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Live Word Cloud Examples | 2024 Reveal | 101+ Ideas to Engergise Gatherings


Lawrence Haywood 15 December, 2023 14 min read

So you’ve heard that Word Cloud is a great way to spark excitement in your presentations, lessons and team meetings. You’re really onto something here…

Still, knowing this and knowing how to use a live word cloud for free to the best of its abilities are two very different things.

Below are 101 live word cloud examples that will show you the path to mega engagement at work, school or any event you’re looking to make memorable.


What’s another name for word cloud?Tag cloud example, Word Collage
How many word cloud can you make in AhaSlides?Unlimited
What is the word limit on Word Cloud in AhaSlides?Under 100 characters
Overview of Word Cloud Examples
Brainstorm Techniques – Check out Guide to Use Word Cloud Better!

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Tips for Better Engagement

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Learn how to set up a proper online word cloud, ready to share with your crowd!

🚀 Free Word Cloud☁️

How Does a Live Word Cloud Work?

A live word cloud is a tool that lets a group of people contribute to a one-word cloud. The more popular a response is, the larger it will appear on the screen. The most popular answer will sit as the largest answer in the middle of the cloud

a word cloud with words relating to how someone is feeling.
Judge the mood in the room with a well-timed word cloud! – Word Cloud Examples

With most live word cloud software, all you have to do is write the question and choose the settings for your cloud. Then, share the unique URL code of the word cloud with your audience, who type it into their phone’s browser.

After this, they can read your question and input their own word to the cloud 👇

a GIF of responses to a live word cloud with the question 'how's everyone doing today'?
A word collage examples – Audience responses being inputted to the this word cloud example.

40 Ice Breaker Word Cloud Examples

Need a Word Cloud Sample? Climbers break the ice with pickaxes, facilitators break the ice with word clouds.

The following word cloud examples and ideas offer different ways for employees and students to connect, catch up remotely, motivate each other and solve teambuilding riddles together.

10 Hilariously Controversial Questions

  1. What TV series is disgustingly overrated?
  2. What’s your favourite swear word?
  3. What is the worst pizza topping?
  4. What’s the most useless Marvel superhero?
  5. What’s the sexiest accent?
  6. What’s the best cutlery to use for eating rice?
  7. What’s the largest acceptable age gap when dating?
  8. What’s the cleanest pet to own?
  9. What’s the worst singing competition series?
  10. What’s the most annoying emoji?
A word cloud example for the question 'what's the most annoying emoji'?
Word cloud for Sentences – An Idea as Word Cloud Examples!

10 Remote Team Catch-up Questions

  1. How are you feeling?
  2. What is your biggest hurdle with working remotely?
  3. What communication channels do you prefer?
  4. What Netflix series have you been watching?
  5. If you weren’t at home, where would you be?
  6. What’s your favourite work-from-home item of clothing?
  7. How many minutes before work starts do you get out of bed?
  8. What’s a must-have item in your remote office (not your laptop)?
  9. How do you relax during lunch?
  10. What have you omitted from your morning routine since going remote?
A word cloud full of number responses to a question for remote workers.
Make your own word bubbles! Word Cloud Examples

10 Motivating Questions for Students and Employees

  1. Who nailed their work this week?
  2. Who’s been your main motivator this week?
  3. Who made you laugh the most this week?
  4. Who have you spoken with the most outside of work/school?
  5. Who’s got your vote for employee/student of the month?
  6. If you had a super tight deadline, who would you turn to for help?
  7. Who do you think is next in line for my job?
  8. Who’s the best at dealing with difficult customers/problems?
  9. Who’s the best at dealing with tech issues?
  10. Who’s your unsung hero?
An example of a word cloud for raising motivation between staff.
Word Cloud Examples

10 Team Riddles Ideas

  1. What has to be broken before you can use it? Egg
  2. What has branches but no trunk, roots or leaves? Bank
  3. What becomes bigger the more you remove from it? Hole
  4. Where does today come before yesterday? Dictionary
  5. What kind of band never plays music? Rubber
  6. What building has the most stories? Library
  7. If two’s a company, and three’s a crowd, what are four and five? Nine
  8. What begins with an “e” and only contains one letter? Envelope
  9. What five-letter word has one left when two are removed? Stone
  10. What can fill a room but takes up no space? Light (or air)
A riddle presented in the form of a word cloud example.

🧊 Want more icebreaker games to play with your team? Check them out!

40 School Word Cloud Examples

Whether you’re getting to know a new class or letting your students have their say, these word cloud activities for your classroom can illustrate opinions and ignite discussion whenever it’s needed.

