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Wedding Quiz: 50 Fun Questions to Ask Your Guests in 2021!

Wedding Quiz: 50 Fun Questions to Ask Your Guests in 2021!

Vincent Pham 04 Nov 2021 3 min read

Check out the questions for the wedding quiz below:

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The Game

It’s your wedding reception. Your guests are all sat with their drinks and nibbles. But some of your guests still shy away from interacting with others. After all, they can’t all be extroverts. What do you do to break the ice?

Easy. Ask them some silly questions to get them involved in the party, and to see who really knows the bride and groom the best.

It’s a good old-fashioned wedding quiz, but with a modern setup. Here’s how it works:

The Setup

Now, you could get some special paper printed, distribute matching pens around the tables, then get 100+ guests to pass their sheets around to mark each others’ at the end of each round.

That’s if you want your special day to turn into a total circus, of course.

You can make things much easier on yourself by using a professional wedding quiz hosting platform.

Create your wedding quiz on AhaSlides, give out your unique room code to your guests, and everyone can answer multimedia questions with just their phones.

Multiple Choice

Ask a question and offer multiple text options.

A multiple choice question for a wedding quiz.

Image Choice

Ask a question and offer multiple image options.

An image choice question for a wedding quiz.

Type Answer

Ask a question with an open-ended answer. You can choose to accept any similar answers.

One example question for hosting a quiz at your wedding

The Leaderboard

At the end of a round or a quiz, the leaderboard reveals who knows you best!

The quiz leaderboard on AhaSlides, showing the top 6 places
Who's getting married next? Question for a wedding quiz.

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The Wedding Quiz Questions

Need some quiz questions to get your guests howling with laughter? We’ve got you covered.

Check out the 50 fun wedding quiz questions below 👇

Get to Know Wedding Quiz Questions

  1. How long have the couple been together?
  2. Where did the the couple first meet?
  3. What is his/her favourite hobby?
  4. What is his/her celebrity crush?
  5. What is his/her perfect pizza topping?
  6. What is his/her favourite sport team?
  7. What is his/her worst habit?
  8. What is the best present the she/he has ever received?
  9. What is his/her party trick?
  10. What is his/her proudest moment?
  11. What is his/her guilty pleasure?

Who is… Wedding Quiz Questions

  1. Who gets the last word?
  2. Who is the earlier riser?
  3. Who is a night owl?
  4. Who snores louder?
  5. Who is the messiest one?
  6. Who is the pickiest eater?
  7. Who is the better driver?
  8. Who has the worst handwriting?
  9. Who is the better dancer?
  10. Who is the better cook?
  11. Who takes the longer to get ready?
  12. Who is most likely to deal with a spider?
  13. Who has the most exes?

Naughty Wedding Quiz Questions

  1. Who has the weirdest orgasm face?
  2. What is his/her favourite position?
  3. Where is the strangest place the couple has had sex?
  4. Is he a boob or bum person?
  5. Is she a chest or bum person?
  6. How many dates did the couple go on before they did the deed?
  7. What is her bra size?

First Wedding Quiz Questions

  1. Who said “I love you” first?
  2. Who is the first one to have a crush on the other?
  3. Where was the first kiss?
  4. What was the first film the couple ever saw together?
  5. What was the his/her first job?
  6. What’s the first thing he/she does in the morning?
  7. Where did you go for your first date?
  8. What is the first gift he/she gave the other?
  9. Who started the first fight?
  10. Who said “I’m sorry” first after the fight?

Basic Wedding Quiz Questions

  1. How many times did he/she take their driving test?
  2. What perfume/cologne does he/she wear?
  3. Who is his/her best friend?
  4. What colour eyes do he/she have?
  5. What are his/her pet name for the other?
  6. How many children does he/she want?
  7. What’s his/her alcoholic drink of choice?
  8. What shoe size do he/she have?
  9. What is he/she most likely to argue about?

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