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12 Thoughtful Wedding Favour Ideas For Your Big Day | 2024 Reveals


Leah Nguyen 22 April, 2024 12 min read

Picking out wedding favours can be one of the most difficult – and fun! – parts of wedding planning for engaged couples.

You want the favours to perfectly reflect your personalities and passion for one another while showing your guests just how much you appreciate them joining your big day, but you also have to avoid getting favours that just end up in the trash.

To save you heaps of headaches, we’ve compiled these 12 best wedding favour ideas for every unique need.

What should a wedding favour be?Wedding favours are mementos gifted to guests as a token of gratitude for joining the celebration of the nuptials.
Why do people give wedding favours?To show appreciation to guests for sharing on your special day and create a keepsake that will remind them of your union for years to come.
Are wedding favours still a thing?Whether it’s a long-standing tradition for many couples, wedding favours are not obligatory.
Wedding Favour Ideas

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Tips for Better Engagement

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Cheap Wedding Favours Ideas

As everything’s been incredibly inflated, working on a tight budget has increased for modern-day couples. These inexpensive wedding favours will be a lifesaver to keep your budget in check.

#1. Personalised Mugs

wedding favour ideas customised mug
Wedding favour ideas – Customised mugs

Custom coffee mugs are a unique way to thank all those who helped make your special day perfect.

Each personalised mug features the couple’s name and wedding date, transforming an everyday item into a cherished keepsake. Guests can enjoy their morning cup of coffee while remembering the joy they witnessed on the wedding day.

The mugs make a useful wedding favour bundled with a customised coffee, tea or cocoa blend as a complete gift set.

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#2. Hand Fan

Wedding favour ideas - Hand fan
Wedding favour ideas – Hand fan

Need some cheap favour ideas for weddings that are still helpful? After spending hours getting dolled up for your big day, the last thing your guests want is to get drenched in sweat. But that’s the reality for weddings during hot weather months.

Luckily, you have the perfect solution: customised hand fan favours!

Give each guest one of these folding fans featuring names and wedding dates silkscreened on the front. Your guests will thank you for this low-cost yet practicable wedding favour.

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#3. Playing Cards

Wedding favour ideas - Playing cards
Wedding favour ideas – Playing cards

Add some class and flare to your event with personalised playing cards as wedding favours.

Choose sticker designs, colours and motifs that complement your aesthetic. The prep-cut labels are easy-peel and easy-stick so decorating the card cases is a breeze.

These cheap useful wedding favours will deliver an individual touch that elevates the wedding from ordinary to extraordinary!

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Sweet Wedding Favours Ideas

Invite guests to go down for a treat with our edible favours for weddings, extremely adorable and delicious in taste!

#4. Macaron Sets

Wedding favour ideas - Macaron sets
Wedding favour ideas – Macaron sets

Interested in favour box ideas? Macaron wedding favours are an incredible option if you want to gift your guests something elegant, delicious and uniquely French.

The pastel flavours and sheer fanciful design ensure these French confections make an impression that lasts long after the first indulgent taste.

Prepare for those gasps when people see these cuties placed in a clear plastic box, with ribbon and your customised label on it.

⭐️ Get this at: Etsy

#5. Just Married Chocolates

Wedding favour ideas - Just married chocolates
Wedding favour ideas – Just married chocolates

Want a unique, delicious and absolutely consumable wedding favour? Custom “Just Married” milk chocolate squares are the perfect solution.

Each individually wrapped square features the married couple’s names and wedding date embossed on premium milk chocolate. Guests of all ages will happily enjoy the simple yet elegant treat.

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#6. Mixed Sweets Bags

Wedding favour ideas – Mixed sweets bags

Got a couple of options and can’t decide which to gift your guests? A gift bag filled with each of your favourite treats will get the guests to enjoy different flavours and time pondering which sweet will suit their palette.

This wedding favour idea is also easy to make yourself. Start by buying stacks of gift bags of your choice, then stuff them with a variety of treats. We recommend having sweet, salty, and sour nibbles.

