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10 On-trend Wedding Themes to Pick for 2024


Leah Nguyen 22 April, 2024 9 min read

🎊Looking to give your guests wedding whiplash?

Your big day is just around the corner – are you ready to make a lasting impression with decadent decor details?

Keep reading to discover the best 10 wedding themes that are leaving guests gasping “Wow!” everywhere.

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How many colours should be in a wedding theme?A maximum of 3 colors.
Can you have two themes for a wedding?Yes, as long as they merge well.

Top Wedding Theme Ideas

#1. Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic Wedding Theme
Rustic Wedding Theme (Image source: The Cow Shed Weddings)

If glitters and gold are not your cup of tea, embrace understated elegance with a rustic wedding theme.

The rustic theme opts for a more organic, earthy, and natural aesthetic. Think tree branches as centrepieces, floral arrangements featuring picked wildflowers and herbs, and venues that offer natural beauty like a woodland or farm setting.

Worn or weathered details replace formal polish for an informal, laid-back atmosphere that celebrates simplicity and authenticity over ornate opulence.

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#2. Boho Wedding Theme

Boho Wedding Theme
Boho Wedding Theme (Image source: Brides)

Want free and wild themes for a wedding? You may love bohemian weddings, that are all about free-spirited, artsy, and eclectic aesthetics.

Boho brides gravitate toward earthy decors like lush succulents, woven textiles, and rattan furniture that create a relaxed yet whimsical ambience.

Geometric patterns, tassels, and macrame often make appearances in the decor elements like placemats, seating charts, and card boxes.

This theme captures the creative, unconventional spirit of the couple through decor details that feel romantic yet rooted in nature.

#3. Fairytale Wedding Theme

Fairytale Wedding Theme
Fairytale Wedding Theme (Image credit: The Knot)

A fairytale wedding theme draws inspiration from classic stories and legends to create an enchanting, romantic atmosphere.

Start with whimsical, often pastel colour decors like flowers, butterflies, ribbon garlands, twinkling string lights, and an abundance of floral arrangements like roses, peonies, hydrangeas and other “princess” flowers that feel enchanting.

A garden, courtyard or other outdoor space can make the wedding feel like “once upon a time, but an elegant indoor space is totally fine too!

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#4. Vintage Wedding Theme

Get ready to know each other in the 4-Question Mingle event game
Vintage Wedding Theme (Image credit: Kombi Keg)

Vintage weddings, one of the traditional wedding themes, blend retro elements from the early to the mid-20th century with a modern twist.

“Vintage” evokes styles from the 1920s through the 1960s characterised by classic elegance and timeless appeal.

At a vintage wedding, elements from these eras are incorporated into the décor, attire, and details to infuse a modern wedding celebration with retro flair and personal touches, from repurposed decor items and patterned fabrics to 1940s-inspired wedding gowns paired with modern bridesmaid dresses.

#5. Beach Themed Wedding

Beach Themed Wedding
Beach Themed Wedding (Image credit: Greenvelop)

Astonishing and stunning themes for weddings? Of course, it’s beach themes. There’s a reason beach weddings remain so popular year after year – they create a blissfully romantic and laidback setting for tying the knot.

Stride barefoot down the aisle in a flowy beach-inspired gown as your toes sink into the warm sand. Hear the crashing waves provide a soothing soundtrack as you say “I do” under the open sky. So ethereal, isn’t it?

#6. Country Wedding Theme

Country Wedding Theme
Country Wedding Theme Ideas (Image credit: WeddingWire)

A great list of wedding themes can’t be lack of a country wedding theme. A country wedding theme embraces rustic elements that evoke the simplicity and charm of the countryside.

It’s often held in farm venues, barns, orchards and vineyards.

Earth tones like greens, browns, creams, and soft yellows create a muted country palette for floral arrangements, place settings, and decor.

#7. Halloween Themed Wedding

Halloween wedding theme
Halloween Themed Wedding (Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)

Halloween weddings are on the rise, and with how gorgeous they can be, it’s understandable!