10 Questions about Your Students

  1. What’s your favourite food?
  2. What’s your favourite genre of movie?
  3. What’s your favourite subject?
  4. What’s your least favourite subject?
  5. What attributes make the perfect teacher?
  6. What software do you use the most in your learning?
  7. Give me 3 words to describe yourself.
  8. What’s your main hobby outside of school?
  9. Where’s your dream field trip?
  10. Which friend do you rely on the most in class?
Ascertaining students' dream place to go on a field trip.
Word Cloud Examples – Team Word Cloud Activity

10 End-of-lesson Review Questions

  1. What did we learn about today?
  2. What’s the most interesting topic from today?
  3. What topic did you find difficult today?
  4. What would you like to review next lesson?
  5. Give me one of the keywords from this lesson.
  6. How did you find the pace of this lesson?
  7. Which activity did you like the most today?
  8. How much did you enjoy today’s lesson? Give me a number from 1 – 10.
  9. What would you like to learn about the next lesson?
  10. How included did you feel in class today?
A word cloud used to review a lesson, asking for a keyword from that lesson.
Is it hard building a word cloud? AhaSlides Word Cloud Sample

10 Virtual Learning Review Questions

  1. How do you find learning online?
  2. What’s the best thing about learning online?
  3. What’s the worst thing about learning online?
  4. In which room is your computer?
  5. Do you like your at-home learning environment?
  6. In your opinion, the perfect online lesson is how many minutes long?
  7. How do you relax in between your online lessons?
  8. What’s your favourite software that we use in online lessons?
  9. How many times do you go outside your house in a day?
  10. How much do you miss sitting with your classmates?
A question for students, asking them their opinions on software used during online lessons.
Word Cloud Examples

10 Book Club Questions

Note: Questions 77 – 80 are for asking about a specific book in a book club.

  1. What’s your favourite genre of book?
  2. What’s your favourite book or series?
  3. Who’s your favourite author?
  4. Who’s your favourite book character of all time?
  5. Which book would you love to see made into a movie?
  6. Who would be the actor to play your favourite character in a movie?
  7. What word would you use to describe the main villain of this book?
  8. If you were in this book, which character would you be?
  9. Give me a keyword from this book.
  10. What word would you use to describe the main villain of this book?
a word cloud example question to be used in a book club at school

🏫 Here are some other great questions to ask your students.

21 Pointless Word Cloud Examples

Explainer: In Pointless, the aim is to get the most obscure correct answer possible. Ask word cloud question sthen delete the most popular answers one by one. The winner(s) is whoever submitted a correct answer that no one else submitted 👇

A GIF of the quiz game pointless played on AhaSlides.

Give me the name of the most obscure…

  1. … country beginning with ‘B’.
  2. … Harry Potter character.
  3. … manager of the England national football team.
  4. … Roman emperor.
  5. … war in the 20th century.
  6. … album by The Beatles.
  7. … city with a population of over 15 million.
  8. … fruit with 5 letters in it.
  9. … a bird that can’t fly.
  10. … type of nut.
  11. … impressionist painter.
  12. … method for cooking an egg.
  13. … state in America.
  14. … noble gas.
  15. … animal beginning with ‘M’.
  16. … character on Friends.
  17. … English word with 7 syllables or more.
  18. … generation 1 Pokémon.
  19. … Pope in the 21st century.
  20. … member of the English royal family.
  21. … luxury car company.

Try it Out!

A screenshot of the AhaSlides live demo mode.

Put these word cloud examples into action. Try a demo to see how our free interactive word cloud works 👇

Best Practices for Word Clouds

If the word cloud examples and ideas above have inspired you to create your own, here are a few quick guidelines to get the most out of your word cloud session.

  • Avoid yes/no – Make sure your questions are open-ended. A word cloud with just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses is missing the point of a word cloud (it’s better to use a multiple choice slide for yes / no questions.
  • More word cloud – discover the best collaborative word cloud tools that can earn you total engagement, wherever you need it. Let’s dive in!
  • Keep it short – Phrase your question in a way that encourages just one or two-word responses. Not only do short answers look better in a word cloud, they also lessen the chance that someone will write the same thing in a different way. Learn how to create a word cloud with images to keep it short easily! Or, check out the Powerpoint Word Cloud
  • Ask for opinions, not answers – Unless you’re running something like this live word cloud example, it’s always best to use this tool for gathering opinions, rather than assessing knowledge of a certain topic. If you’re looking to assess knowledge then a live quiz is the way to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google have a word cloud generator?

Yes, but it’s only available inside Google Documents, by switching on the “Word Cloud Generator” addon

What is the best use of word cloud?

This tool helps for data visualization, text analysis, content creation, presentation and reports, SEO and Keyword Analysisand for data exploration.

Can Microsoft Word generate a word cloud?

Microsoft Word does not have a built-in feature to directly generate word clouds. However, there are various ways to create word clouds using third-party tools or by importing text into other software, like using the online word cloud generators, use add-ins or use text analysis tools!

Word of the month ideas?

January – Foundation.
February – Strength.
March – Power.
April – Wit & Insight.
May – Beauty.
June – Commitment.
July – Swiftness.
August – Balance.