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20 Impossible Quiz Questions With Answers | Test Your Wits!

20 Impossible Quiz Questions With Answers | Test Your Wits!

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Jane Ng 31 Aug 2023 5 min read

Have you ever found yourself enchanted by the unconventional charm of “The Impossible Quiz“? If you’re nodding along, then get ready for a delightful twist. While these questions aren’t the brainchildren of Splapp-Me-Do, they share the same playful and puzzling nature. Whether you’re someone who loves quizzes or simply enjoys a good laugh, these 20 Impossible Quiz Questions are here to make you think in different ways and spark your imagination. 

So, let’s embrace the fun together!

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Introduction To The Impossible Quiz

The original “The Impossible Quiz”: 

Let’s take a leap back in time to 2007 when a digital phenomenon was born – the original “The Impossible Quiz.” Crafted by the imaginative folks at Splapp-Me-Do, this game swiftly found a cozy spot in the hearts of both puzzle enthusiasts and casual gamers. Its magic lies in questions like puzzles that make you chuckle, scratch your head, and sometimes even shout out ‘aha!’ when you uncover the answer.

Introducing “The Impossible Quiz” Fresh Version:

And now, let’s fast-forward to the present – where we’ve brewed up something special. Say hello to our “The Impossible Quiz,” a new take that offers you a bunch of incredibly fascinating questions (and, yes, we’ve got answers covered too!). These questions are perfect for everyone – whether you’re hanging out with friends or just looking to have a good time pondering and laughing.

So, are you ready? Let’s challenge your mind!

20 Impossible Quiz Questions For Mind-Bending Fun!

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1/ Question: What’s black and white and red all over? Answer: A newspaper.

2/ Question: Which of these is impossible to do? Answer: 

  • Become a superstar
  • Cook
  • Sleep on 30th February
  • Fly

3 /Question: Imagine a scenario where everyone on this planet is no longer alive. In that situation, would you experience loneliness? Answer: 

  • Yes
  • No
  • I feel nothing (The answer is saying that if everyone on Earth is dead, then the person answering the question would also be dead. Therefore, they would not be able to feel emotions, such as loneliness.)

4/ Question: Spell “iHOP.” Answer: i-H-O-P.

5/ Question: How many sides does a circle have? Answer: Two – the inside and the outside.

6/ Question: If a plane crashes on the border of the United States and Canada, where do you bury the survivors? Answer: You don’t bury survivors.

7/ Question: An angel descends to meet Jack, presenting him with a decision. He’s offered two options: first, the fulfillment of any two wishes; second, a sum of 7 billion dollars. Which choice should Jack opt for? Answer:

  • Two wishes (Undoubtedly, two wishes. Jack could request a substantial amount of money in one wish and still retain another wish to acquire anything beyond mere wealth)
  • 7 billion dollars
  • Nonsense!

8/ Question: If you woke up with the ability to talk to animals, what would be your first question? Answer:

  • What’s the meaning of life, according to you?
  • Where’s the best pizza joint around here?
  • Why did you wake me up so early?
  • Do you believe in aliens?

(As much as we’d like to think animals might unveil profound secrets, they’re probably more interested in the location of the tastiest pizza or why we disturb their slumber.)

9/ Question: What is the most commonly forgotten item when packing for a road trip? Answer: A toothbrush.

10/ Question: What starts with “e,” ends with “e,” but only has one letter? Answer: An envelope.

11/ Question: What has four eyes but can’t see? Answer: Mississippi (M-I-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I).

12/ Question: If you have three apples and four oranges in one hand, and four apples and three oranges in the other, what do you have? Answer: Large hands.

13/  Question: What country is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch located in? Answer:

  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Ireland

14/ Question: A girl fell off a 50-foot ladder, but she didn’t get hurt. Why? Answer: She fell off the bottom step.

15/ Question: Alright, let’s pull off an apple magic trick here. You’ve got your trusty bowl with six apples, right? But then, abracadabra, you pluck four out! Now, for the grand finale: How many apples are left? Answer: You’re in for a chuckle, because the answer is… ta-da! The four you took!

16/ Question: You’ve got “sit in the tub” cleverly spelled as “s-o-a-k,” and “a funny story” turning into “j-o-k-e.” Now, hold onto your eggs for this one: How do you spell “the white of an egg”? Answer: E-G-G W-H-I-T-E!

17/ Question: Can a guy tie the knot with his widow’s sister? Answer: Technically, no, because, you see, he’s no longer in the land of the living! It’s like trying to dance when you’re already a ghost – not the easiest feat! So, while the idea is intriguing, the logistics? Let’s just say it’s pretty ghostly!

18/ Question: Mrs. John’s super pink one-story house. Everything’s pink—walls, carpet, even the furniture’s in on the pink party. Now, the million-dollar question: What color are the stairs? Answer: There aren’t any stairs!

20/ Question: What’s something that breaks but stays up, and what’s something that falls but never shatters? Answer: Day breaks, but night falls!

19/ Question: How many seconds does a year have? Answer: January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd, and so on.

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Key Takeaways

Our 20 Impossible Quiz questions can lead to surprising and amusing outcomes. Now, if you’re ready to dive into your own realm of brain-teasing fun, consider harnessing the power of AhaSlides’ live quiz feature and templates. With these tools, you can craft your own version of an entertaining quiz, filled with unexpected twists and plenty of ‘aha’ moments.


What is Q 16 on the impossible quiz?

“What Is the 7th letter of the alphabet?”. The answer is H

What is Q 42 the impossible quiz?

“What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?” The answer is 42th 42.

What is question 100 in the impossible quiz?

The original “The Impossible Quiz” does not have 100 questions. It typically contains a total of 110 questions.