Aptitude Test for Interview: 20+ Questions and Answers


Astrid Tran 24 November, 2023 12 min read

The hiring process nowadays prefers to get the candidates working on many tests to measure their abilities and skills and see whether they are the right person for the open role. An aptitude test for interviews is one of the most common pre-employment tests that HRers have utilized recently. So, what is the aptitude test for interviews, and how to prepare for it, let's dive into this article.

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What is the Aptitude Test for Interviews?

An aptitude test for interviews includes a range of questions that aim to discover the abilities and potential of job candidates to perform certain tasks or acquire specific skills. Aptitude test is not limited to paper form, they can be accessed online or by phone call. It is the choice of HRers to create forms of questions such as multiple-choice questions, essay questions, or other types of questions, that can be timed or untimed.

What Questions Are Asked in The Aptitude Test for Interview?

It is crucial to learn about 11 different Types Of Aptitude Interview Questions. It is a good start to know more about whether your qualifications meet the role's needs. Each type is briefly explained with questions and answers:

1. Numerical reasoning aptitude test for interview includes questions about statistics, figures, and charts.

Question 1/

Look at the graph. Between which two months was there the smallest proportional increase or decrease in the mileage of Surveyor 1 in comparison to the previous month?

Aptitude Test Sample Question

A. Months 1 and 2
B. Months 2 and 3
C. Months 3 and 4
D. Months 4 and 5
E. Cannot say

Answer: D. Months 4 and 5

Explanation: To determine the rate of increase or decrease between two months, use this formula:
|Mileage in the current month – Mileage in the previous month| / Mileage in the previous month

Between months 1 and 2: |3,256 ― 2,675| / 2,675 = 0.217 = 21.7%

Between months 2 and 3: |1,890 ― 3,256| / 3,256 = 0.419 = 41.9%

Between months 3 and 4: |3,892 ― 1,890| / 1,890 = 1.059 = 105.9%

Between months 4 and 5: |3,401 ― 3,892| / 3,892 = 0.126 = 12.6%

Question 2/

Look at the graph. What was the percentage increase in snowfall in Whistler from November to December?

sample numerical aptitude question

A. 30%

B. 40%

C. 50%

D. 60%

Answer:  50%


  • Identify how much snow fell in Whistler in November and December (Nov = 20cm & Dec = 30cm)
  • Calculate the difference between the two months: 30 - 20 = 10
  • Divide the difference by November (original figure) and multiply by 100: 10/20 x 100 = 50%

2. Verbal reasoning aptitude test for interview examines verbal logic and the capability to quickly digest information from passages of text.

Read the passages and attempt to answer the following questions:

"Even though the minimum age for obtaining a driving license has increased in recent years a substantial increase in car sales over the corresponding years has resulted in a staggering rise in fatal car accident numbers. As the latest figures show, fatal car accidents are especially prevalent among young drivers who have less than five years of driving experience. Last winter 50 percent of all fatal road accidents involved drivers with up to five years of driving experience and an additional 15 percent were drivers who had between six to eight years of experience. The interim figures for the current year show that the massive advertisement campaign 'fighting accidents' has resulted in some improvements but the truth is that the number of younger drivers involved in fatal accidents is intolerably high."

Question 3/

Fatal car accidents are more prevalent amongst young drivers with six to eight years of experience than older drivers with similar experience.

A. True

B. False

C. Cannot Say

Answer: Cannot Say.

Explanation: We cannot assume all relatively inexperienced drivers are young. It is because we don't know how many of those 15% with 6 to 8 years of experience are younger drivers and how many are older drivers.

Question 4/

The considerable increase in car sales is the reason behind the sharp increase in fatal car accidents.

A. True

B. False

C. Cannot Say

Answer: True. The text clearly states that: “a substantial increase in car sales during the same period has resulted in a staggering rise in fatal car accidents”. This means the same as the statement in the question - the increase caused the accidents.

3. Intray exercises aptitude test for interview requires you to find the best solution for urgent cases, such as prioritizing tasks in business-related scenarios.

