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40 Surprising Smash or Pass Quiz Questions You Can’t Resist!


Jane Ng 19 September, 2023 7 min read

Ever found yourself in a heated debate about whether you’d “smash” or “pass” on a particular celebrity or character? Well, it’s time to put your preferences to the test with our Smash or Pass Quiz! It’s a fun, no-pressure game that lets you determine your preferences with a simple thumbs up or down. 

Whether you’re looking to find out your celebrity crush, or anime crush, or just want to test your taste in pop culture, this Smash or Pass Quiz is bound to bring some smiles and maybe even a few surprises. So, grab your beverage of choice, sit back, and let’s dive into this playful quiz together!

Table Of Contents 

Smash Or Pass Quiz Rules?

Here are the simple rules for playing the Smash or Pass Quiz:

In this quiz, you’ll be presented with a series of names, usually celebrities or characters. For each name, you have two options: “Smash” or “Pass.”

  • “Smash” means: You’re giving a thumbs up or saying “Yes, I’m a fan!” You seem to be drawn to the person or character mentioned. 
  • “Pass” means: You’re giving a thumbs down or saying “No, not my cup of tea.” It indicates that you’re not particularly interested in the person or character mentioned.

Keep in mind: 

  • No Right or Wrong Answers: There are no right or wrong answers in this quiz; it’s all about your personal preferences and tastes.
  • Honesty is Key: Be honest with your choices! The goal is to have fun and discover your pop culture preferences.
  • Count Your Choices: Keep track of how many times you choose “Smash” and how many times you choose “Pass.”
  • Discover Your Pop Culture Type: Once you’ve completed the quiz, you can find out your pop culture type based on your choices.

Take Your Smash Or Pass Quiz

Here’s a Smash or Pass Quiz with 30 questions to help you discover your pop culture type. Remember, it’s all in good fun, so let’s dive in and see who’s your type!

  • Question 1: Smash or Pass on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?
  • Question 2: What about Jennifer Aniston?
  • Question 3: Smash or Pass for Ryan Gosling?
  • Question 4: How about the legendary Morgan Freeman?
  • Question 5: Scarlett Johansson, smash or pass?
  • Question 6: What’s your verdict on Brad Pitt?
  • Question 7: Would you smash or pass on Emma Watson?
  • Question 8: Chris Hemsworth, smash or pass?
  • Question 9: The Queen of Pop, Madonna – what’s your call?
  • Question 10: Johnny Depp, smash or pass?
  • Question 11: What’s your decision on Robert Downey Jr.
  • Question 12: Rihanna, yay or nay?
  • Question 13: Tom Hanks – smash or pass?
  • Question 14: Gal Gadot, what’s your verdict?
  • Question 15: Taylor Swift, smash or pass?
  • Question 16: Jason Momoa, are you smashing or passing?
  • Question 17: Would you smash or pass on Meryl Streep?
  • Question 18: Chris Evans – are you smashing or passing?
  • Question 19: Keanu Reeves, what’s your call?
  • Question 20: Would you smash or pass on Charlize Theron?
  • Question 21: Oprah Winfrey, smash or pass?
  • Question 22: What about Brad Pitt in his prime?
  • Question 23: Will Smith – smash or pass?
  • Question 24: Emma Stone, yay or nay?
  • Question 25: Beyoncé – are you smashing or passing?
  • Question 26: Leonardo DiCaprio, what’s your verdict?
  • Question 27: Angelina Jolie – smash or pass?
  • Question 28: Tom Holland, smash or pass?
  • Question 29: Jennifer Lawrence, yay or nay?
  • Question 30: Finally, Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe – what’s your call?

Once you’ve answered all 30 questions and noted your choices, let’s determine your pop culture type! Count how many times you chose to “smash” and how many times you picked “pass.”

  • If you smashed more than you passed, you’re an enthusiastic pop culture lover who’s all in for the glitz and glamour!
  • If you passed more than you smashed, you’re a discerning individual who likes to keep their favorites exclusive.
  • If it’s a pretty even split, you’re a balanced pop culture enthusiast who appreciates a wide range of celebrities and characters.

Now, take a moment to reflect on your results and see what they reveal about your unique pop culture tastes. Enjoy your newfound pop culture identity!

Bonus: Anime Smash Or Pass Quiz

Gintoki Sakata

Here’s a bonus Anime Smash or Pass Quiz with 20 “A or B” type questions. You’ll have two options for each question, and your choices will reveal your anime crush.

  • Question 1: In a battle, would you choose Naruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu or Luffy’s Gear Second?
  • Question 2: When it comes to mecha anime, do you prefer Gundam or Evangelion?
  • Question 3: In the world of magical girls, are you more of a Sailor Moon fan or a Cardcaptor Sakura enthusiast?
  • Question 4: Who would you want as your mentor? Master Roshi from Dragon Ball or Jiraiya from Naruto?
  • Question 5: In the realm of fantasy, do you prefer The Whimsical World of Studio Ghibli or The Epic Adventures of Fullmetal Alchemist?
  • Question 6: Are you drawn to Dark and psychological anime like Death Note or Light-hearted comedies like One Punch Man?
  • Question 7: Which ninja-themed anime do you prefer: Naruto or Boruto?
  • Question 8: When it comes to superpowers, are you more intrigued by My Hero Academia’s quirks or Hunter x Hunter’s Nen abilities?
  • Question 9: Who would you rather team up with on a mission? Cowboy Bebop’s Spike Spiegel or Black Lagoon’s Revy?
  • Question 10: In the world of isekai, do you prefer Re:Zero’s Subaru Natsuki or Sword Art Online’s Kirito?

Once you’ve answered all questions with either “A” or “B,” take a moment to see which anime preferences these choices reveal. Enjoy discovering your anime identity!

Key Takeaways 

We hope you had a blast playing the Smash or Pass Quiz and discovering your pop culture or anime preferences! Whether you’re a seasoned pop culture guru or a budding anime enthusiast, this quiz was all about embracing your unique tastes and having some light-hearted fun along the way.

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FAQs About Smash Or Pass Quiz

What are the rules for smash or pass?

Smash or Pass” is a decision-making game where participants are presented with a name or item, and they must choose between two options: “Smash” or “Pass.” Choosing “Smash” means you approve or like the option presented. It indicates your interest or attraction. Opting for “Pass” means you disapprove or do not like the option presented. It indicates your lack of interest or attraction.

Would you rather questions celebrity edition?

Would you rather take a scenic bike ride with Leonardo DiCaprio or have a candid photography session with Annie Leibovitz?

Would you rather join a book club led by Oprah Winfrey or take a wine-tasting tour with George Clooney?

Would you rather receive fashion advice from Victoria Beckham or get a personal workout routine from Chris Hemsworth?

What type of game is would you rather?

“Would You Rather” is a fun and lighthearted conversational or party game. Here are some types of would you rather game: Would Your Rather Funny Questions, This or That Questions, Get To Know You Games

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