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DIY Wedding Favours Ideas

What shows your gratitude better than DIY wedding favours? Not only they can rack up costs, but they also feel much more personal and are fun projects to do. Are you figuring out DIY wedding favour ideas to make? Here, we’ll give you some!

#7. DIY Soaps

Wedding favour ideas - DIY soap
Wedding favour ideas – DIY soaps

Soaps are easy to make in bulk, smell good, and almost everyone needs them for sanitary purposes.

A key benefit of this project is the ability to tailor both the fragrance and colours to perfectly match and complement your wedding theme.

⭐️ How to make it: Run to Radiance

#8. DIY Scented Sachets

Wedding favour ideas - DIY scented sachets
Wedding favour ideas – DIY scented sachets

It just takes you some minutes to make homemade wedding favor ideas, such as scented sachets – one of the most creative and customisable DIY wedding favour options around! You have so many design and fragrance possibilities – from the shape and size to virtually any scent under the sun.

All you need are the basics: fabric, ribbon, a jar, fragrance oil (or essential oils), and potpourri.

Sew up cute little fabric pouches or simply tie bows around ribbon sachets – perfect for tucking into wedding guests’ gift bags.

Filled with your choice of fragrance, these adorable sachets are sure to leave guests with wonderful memories of your wonderful day!

⭐️ How to make it: Young Living

#9. DIY Jam Jars

Wedding favour ideas - DIY jam jars
Wedding favour ideas – DIY jam jars

If you enjoy whipping up sweet treats in the kitchen, homemade jam jars make thoughtful, yet easy and inexpensive wedding favours that truly showcase your cooking talents.

Decorate miniature jam jars with festive ribbons, buttons, or scraps of fabric in your wedding colours. Then fill each jar to the brim with your homemade creation – strawberry, raspberry, or whatever flavour your heart desires.

The jam can be stored for a long time, making it truly a perfect homemade wedding favour.

⭐️ How to make it: Trumpet & Horn

Unique Wedding Favours Ideas

Tired of traditional favours which have already been used all over the place and want to wow the guests with one-of-a-kind gifts? Wonder about any alternative wedding favours? Seek no more with our unique wedding favour ideas below.

#10. Matchbox Puzzles

Wedding favour ideas - Matchbox puzzles
Wedding favour ideas – Matchbox puzzles

The perfect little pick-me-up packaged in a keepsake matchbox, these logical and spatial reasoning puzzles are certain to stump and charm.

Tucked inside, guests will find either a wooden or metal puzzle piece accompanied by nine illustrated teasers printed right on the box!

Just imagine the fun your guests will have puzzling over these miniature mental challenges, sparking smiles and conversation late into the reception.

⭐️ Get this at: Not On The High Street

#11. Teapot Measuring Tapes

Wedding favour ideas – Teapot measuring tapes

The charmingly disguised measuring tape – housed in an oh-so-charming replica teapot design – effortlessly extends to read both metric and imperial measurements.

Plus, the key ring features allow guests to keep it conveniently attached to their bag or pocket for spontaneous measuring moments.

What guests will truly appreciate is the delightful packaging included with each favour.

Each teapot tape measure arrives beautifully presented in a sweet sheer white organza drawstring bag tied with a “Love is Brewing” gift tag – ready to bring a smile with its perfect blend of form and function!

⭐️ Get this at: Aussie Wedding Shop

#12. Tequila Mignon Bottles

Wedding favour ideas - Tequila mignon
Wedding favour ideas – Tequila mignon bottles

Keep the celebration spirit going high and wild with cute mini tequila bottles to send home with the guests!

Choose your brand of tequila and sprinkle a touch of personalisation with a custom label wrapped around the bottle. If some of the guests can not drink alcohol, you can replace it with a mini bottle of juices or cold brew coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are wedding favors and gifts?

Wedding favors are small gifts given to wedding guests to thank them for attending.
Simple, inexpensive and personalised favors – not large gifts – are often the most meaningful to guests. Wedding favors are optional; gifts from guests to the couple are always appreciated.

Is it OK not to do wedding favours?

Favours are extras, not essentials – Wedding favours are a “nice to have”, not a wedding necessity. Many guests understand couples have priorities beyond favours.