

#No.1 Christmas Family Quiz

Christmas is a time for the family! What could be happier than sharing delicious food, laughing, and entertaining with a Christmas Family Quiz with questions suitable for grandparents, parents, and children?

#No.2 Christmas Picture Quiz

Let your Christmas party be filled with joy around family, friends, and loved ones. Christmas Picture Quiz is a fun and engaging challenge that anyone wants to take part in!

#No.3 Christmas Movie Quiz

What makes Christmas special is not mentioning classic movies like Elf, Nightmare Before Christmas, Love Actually, etc. Let's see if you missed any Christmas movies!

For Example: Complete the name of the movie ‘Miracle on ______ Street’.

  • 34th
  • 44th
  • 68th 
  • 88th

 #No.4 Christmas Music Quiz

Along with movies, music plays a big role when it comes to bringing the festive atmosphere of Christmas. Let's find out if you've heard "enough" of Xmas songs with our Christmas Music Quiz.

Holiday Quiz Ideas

Viet Nam's Tết Holiday

#No.1 Holiday Trivia Questions

Heat up the holiday party with Holiday Trivia Questions. With more than 130++ questions, you can use it to bring people closer together whether in person or online this holiday season.

#No.2 New Years Trivia Questions

What is one of the funniest activities of New Year's parties? It's a quiz. It's fun, it's easy, and there's no limit to participants! Take a look at New Year's Trivia Quiz to see how much you know about the New Year.

#No.3 New Years Music Quiz

Are you sure you know all the New Year songs? How many questions do you think you can answer in our New Year's Music Quiz?

For example,  New Year’s Resolution is the collaboration between Carla Thomas and Otis Redding. Answer: True, and it was released in 1968

#No.4 Chinese New Year Quiz

We have a lot of questions and divided them into 4 rounds for you in the Chinese New Year Quiz. See how well you understand Asian culture!

#No.5 Easter Quiz

Welcome to the Easter Quiz. In addition to delicious colored easter eggs, and buttered hot cross buns, it is time to check to see how deep you know about Easter.

#No.6 Halloween Quiz

Who wrote the “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”?

Washington Irving // Stephen King // Agatha Christie // Henry James

Ready to review your knowledge to come to the Halloween Quiz in the best costume?

#No.7 Spring Trivia

Make spring break with your family and friends more interesting and exciting than ever with Spring Trivia.

#No.8 Winter Trivia

Say goodbye to the cold winter with a cozy time with family, friends, and loved ones. Try our Winter Trivia for a great winter break.

#No.9 Thanksgiving Trivia

Gather your family members with fun Thanksgiving trivia to test their knowledge of why we eat turkeys instead of chickens. But first, know what to take to Thanksgiving Dinner to show your loved ones how you appreciate them.

Relationship Quiz Ideas

#No.1 Best Friend Quiz

Are you ready to join our BFF in the challenge to see how well you know each other? Our Best Friend Quiz? This will be your chance to build an eternal friendship.

For example:

  • Which of these am I allergic to? 🤧
  • Which of these is my first-ever Facebook picture? 🖼️
  • Which of these images looks like me in the morning?

#No.2 Couples Quiz Questions

Use our Couples Quiz Questions to see how well you two know each other. Are you two as good a couple as you think? Or are you two really lucky to be soul mates?

#No.3 Wedding Quiz 

Wedding Quiz is an important quiz for couples who want to get married. The quiz with 5 rounds of get-to-know-me questions to naughty questions will not disappoint you.

Funny Quiz Ideas

Funny Quiz Ideas

#No.1 Clothing Style Quiz

Finding the right style for you and the perfect outfit for you has never been easier with this Clothing Style Quiz and Personal Color Test. Find out now!

#No.2 Truth and Dare Questions

Using Truth or Dare Questions is the fastest way to discover new sides of your friends, colleagues, and even family members. For example:

  • Best Truth: What embarrassing thing has your parent done to you in front of people?
  • Best Dares: Give the person to your left a kiss on the forehead.

#No.3 Guess The Picture Game

Guess The Picture Game is a game that is fun, exciting, and easy to play and set up whether it is in the office or for the whole party!

#No.4 Spin the Bottle Questions

A more classic version of truth or dare, Spin the Bottle questions will also have you more thrilled and excited than ever.

#No.5 What To Buy On Black Friday

Ready for the biggest sale of the year shopping war? Chances are you'll need to know What To Buy On Black Friday!

Need more seasonal quizzes from AhaSlides? Check out the World Cup Quiz!

#No.6 What to Buy for a Baby Shower

What to Buy for a Baby Shower is a very difficult question for unmarried people. Don't worry, we'll help you answer it!

#No.7 This or That Questions

This or That Questions can be both profound and funny, even silly, so that family and friends, from adults to children, can all participate in answering them.

This question list is best for any party, on occasions like Christmas, or New Year, or simply on a weekend, if you want to warm up!

#No. 8 Science trivia questions

If you are a fan of science quizzes, you definitely can’t miss our list of +50 science trivia questions. Get your brains ready and transport your focus to this beloved science fair. Good luck winning the ribbon at #1 with these scientific riddles!

#No. 9 US History Trivia

How well do you know about US History? This quick US history trivia quiz is a fantastic icebreaker game idea for your class activities and team building. Enjoy your best funny moment with your friends via our intriguing questions.

#No. 10 Questions That Make You Think

What are the best questions to make you think hard, think deeply and think freely? When you are a child, you have a hundred thousand Whys, and now when you become an adult, you also have thousands of different questions that make you think.

Deep down in your heart, you know that everything happens for a reason, but there are too many concerns that make you unstoppably think, It can be your questions that make you think about your personal life, others, the worlds around you, and even, silly stuff.

Tips For Creating an Interactive Quiz 

  1. Find the right topic for your target audience. List the various topic quizzes your audience will be interested in. When you have multiple options, finding the final one is easy.
  2. Turn on social sharing. As mentioned above, quiz results are one of the things audiences want to share the most. So the quiz results should be able to be shared on social media to encourage the audience to participate.
  3. Read AhaSlide's guide on how to make a quiz with 4 simple steps, with 15 tips to reach a quizzing triumph!
  4. Boost your presentation with AhaSlides' interactive features! Engage your audience with AhaSlides live quiz, live word clouds, brainstorming tools, rating scale and idea boards. Plus, check out few free online quiz makers, or an online poll, to keep your quiz session dynamic and exciting.

Key Takeaways

Think about what you're trying to achieve before creating a quiz. Once you understand your goals, you can effectively use these quiz ideas above.

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Fun interactive questions could be named as: Would you rather? Asking about their preference, 'What if' questions, design a small challenge or storytelling...

What are the names of some fun office quizzes?

These are some fun quizzes for employees: General office trivia, questions about pop culture or company knowledge, with other creative quizzes like Guess the Desk, Logo Quiz or Jargon scramble.