Shades of black, purple, or dark red are prevalent throughout the theme. Combined with gothic, spooky decorations like skulls, black candles, burnt orange leaves, hay bales, and dried flowers, a Halloween wedding will keep your guests wrapped up in the spooky mood throughout the night.

#8. Forest Themed Wedding

Forest Wedding Theme
Forest Themed Wedding – Nature wedding theme ideas (Image source: EventSource)

In terms of an aesthetic wedding theme, we can’t forget a forest-themed wedding. While garden and beach weddings have their charms, nothing compares to the beauty and magic of tying the knot in the heart of a forest.

Soaring treetops filtering soft sunlight, a carpet of moss underfoot, and birds singing beside your ears – what could be a more picturesque backdrop for declaring your love?

There’s an intimacy to the experience, a sense of being encapsulated by nature’s grandeur on such a meaningful day. And while outdoor weddings require decor, a forest wedding has Mother Nature to thank for countless awe-inspiring details already in place.

#9. Mafia Wedding Theme

Mafia Wedding Theme
Mafia Wedding Theme – Unique wedding themes (Image Credit: Pinterest)

A mafia-themed wedding, one of the most fun wedding themes, aims to recreate the atmosphere of the 1920s criminal underworld through decor, attire, music, and more.

The goal is to transport guests back in time to a speakeasy or gangster hangout through elements like dim lighting, pinstriped suits, jazz music, mock mobster photo shoots, and 1920s-style cocktails.

While tongue-in-cheek, this offbeat theme lets couples enjoy their nontraditional wedding day in an immersive, memorable experience full of gangster nostalgia and speakeasy spirit.

#10. Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme
Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme (Image credit: Party Slate)

Thinking about fairytale wedding theme ideas? Want to give your wedding day all the cheer, cosiness, and magic of a perfect winter wonderland?

Transform your celebration into a joyful, memorably festive affair with a winter theme overflowing with Yuletide spirit.

Deck the halls with flocked trees, snowflakes, and fairy lights. Warm your guests with stews, hot cocoa, and music that evokes chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Let the bride glow like icy jewels in her long-sleeve gown and faux fur trim.

Winter Wonderland is truly the best winter wedding theme for the bride and groom-to-be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a wedding theme?

Here are some tips for choosing a wedding theme:

• Consider your venue. The location, season, time of day, and aesthetic of your wedding venue can naturally lend itself to certain themes. Look to elements like architecture, landscaping, and decor for inspiration.

• Narrow it down. Make a list of themes you both like, even if they seem abstract at first. Then start eliminating any that don’t feel like “you”. Themes like beach, garden, vintage, and rustic are always popular.

• Stay true to your vision. Don’t choose a theme just because it’s trendy. Pick one that feels meaningful and exciting to both of you, even if it’s more unconventional. A theme is personal.

• Keep it simple. You don’t need an over-the-top theme to create an ambience. Even subtle nods to a theme through a few key decor elements or attire choices can set the right mood.

• Make it your own. However you interpret your wedding theme, infuse it with details that are unique to your love story and personality. This is what makes it feel authentically “you”.

• Keep an open mind. Browse photos of weddings with different themes for inspiration. You may find one that clicks in a way you didn’t expect.

What is a classic themed wedding?

A classic themed wedding aims for timelessness through traditional and formal elements. Expect to see columned arches, roses, neutral colour palettes, black tie tuxedos, traditional wedding gowns, china flatware and multi-tiered cakes.

A minister leads a religious or non-denominated ceremony with classic rituals observed. The goal is to create a stately, time-honoured celebration steeped in tradition.

What is a modern themed wedding?

A modern themed wedding infuses clean lines, simplicity, and progressive values with contemporary design elements.

Geometric decor, asymmetric styling, bold colours, short non-traditional gowns, slim-fitted suits, eclectic centrepieces, locally sourced plant-based cuisine, electronic music, and a less structured ceremony are commonly seen.

The goal is to embrace a style that feels fresh, contemporary, and reflective of the couple’s progressive vision for their union and lifestyle.