Question 5/

Work on the scenario:

You are the manager of a small team, and you've just returned from a week-long business trip. Your in-tray is filled with emails, memos, and reports. Your team is waiting for your guidance on a critical project. One of your team members is facing a challenging issue and urgently needs your advice. Another team member has requested time off for a family emergency. The phone is ringing with a client call. You have limited time before a scheduled meeting. Please outline the steps you would take to manage this situation.

Answer: There is no specific answer to this type of question.

A good answer can be: Quickly scan the emails and identify the most urgent matters that require immediate attention, such as the team member's challenging issue and the client call.

4. The diagrammatic aptitude test for interview measures your logical reasoning, usually under strict time conditions.

Question 6/

Identify the pattern and work out which one of the suggested images would complete the sequence.

logical inductive test sample

Answer: B

Solution: The first thing you can identify is that the triangle is alternatively flipping vertically, ruling out C and D. The only difference between A and B is the size of the square.

To maintain a sequential pattern, B must be correct: the square grows in size and then shrinks as it progresses along the sequence.

Question 7/

Which of the boxes comes next in the sequence?

logical abstract test sample

Answer: A

Solution: The arrows change direction from pointing up, to down, to right, then to left with each turn. Circles increase by one with each turn. In the fifth box, the arrow is pointing up and there are five circles, so the next box must have the arrow pointing down, and have six circles.

5. The situational judgment aptitude test for interview focuses on your judgment in settling work-based problems.

Question 8/

You have come into work this morning to find that everyone in your office has been given a new office chair, except for you. What do you do?

Please select from the following options, marking the most effective and the least effective:

A. Complain loudly to your colleagues about how unfair the situation is
B. Speak to your manager and ask why you haven’t received a new chair
C. Take a chair from one of your colleagues
D. Complain to HR about your unfair treatment
E. Quit

Answer and Solution:

  • In this situation, the most effective answer seems clear – b) is most effective, as there could be multiple reasons that you have not had a new chair.
  • The least effective response to this situation would be e), to quit. It would be an impulsive overreaction to just leave and would be highly unprofessional.

6. Inductive/Abstract reasoning tests assess how well a candidate can see the hidden logic in patterns, rather than words or numbers.

Question 11/

Event(A): The government has failed to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border.
Event (B): Foreigners have been illegally staying in the country for several years.

A. ‘A’ is the effect, and ‘B’ is its immediate and principal cause.

B. ‘B’ is the effect, and ‘A’ is its immediate and principal cause.

C. ‘A’ is the effect, but ‘B’ is not its immediate and principal cause.

D. None of these.

Answer: ‘B’ is the effect, and ‘A’ is its immediate and principal cause.

Explanation: As the government has failed to stop illegal immigration from across the border, foreigners have been entering the country illegally and living here for several years. Hence, (A) is the immediate and principal cause and (B) is its effect.

Question 12/

Assertion (A): James Watt invented the Steam Engine.
Reason (R): Pumping out the water from flooded mines was a challenge

A. Both A and R are true, and R is the correct explanation of A.

B. Both A and R are true, but R is NOT the correct explanation of A.

C. A is true, but R is false.

D. Both A and R are false.

Answer: Both A and R are true, and R is the correct explanation of A.

Explanation: The challenge of pumping out water from the flooded mines led to the need for a self-working engine, which led James Watt to invent the steam engine.

7. Cognitive ability aptitude test for interview examines general intelligence, covering multiple categories of aptitude tests.

Question 13/

What number should replace the question mark in the figure below?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Answer: 2

Explanation: When solving this type of question it is important to understand the pattern that the three circles exhibit and the numerical relationship between them.

Focus on the quarter that the question mark appears in and check to see if there is a common relationship that repeats itself between that quarter and the other quarters of each of the circles.

In this example, the circles share the following pattern: (Top cell) minus (Diagonal-bottom-cell) = 1.

e.g. left circle: 6 (top-left) – 5 (bottom-right) = 1, 9 (top-right) – 8 (bottom-left) = 1; right circle: 0 (top-left) – (-1) (bottom-right) = 1.

