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Attack on Titan Quiz | 45 Free Questions | Which AOT Character Are You?


Anh Vu 15 April, 2024 14 min read

Looking to test your friends’ knowledge ahead of the finale of history’s greatest anime? Keep reading; we’ve got 45 questions and answers, plus a personality test for the ultimate Attack on Titan Quiz!

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Table of Contents

40-Question Attack on Titan Quiz (Free Download!)

Check out our instantly downloadable Attack on Titan quiz below. You host the quiz live for your fellow Titanheads, who play along by answering the questions on their smartphones.

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Attack on Titan Quiz Questions and Answers

Want to go old school with pen and paper? Here are all of the questions and answers from the Attack on Titan quiz above.

⭐ Please bear in mind that we’ve left out the 15 image questions as they only work on AhaSlides’ live quizzing software. You can find them in the full Attack on Titan quiz here.

Attack on Titan Quiz Questions


  1. What is the Japanese name for ‘Attack on Titan’?
  2. Select the 4 real Titans
  3. While in his Pure Titan form, who eats Bertholdt Hoover?
  4. Grisha Yeager stole the Founding Titan from which family before almost wiping them out?
  5. Who does Levi team up with to rescue Eren from the Female Titan?
  6. What is the method that turns the Subjects of Ymir into Titans?


  1. The 3 walls were named after which king’s daughters?
  2. What relation is Kenny the Ripper to Levi Ackerman?
  3. The Founding Titan allows its user to gain control of other titans by doing what?
  4. Who was Jean Kirschtein disguised as when he was taken to the Imperial Capital for judgment?
  5. Which Marleyan city contains an ‘internment zone’ for Eldians to live in?
  6. What did Levi find in the false bottom of Eren’s basement desk?
  7. How did Eren accidentally trigger his Titan transformation?
  8. How did the Attack Titan break into War Hammer’s crystal shield?
  9. In the ruined village of Ragako, Conny Springer found a Titan lying where?
  10. How long does someone live after eating a person controlling one of the 9 Titans?
  11. Kenny Ackermann killed Dimo Reeves while he was doing what?
  12. What was the last gift that Kenny Ackermann gave to Levi?
  13. What colour were the signal flares that the Scout Regiment used to warn of approaching Titans?

— Hard —

  1. Kiyomi Azumabito is the ambassador of which nation?
  2. The ‘D’ in ODM gear stands for what?
  3. The two characters who used to hang out with Levi are Furlan Church and who else?
  4. The Battle of Shiganshina District took place in what year?
  5. What does Eren use to seal Wall Rose after its breach?
  6. In Eldian mythology, who granted Ymir Fritz the power of the Titans?

Attack on Titan Quiz Answers

  1. Yu Yu Hakusho // Kosaku Shima // Shingeki no Kyojin // Kimi ni Todoke
  2. Guardian Titan // Jaw Titan // Colossal Titan // Monster Titan // Cart Titan // Axe Titan // Attack Titan
  3. Reiner Braun // Eren Yeager // Porco Galliard // Armin Arlert
  4. Tyber // Braun // Fritz // Reiss
  5. Mikasa Ackerman // Jean Kirschtien // Dot Pyxis // Kitz Weilman
  6. Eaten by an existing Titan // Torture // Shot by a PSA rifle // Injection
  7. King Fritz
  8. His uncle // His father // His brother // His father-in-law
  9. Screaming // Dancing // Jumping // Whistling
  10. Levi Ackermann // Connie Springer // Eren Yeager // Sasha Braus
  11. Shiganshina // Libero // Ragako // Mitras
  12. Books // A key // An amulet // A gun
  13. Practicing his shooting // Riding a horse // Trying to pick up a spoon // Sneezing
  14. Crushing it with his own hands // Using War Hammer’s hammer // Throwing it at Armour Titan’s Head // Using Jaw Titan’s mouth
  15. On top of his family’s house // Inside the library // In a stream // Underneath a pile of old newspapers
  16. 10 years // 13 years // 15 years // 19 years
  17. Cutting his nails in a cart // Waiting for his son to pee in an alley // Eating breakfast under the clock tower // Playing with his son
  18. One of his guns // A necklace from Levi’s mother // A Titan injection // His favourite hat
  19. Blue & purple // Yellow & orange // Red & black // White & green
  20. Hizaru
  21. Destructive // Deadly // Determined // Directional
  22. Christine Rose // Isobel Magnolia // Jade Tulip // Sofia Daffodil
  23. 820 // 850 // 875 // 890
  24. A boulder
  25. The Devil of Helos // The Spawn of the Devil // The Dancing Devil // The Devil of All Earth

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Bonus: Which Attack on Titan (AOT) Character Are You?

