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40 Olympics Quiz Challenge in 2024: Can You Get a Gold Medal Score?


Astrid Tran 09 April, 2024 10 min read

Are you a true sports fan of the Olympics?

Take the 40 challenging Olympics Quiz to test your sports knowledge of the Olympics.

From historical moments to unforgettable athletes, this Olympics Quiz covers everything you need to know about one of the World’s Biggest Sports Events, including both the Winter and Summer Olympics games. So grab a pen and paper, or phones, warm up those brain muscles, and get ready to compete like a true Olympian!

The Olympic Games trivia quiz is about to begin, and make sure you go through four rounds from an easy to an expert level if you want to emerge as the champion. Plus, you can check out answers at the bottom line of each section.

How many sports are there in the Olympics?7-33
What is the oldest Olympic sport?Running (776 BCE)
Which country was the first ancient Olympic Games held?Olympia, Greece
Overview of the Olympic Quiz Games
Olympics Quiz
Olympics Games from ancient to modern | Source: Medium

Table of Contents

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Round 1: Easy Olympics Quiz

The first round of the Olympics Quiz comes with 10 questions, including two classic question types which are multiple choices and true or false.

1. In which country did the ancient Olympic Games originate?

a) Greece b) Italy c) Egypt d) Rome

2. What isn’t the symbol of the Olympic Games?

a) A torch b) A medal c) A laurel wreath d) A flag

3. How many rings are there in the Olympic symbol?

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

4. What is the name of the famous Jamaican sprinter who has won multiple Olympic gold medals?

a) Simone Biles b) Michael Phelps c) Usain Bolt d) Katie Ledecky

5. Which city hosted the Summer Olympics three times?

a) Tokyo b) London c) Beijing d) Rio de Janeiro

6. The Olympic motto is “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.

a) True b) False

7. The Olympic flame is always lit using a match

a) True b) False

8. The Winter Olympic Games are typically held every 2 years.

a) True b) False

9. The gold medal is worth more than the silver medal.

a) True b) False

10. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896.

a) True b) False

Answers: 1- a, 2- d, 3- d, 4- c, 5- b, 6- a, 7- b, 8- b, 9- b, 10- a

Olympics Quiz | Olympic game trivia quiz
Olympic Games Trivia Quiz

Round 2: Medium Olympics Quiz

Come to the second round, you will experience totally new question types with a bit more difficulty involving Fill-in-the-blank and matching pairs.

Match the Olympic sport with its corresponding equipment:

11. ArcheryA. Saddle and reins
12. EquestrianB. Bow and arrow
13. FencingC. Foil, épée, or sabre
14. Modern PentathlonD. Rifle or pistol Pistol
15. ShootingE. Pistol, fencing sword, epee, horse, and cross-country race

16. The Olympic flame is lit in Olympia, Greece, by a ceremony that involves the use of a ______.

17. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece in the year _____.

18. The Olympic Games were not held during which years due to World War I and II? _____ and _____.

19. The five Olympic rings represent the five _____.

20. The winner of a gold medal at the Olympics is also awarded a _____.

Answers: 11- B, 12- A, 13- C, 14- E, 15- D. 16- a torch, 17- 1896, 18- 1916 and 1940 (Summer), 1944 (Winter and Summer), 19- continents of the world, 20- diploma/certificate.

Round 3: Difficult Olympics Quiz

The first and second rounds may be a breeze, but don’t let your guard down – things will only get tougher from here on out. Can you handle the heat? It’s time to find out with the next ten tough questions, which consist of Matching pairs and Ordering type of questions.

A. Put these summer Olympics host cities in order from oldest to most recent (from 2004 until now). And match each to its corresponding photos. 

Olympics Quiz Questions and Answers | AhaSlides quiz platform
Difficult Olympics Quiz

21. London

22. Rio de Janeiro

23. Beijing

24. Tokyo

25. Athens

B. Match the athlete with the Olympic sport they competed in:

26. Usain BoltA. Swimming
27. Michael PhelpsB. Athletics
28. Simone BilesC. Gymnastics
29. Lang PingD. Diving
30. Greg LouganisE. Volleyball

Answers: Part A: 25-A, 23- C, 21- E, 22- D, 24- B. Part B: 26-B 27-A, 28- C, 29-E, 30-D

Round 4: Advanced Olympics Quiz

Congratulations if you’ve finished the first three rounds without less than 5 wrong answers. It is the last step to determine whether you are a true Sport fan or expert. What you have to do here is overcome the final 10 questions. As it is the hardest part, it is quick open-ended questions. 

31. Which city will host the 2024 Summer Olympics?

32. What is the official language of the Olympics?

33. In which sport did Ester Ledecka win gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, despite being a snowboarder and not a skier?

34. Who is the only athlete in Olympic history to have won medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympics in different sports?

35. Which country has won the most gold medals in the Winter Olympics?

36. How many events are there in the decathlon?

37. What was the figure skater’s name who became the first person to land a quadruple jump in competition at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary?

38. Who was the first athlete to win eight gold medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing?

39. Which country boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow, USSR?

40. Which city hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924?

Answers: 31- Paris, 32-French, 33- Alpine skiing, 34- Eddie Eagan, 35- The United States of America, 36- 10 events, 37- Kurt Browning, 38- Michael Phelps, 39- The United States, 40- Chamonix, France.

Olympics Quiz
2022 Winter Olympics Games | Source: Alamy

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports won’t be in the Olympics?

Chess, Bowling, Powerlifting, American Football, Cricket, Sumo Wrestling, and more.

Who was known as Golden Girl?

Several athletes have been referred to as the “Golden Girl” in different sports and competitions, such as Betty Cuthbert, and Nadia Comaneci.

Who is the oldest Olympian?

Oscar Swahn of Sweden, 72 years, and 281 days old, won a gold medal in shooting.

How did the Olympics start?

The Olympics started in ancient Greece, in Olympia, as a festival to honour the god Zeus and showcase athletic prowess.

Key Takeaways

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