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Alternative to Kahoot! | AhaSlides | Your 2024 Top Choice


Lawrence Haywood 10 May, 2024 14 min read

⭐ Looking for something flexible and affordable rather than Kahoot!? Our EdTech experts have evaluated over a dozen Kahoot! alternatives and AhaSlides is the answer, the best free alternative to Kahoot!

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About Kahoot!

How old is Kahoot?Since 2013
Where was Kahoot! found?Oslo, Norway
Who is the founder of Kahoot!?Morten Versvik
Overview of Free Alternative to Kahoot!

Kahoot! is certainly a popular and ‘safest’ choice for interactive learning platforms, by its age! Kahoot!, released in 2013, is an online quiz platform built mainly for the classroom. Kahoot games work great as a tool to teach kids, and also a great choice to connect people in events and seminars.

However, Kahoot! has quite a few shortcomings, hence why we’ve developed AhaSlides – the best free alternative to Kahoot! Although AhaSlides can be seen as similar to Kahoot!, AhaSlides extends beyond its competitors by offering a range of benefits that solidify its position as a leading interactive audience platform globally.

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Kahoot! Vs AhaSlides | Comparison

Let’s take a look at some side-by-side comparisons of Kahoot! and AhaSlides. Check out below for the specifics of some of the biggest differences!

So, let’s compare between AhaSlides and Kahoot!

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How much is Kahoot?

Kahoot! offers a free plan and various paid plans with different features and pricing structures. Here’s a breakdown:

Free Plan

Is Kahoot! free? Yes, at the moment, Kahoot! is still offering free plans for educators, professionals and casual users, with benefits as below:

is kahoot free for teachers

  • Suitable for individual use with limited features.
  • Allows creating and hosting quizzes with up to 10 participants at a time.
  • Includes basic reports and analytics.

Paid Plans (Annually per user)

  • Pro: $120 per user
    • Allows hosting quizzes with up to 50 participants per session.
    • Includes additional features like advanced reports, image and video embedding, and team collaboration tools.
  • Premium: $240 per user
    • Offers all features of Pro, plus increased audience size (up to 200 participants) and advanced branding customization.
  • Premium +: $480 per user
    • Designed for large organizations, provides features like single sign-on, priority support, and custom integrations.

For Businesses

  • Kahoot! offers separate Business plans with different features and pricing based on team size and needs. You can find more details and request a quote on their website:


  • Kahoot! Pro and Premium also offer monthly subscriptions at slightly higher rates than the annual plans.
  • They offer free trials for the Pro and Premium plans so you can try them out before committing.

It’s important to consider your specific needs and usage when choosing a Kahoot! plan. For personal or occasional use, the free plan might suffice. However, if you need advanced features or plan to use Kahoot! frequently with larger audiences, a paid plan might be necessary.

Looking For Kahoot Free Alternative?

You’ve got it! Check the video to learn how to create Kahoot-like quizzes for 100% free on AhaSlides…

AhaSlides – Free Kahoot Alternatives

In terms of Kahoot! drawbacks, the biggest disadvantages highlighted are..…

  • Limited question types
  • Limited polling options
  • Very strict customisation options
  • No support for Q&A
  • No room for open discussions
  • Confusing dashboard and interface

In addition to that, the vast majority of its best features are hidden behind a paywall and its confusing Kahoot subcription schemes are huge hurdles for new users.

Best Alternative to Kahoot | AhaSlides

💡 Looking for a comprehensive list of alternatives to Kahoot? Check out the Top 7 Similar Alternatives to Kahoot in 2024

AhaSlides is a lot more than an online quiz creator, or an alternative to Kahoot free plan; it’s an all-in-one presentation software packed with super engaging features.

So, how to get Kahoot free? AhaSlides lets you build a full and interactive presentation with a wide variety of content, online poll maker, brainstorming,

word cloud and, yes, quiz slides. That means that all users (not just paying ones) can create a knockout presentation that their audience can react to live on their smartphones.

Quizzers looking for alternatives to Kahoot can find one with AhaSlides
AhaSlides makes it easy to build a quiz within a full presentation.

⚡ Check the video to see how AhaSlides creates electric atmospheres for any occasion.

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Looking for a Kahoot! Alternative?

AhaSlides – Better tools with better price, to enhance your work environment. Sign up to take free quiz from AhaSlides template library!

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AhaSlides Advantages | Compared W Kahoot Quiz Maker

1. Ease of Use

AhaSlides is much (much!) easier to use. The interface is familiar to anyone who’s ever made an online presence before, so the navigation is incredibly simple.

The editor screen is split into 3 parts

The 3-panel interface of AhaSlides, the best alternative to Kahoot
The 3-panel interface of AhaSlides.
  1. Presentation Navigation: All of your slides are in column view (grid view is also available).
  2. Slide Preview: What your slide looks like, including the title, the body of text, images, background, audio and any response data from your audience’s interaction with your slide.
  3. Editing Panel: Where you can write your poll or quiz question, fill in the content, change the settings and add a background or audio track.

If you want to see how your audience will see your slide, you can use the ‘Participant view’ button and test the interaction:

‘Participant view’ shows you the view of your audience.