Let this quiz determine which character on Attack on Titan (AOT) you are most like – would you be as clever as Misaka, impulsive like Eren, or loyal and selfless like Armin?

  1. What is your primary motivation?
  • A: To protect the people I care about, even if it means sacrificing myself.
  • B: To achieve freedom, even if it means destroying everything in my path. 
  • C: To understand the truth about the world, even if it means facing painful realities. 
  1. What is your greatest strength?
  • A: My unwavering loyalty and combat skills.
  • B: My determination and strategic thinking.
  • C: My curiosity and ability to see the world from different perspectives.
  1. What is your biggest weakness?
  • A: My tendency to be overprotective and emotional.
  • B: My obsession with achieving my goals, which can sometimes blind me to the consequences.
  • C: My self-doubt and lack of confidence in my own abilities.
  1. What is your role in the Survey Corps?
  • A: A soldier who is always on the front lines, fighting to protect humanity.
  • B: A strategist who develops plans to defeat the Titans and unravel the mysteries of the world.
  • C: A scout who gathers information and helps the Survey Corps understand their enemy.
  1. What is your relationship with the other characters?
  • A: I am loyal to my friends and family, and I would do anything to protect them.
  • B: I am often at odds with others.
  • C: I am a mediator and peacemaker, trying to understand other perspectives.

⭐️ Answers:

If your answers are mostly A:

Mikasa Ackerman | which Attack on Titan (AOT) character are you? quiz
Mikasa Ackerman
  • Adopted sibling of Eren and Armin
  • Extremely skilled fighter and soldier, among the top of her class
  • Fiercely loyal and protective of Eren
  • Quiet and introspective demeanour

If your answers are mostly B:

Eren Yeager | which Attack on Titan (AOT) character are you? quiz
Eren Yeager
  • Hot-headed, passionate and determined to defeat the Titans
  • Driven by his hatred of Titans after they killed his mother
  • Tends to act rashly and impulsively in combat
  • Has the ability to transform into a Titan himself

If your answers are mostly C:

Armin Arlert · which Attack on Titan (AOT) character are you? quiz
Armin Arlert
  • Highly intelligent and strategizes clever plans
  • More soft-spoken and thinks things through carefully
  • Has ambitious dreams of exploring the world beyond the walls
  • Strong bonds of friendship with Eren and Mikasa since childhood

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The QR code and join code for the AhaSlides Attack on Titan quiz
AOT Test – Anime Titan

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3 More Ideas for Your Attack on Titan Quiz

Don’t let the conversation stop after the quiz. Attack on Titan fans has got a lot to talk about.

You can use the polling and discussion features on your free AhaSlides account to ask your audience anything you want about the show.

Here are a few ideas to keep the party going…

Idea #1 – Favourite Moments (in an open-ended slide)

What superfan doesn’t have their favourite AoT moment etched permanently into their brain? The best story moments, the best character moments, the kind of moments that make your head explode; they’re all ripe ground for hours of friendly debate.

Ask your audience about their favourite moment in an ‘open-ended slide‘ and let them have their say in an organised and permanent way.

Using an open-ended slide to talk about favourite Mikasa moments in Attack on Titan
AOT Quiz – Which character are you?

Idea #2 – Favourite Characters (in a word cloud slide)

Attack on Titan fans have fierce loyalty when it comes to their favourite characters. For short answers like these, you can use a ‘word cloud‘.

A word cloud takes everyone’s answers and shows them on one screen. The most popular answer will appear largest at the centre, while the other answers will decrease in size the less popular they are.

Using a word cloud slide to talk about favourite characters in Attack on Titan

Idea #3 – Rate the Episode (in a scales slide)

It’s not always easy to put our love of certain AoT episodes into words. Sometimes, it’s easier to go with numbers.

A ‘scales slide‘ lets your audience rate anything they want on a sliding scale. Simply choose the main topic, choose a few statements about that topic, then let your audience choose their rating of each statement.

Using a scales slide to rate favourite Attack on Titan episodes across different aspects
Japanese Name for Attack on the Titan is Shingeki no Kyojin, do you know?

You’ll find the rest of our quizzes hanging out in the AhaSlides Template Library. Head there to download any quiz you see for absolutely free!

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