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The Best Alternative to Kahoot! in 2020

01 Dec 2020 4 min read

Lindsie Nguyen

Public Speaking Trainer

Looking for something flexible, more affordable than Kahoot? Our event organisers have tried over a dozen tools on the market, and here’s the answer.

Kahoot, released in 2013, is an online Quiz platform that is built mainly for the classroom. While it works great as an assisting tool to teach kids, Kahoot has many shortcomings such as: limited question types, limited chart types (no word cloud, no pie chart etc.), few customisation options, no support for Q&A and open discussions. Its expensive and rather confusing pricing schemes are also a big hurdle to new users.

AhaSlides makes it easy to add fun games that engage everyone

AhaSlides on the other hand offers a lot more than being just a quiz game tool. It is an all-in-one presentation software packed with a wide array of powerful features. With AhaSlides, you can also add polls, live charts, beautiful word clouds, and idea boards. You can even mix in a Q&A board to collect questions from the audience (and let them vote on which ones should really be answered).

What’s more: you will find yourself using AhaSlides with much ease and familiarity, since it has the same look and feel as a regular presentation software. And it works like one: you can add content slides (of text, images or video) in-between the Quiz or polls.

AhaSlides’ intuitive UI gives you a lot more flexibility and power to run your event

Kahoot and AhaSlides: What Is The Better Choice?

Quiz Games✅ Yes✅ Yes
Access to Image Library✅ Yes❌ $240 annually
Q&A Session✅ Yes❌ No
Multiple-choice Polls✅ Yes❌ $240 annually
Poll Chart Types✅ Bar, Pie, Donut chart✅ Bar chart
Max options per Quiz✅ 7❌ 4
Open-ended Questions✅ Yes❌ No
Word Clouds✅ Yes❌ No
Content Slide Options✅ Yes❌ $240 annually
Mixed Slide Types in Presentation✅ Yes❌ $240 annually
Participant Entry✅ Customisable short link❌ Random arbitrary code
QR Code Support✅ Yes❌ No
Customised Theme✅ Yes❌ $480 annually
Customised Branding✅ From $49.95❌ $480 annually
Credit Card✅ NOT required for Free users❌ Always required
Plans & PricingFrom $2.95 / one-time
One-time plans available
Monthly plans available
Educational plans available
Standard Plan from $15 / month
All other plans are annual
Educational plans available

What people have said about AhaSlides…

An international conference powered by AhaSlides (photo courtesy of WPR Communication)

“We used AhaSlides in an international conference in Berlin. 160 participants and a perfect performance of the software. Online support was fantastic. Thank you! ⭐️”

Norbert Breuer from WPR Communication – 🇩🇪 Germany

AhaSlides’ Word Cloud being used by an online class streaming over Youtube (photo courtesy of Me Salva!)

“AhaSlides added real value to our web lessons. Now, our audience can interact with the teacher, ask questions and give instant feedback. Moreover, the product team has been always very helpful and attentive. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!”

André Corleta from Me Salva! 🇧🇷 Brazil

A workshop powered by AhaSlides in Australia (photo courtesy of Ken Burgin)

“10/10 for AhaSlides at my presentation today – workshop with about 25 people and a combo of polls and open questions and slides. Worked like a charm and everyone saying how awesome the product was. Also made the event run much more quickly. Thank you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

Ken Burgin from Silver Chef group🇦🇺 Australia

“Thank you AhaSlides! Used this morning at MQ Data Science meeting, with approx 80 people and it worked perfectly. People loved the live animated graphs and open text ‘noticeboard’ and we collected some really interesting data, in a quick and efficient way.”

Iona Beange from The University of Edinburgh🇬🇧 United Kingdom

The best free alternative to Kahoot – final answer

With its rich features, intuitive interface and bunch of customisation choices for both free and paid users, AhaSlides is the perfect free alternative to Kahoot! Among the available Kahoot alternatives, AhaSlides stands out as the best new alternative, at the affordable price, covering every tool essential for you to shine during your performance, whether for fun, educational or professional use!

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