2. Slide Variety

On Kahoot’s free plan, users have access to just 2 types of slides: a ‘Quiz’ slide (multiple choice) and a ‘True or False’ slide (a more limited multiple choice).

However, AhaSlides’ free users have access to all 18 slides, with no limit on the number of slides they can use in a presentation. Definitely, AhaSlides is a great alternative to Kahoot quizzes.

A list of all the slide types on AhaSlides
AhaSlides has 18 slide types and counting!

As well as having more quizzing and polling options, AhaSlides allows users to build professional quizzes with a wide range of introductory content slides, as well as games like the

spinner wheel.

There are also simple ways to import full PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations into your AhaSlides presentation. This gives you the option of running interactive polls and quizzes in the middle of any presentation from either of those platforms.

3. Customisation Options

You always want to make your presentation yours, right? Well, Kahoot! charges a whopping $480 annually for the mere ability to change the background colour to 1 of 8 options. Access to the image library is also restricted to users who are willing to shell out for a year-long subscription.

On AhaSlides, even free users have full access to the integrated image and GIF libraries, with the option to upload and crop their own images. What’s more, it’s possible to change the background colour to absolutely any shade you can imagine.

AhaSlides free users have full access to all customisation options.
Full access to all customisation options for all users.

4. AhaSlides Pricing

Is Kahoot for free? No, of course not! Kahoot’s price range goes from its free plan to $720 per year, with 16 different non-enterprise plans that offer an increasing amount of freedom for you as a host.

The real kicker is the fact that every plan, except its ‘Free’ and ‘Standard’ plans, is only available on a year-long subscription, meaning you need to be 100% sure about your decision before you sign up. So, is Kahoot free for students? No, definitely this is not a really great choice for in-class presentations!

On the flip side, AhaSlides is the best alternative to make Kahoot Trivia Quizzes, has

11 plans available, ranging from free to $190 per year. Plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis.

AhaSlides pricing plan is a welcome alternative to Kahoot!

About AhaSlides

An international conference powered by AhaSlides
An international conference powered by AhaSlides (photo courtesy of WPR Communication) – The best alternative for the Kahoot Surveys Tool

We used AhaSlides in an international conference in Berlin. 160 participants and a perfect performance of the software. Online support was fantastic. Thank you! ⭐️

Norbert Breuer from WPR CommunicationGermany

AhaSlides' word cloud being used by an online class streaming over YouTube
AhaSlides’ word cloud is being used by an online class streaming over YouTube (photo courtesy of Me Salva!)

AhaSlides added real value to our web lessons. Now, our audience can interact with the teacher, ask questions and give instant feedback. Moreover, the product team has been always very helpful and attentive. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!

André Corleta from Me Salva!Brazil
A workshop powered by AhaSlides in Australia
A workshop powered by AhaSlides in Australia (photo courtesy of Ken Burgin)

10/10 for AhaSlides at my presentation today – workshop with about 25 people and a combo of polls and open questions and slides. Worked like a charm and everyone saying how awesome the product was. Also made the event run much more quickly. Thank you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ken Burgin from Silver Chef GroupAustralia

Thank you AhaSlides! Used this morning at MQ Data Science meeting, with approx 80 people and it worked perfectly. People loved the live animated graphs and open text ‘noticeboard’ and we collected some really interesting data, in a quick and efficient way.

Iona Beange from The University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything like Kahoot for free?

You can try AhaSlides as the easier and simpler option. AhaSlides provide learning tools, online quizzes, games like Word Cloud, Spinner Wheel, and live poll to encourage engagement within a community. Users can choose to customise their slides, or use our premade templates, available freely for up to 7 people.

What is the best alternative to Kahoot?

Yes, AhaSlides is the perfect alternative, come in with monthly and annual subscription with much better price. We have the similar, but also updated features, comparing with Kahoot.

Is Kahoot free for 20 people?

Yes, Kahoot is free to host up to 50 people, but their features are limited, as not all of them are available for free account!

Is Kahoot free in Zoom?

Yes, you can use both Kahoot! and AhaSlides free on Zoom, as it’s so easy to share over the slides, to make the meeting vibe more lively.

Key Takeaways

Don’t get us wrong; there are several Kahoot alternatives and apps like Kahoot! out there. But the best alternative to Kahoot!, AhaSlides, offers something different in virtually every category.

Beyond the fact that it’s cheaper and easier to use than the Kahoot quiz maker, AhaSlides offers more flexibility for you and more variety for your audience. It boosts engagement wherever you use it and it quickly becomes a vital tool in your classroom, quiz or webinar kit.

Private Deals

Click on the button below to give AhaSlides, the best professional, classroom quiz maker, a go for totally free. There’s a community of hundreds of thousands of teachers, quizzers and trainers on AhaSlides, just waiting to welcome you!

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AhaSlides PricingKahoot! PricingMentimeter Alternatives and Pricing
Free plan available
Educational plans available
Free plan availableFree plan available
Educational plans available
$7.95 per month,audience size up to 50 participants
Unlimited access to all features
Annual Pro Plans: $120 per user, audience size up to 50
Anual Premium + Plan: $480 per use
Monthly and annual plans are available
$24.99+ monthly for Pro plan
Unlimited participants per month
Price Comparison between AhaSlides, Kahoot and Mentimeter

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