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20+ Fun Car Symbol Quiz: Can You Distinguish Them From One Another?

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Astrid Tran 27 November, 2023 3 min read

How many car logos do you remember? This fun 20 Car Symbol Quiz questions and answers aims to test your knowledge about the 40+ most popular car brands. Let's head over to this Car Symbol Quiz and showcase your expertise.

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Car Symbol Quiz Level 1 - Easy

Question 1: What is the logo of Mercedes-Benz?

Car Symbol Quiz

Answer: C

Question 2: What is the current logo of Ford?

car logos and names quiz

Answer: B

Question 3: Can you recognize this car brand?

A. Volvo

B. Lexus

C. Hyundai

D. Honda

Answer: C

Question 4: Can you name what the car brand is?

A. Honda

B. Hyundai

C. Mini

D. Kia

Answer: A

Question 5: Which car brand does the following logo belong to?

A. Tata Motors

B. Skoda

C. Maruti Suzuki

D. Volvo

Answer: B

Question 6: Which of the following car symbols is Mazda?

Answer: A

Question 7: Do you know which car brand it is?

A. Mitsubishi

B. Porsche

C. Ferrari

D. Tesla

Answer: D

Question 8: Which of the following car brands owns this logo?

A. Lamborghini

B. Bentley

C. Maserati

D. Cadilac

Answer: C

Question 9: Which is the symbol of Lamborghini?

A. Golden bull

B. Horse

C. Bentley

D. Jaguar cat

Answer: A

Question 10: Which is the correct badge of Rolls Royce?

A. Left

B. Right

Answer: B

Car Symbol Quiz Level 2 - Hard

Question 11: Which brand doesn't have a car symbol with an animal?

A. Mini

B. Jaguar

C. Ferrari

D. Lamborghini

Answer: A

Question 12: What car has a star symbol?

A. Aston Martin

B. Chevrolet

C. Mercedes-Benz 

D. Jeep

Answer: C

Question 13: Which car brand doesn't feature a logo with a stylized letter?

A. Alfa Romeo

B. Hundai

C. Bentley

D. Volkswagen

Answer: A.

Question 14: Which is the correct car logo of Vauxhall?

A. Left

B. Right

Answer: A

Question 15: Which car logo meaning is based on a mythical creature called a Griffin, who is said to have the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle?

A. Vauxhall Motors

B. Jeep

C. Subaru

D. Toyota

Answer: B

Question 16: Which is the correct car symbol of Aston Martin?

A. Left

B. Right

Answer: A

Question 17: Which car symbol meaning is an ancient chemical symbol for iron?

A. Kia

B. Volvo

C. Seat

D. Abarth

Answer: B

Question 18: What is the symbol of the Roll-Royce logo?

A. Spirit of Ecstasy

B. A Greek goddess

C. A golden bull

D. A couple of Wings

Question 19: Which is the correct car logo of Honda?

A. Left

B. Right

Answer: B

Question 20: Which car brand designs its logo with a scorpion?

A. Peugeot

B. Mazda

C. Abarth

D. Bentley

Answer: C

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