According to the reasoning above the (top-left) cell – (bottom-right) cell = 1. Therefore, the (bottom-right) cell = 2.

Question 14/

"Clout" most closely means:

A. Lump

B. Block

C. Group

D. Prestige

E. Accumulate

Answer: Prestige.

Explanation: The word clout has two meanings: (1) A heavy blow, especially with the hand (2) The power to influence, usually regarding politics or business. Prestige is close in meaning to the second definition of clout and is therefore the correct answer.

8. Mechanical reasoning aptitude test for interview is often used for technical roles to find qualified mechanists or engineers.

Question 15/

How many revolutions per second is C turning?

A. 5

B. 10

C. 20

D. 40

sample mechanical aptitude question

Answer: 10

Solution: If cog A with 5 teeth can do a full revolution in a second, then cog C with 20 teeth will take 4 times as long to do a full revolution. So to find the answer you need to divide 40 by 4.

Question 16/

Which fisherman must pull his fishing rod harder to lift the caught fish?

Mechanical Aptitude Sample question

A. 1

B. 2 

C. Both have to apply equal force

D. There is not sufficient data

Answer: A

Explanation: A lever is a long, rigid beam or bar used to lift heavy weights, allowing one to apply less force for a longer distance to move a weight around a fixed pivot.

9. Watson Glaser tests are often utilized in law firms to see how well the candidate critically considers arguments.

Question 16/

Should all young adults in the United Kingdom go on to higher education at university?

Yes; the university provides an opportunity for them to wear university scarvesARGUMENT WEAKThis is neither very relevant nor an impactful argument
No; a large percentage of young adults do not have enough ability or interest to derive any benefit from university trainingARGUMENT STRONGThis is very relevant and challenges the above argument 
No; excessive studying permanently warps an individual’s personalityARGUMENT WEAKThis is just not very realistic!

10. Spatial Awareness aptitude test for interview is about mentally manipulated image measurement, for the jobs that are relevant to design, engineering, and architecture.

Question 17/

Which cube cannot be made based on the unfolded cube?

Answer: B. The second cube cannot be made based on the unfolded cube. 

Question 18/

Which figure is the top-down view of the given shape?

Answer: A. The first figure is a rotation of the object.

11. Error-checking aptitude test for interview is less common than other aptitude tests, which assess the ability of candidates to identify errors in complex data sets.

Question 19/

Are the items on the left transposed correctly, if not where are the errors?

error checking example question 2

Solution: This question is quite different as there is only one alteration for each original item and it contains both alphabetical and numerical items, it also might seem more difficult at first because the two full columns make it appear more daunting.

error checking answer 2

Question 20/

Which of the five options matches the email address on the left?

error checking practice question

Answer: A

How to Prepare for an Aptitude Test for Interview?

Here are 5 tips for you to prepare for the aptitude test for interview:

  • Practice makes perfect so it is important to practice the test every day. Make the most of online tests.
  • Remember, if you know your applied role well, you can spend more time on certain tests, for your niche, market, or industry because practicing all kinds of questions might be overwhelming.
  • Make sure you know the test format as it is the easiest way to help calm your nerves and will allow you to focus all of your attention on answering the questions.
  • Read the instructions carefully. Don't miss any details.
  • Don't second-guess yourself: In some questions, you might get uncertain answers, it is not too smart to change your answer too often, as it can lead to mistakes and reduce your overall score.

Key Takeaways

💡Career aptitude test for interview is usually taken online, in the form of a detailed quiz that covers different styles of questions. Making an interactive aptitude test for interviewees through AhaSlides is one of the best options right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pass an aptitude interview?

To pass an aptitude interview, you might follow some basic principles: Start practice sample tests as soon as possible - Read the instructions carefully - Manage your time - Don't waste time on a difficult question - Stay focused.

What is an aptitude test example?

For example, many schools offer an aptitude test to high school students to specify which type of careers they might be good at.

What is a good score for an aptitude test?

If a perfect aptitude test score is 100% or 100 points. It is considered a good score if your score is 80% or above. The minimum acceptable score to pass the test is around 70% to 80%.

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