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7 Tips for Mastering Virtual Presentations and Boosting Focus in 2022

7 Tips for Mastering Virtual Presentations and Boosting Focus in 2022


Khushboo 09 Jan 2023 7 min read

This article on mastering virtual presentations is a guest post by Remo. Remo is a piece of software that lets you present virtually on a digital stage or freely network across many small tables. Its toolbox includes creative floor plans, video sharing, interactive whiteboards and much more⭐

Mastering virtual presentations is one of the biggest challenges of virtual events. Ever heard of ‘zoom fatigue’? Don’t drain your virtual attendees’ attention; apply best practices for virtual presentations instead. 

On a digital stage you have to compete for the audience’s emails, Slack channels and news alerts. Not to mention their minds against their attention span, as well as work from home distractions.

Here are 7 tips to master your virtual presentation and to keep attention firmly in check throughout.

Let’s take a look at..

What is a Virtual Presentation?

A virtual presentation is when both the host and the guests attend the presentation remotely, regardless of location.

In a world where everything is becoming remote-first, virtual presentations are likewise becoming the norm. While you can use some of the best practices from in-person presentations, you need some new skills for virtual talks when mastering virtual presentations.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Presentation?

Not only are virtual presentations useful when we can’t go to traditional events, but they are an awesome way to deliver content.

Hosting a momentous, high-quality presentation is no easy task. Some people might find an online presentation more difficult than usual. However, with some thought, you can hold a stellar virtual presentation.

Now, you can see that virtual presentations aren’t as futuristic as we initially thought. Check out some of the benefits of hosting and mastering virtual presentations:

  1. With virtual presentations, location isn’t an issue. Guests can tune in from anywhere in the world. Now your guests can dial in from anywhere, you can reach a wider audience
  2. Measuring post-event analytics is much easier virtually. The number of guests who attended, the number that engaged with you and the percentage of guests who stayed to the end are just some of the virtual event KPIs that you can measure. As well as that, analyzing feedback is fundamental to mastering virtual presentations.
  3. There are more networking opportunities for guests. By hosting a virtual presentation, you can stop your talk and encourage guests to chat to each other in breakout rooms. This is a feature of virtual events that cannot be simulated in a traditional conference. 

Looking for virtual presentations best practices to wow your virtual guests? Check out these 7 expert tips for success and sensation in your next virtual presentation.

How to Master a Virtual Presentation (in 7 Tips)

1. Select a Reliable Virtual Events Platform

First things first, for a world-class presentation you need a world-class virtual events platform. Creating an immersive virtual presentation cannot be done without knowing the technology. 

Think about your last Zoom call. Did you feel like you were lost in a sea of grey screens or in a school-like lecture? Before the speaker opens their mouth, the zest of the presentation is already lost.

With a lacklustre virtual events platform, speakers lose their credibility as well as the audience’s concentration. Your presentation is ultimately a performance, so make sure you know how to turn it into a spectacle on the right platform.

Choosing the right platform to master a virtual presentation

👊 Protip: Do your research! Check out some of the best virtual events platforms to perfect your presentation.

2. Create an Interactive Slideshow

Your slide deck is going to be the bread and butter of your presentation. Consider adding visuals, questions and videos to give your presentation the X-factor. 

Mastering virtual presentations includes adding an element of interaction. Creating eye-catching slides is the key to unlocking the audience’s focus; and that really doesn’t have to be complicated!

You can boost engagement by adding some fun, interactive elements into your virtual presentation. For example, check out this awesome word cloud generated by AhaSlides for a presentation on British ducks.

A graphic containing a word cloud of words related to British ducks.

Using a presentation software like AhaSlides can take your event from an amateur deck to an interactive exhibition. Here’s how AhaSlides’ unique features can bring your presentation to life:

  • Add polls, open-ended questions, and word clouds, to your slides for ultimate participation.
  • Host fun quiz competitions using AhaSlides to add some excitement to your presentation. Take a look at the top tips to hosting a stellar quiz session.
  • You can bring your presentation to the next level by integrating AhaSlides with Google Slides to drive the interactivity of your presentation.

Make your own killer slide deck with AhaSlides for completely free. Add interaction, competition and energy to your virtual presentation by clicking the button below and signing up for free!

3. Create a Customized Floor Plan

When we use virtual events platforms, we all miss the decor of a physical venue. Using a virtual events platform that allows you to get creative is crucial in mastering virtual presentations.

Remo has customizable floor plans, which make the event feel like it is in a unique and personalized location. What more do you need for an awesome virtual presentation?

Want some inspiration? Take a look at the creative floor plans other Remo users have designed!

A custom floor plan made by Remo users.

4. Hold a Pre-Presentation Networking Session 

A key challenge of mastering virtual presentations is energizing your audience and promoting networking opportunities. Well, it’s actually quite easy virtually, if you have the right features.

You can hold a networking icebreaker before your event kicks off using Remo’s conversation mode. This unique feature allows up to 8 guests to chat at the same virtual table, so they feel like they are at a traditional event.

It’s a fun, immersive way to get guests energized and focused before you start your virtual keynote.

⭐ For a limited time, Remo is offering 25% off all monthly plans (valid for one-time use) exclusively for AhaSlides readers! Simply click the button below and use the code AHAREMO.

5. Engage your Audience During your Virtual Presentation

Just like an in-person presentation, you should craft your presentation to engage the audience. Mastering virtual presentations includes executing audience engagement methods.

An interactive virtual presentation should include two-way communication. Take breaks in your presentation to allow the virtual audience to interact. Don’t speak for more than ten minutes without engaging with the audience.

— Use collaborative features for two-way communication —

Remo offers many interactive tools to increase virtual events platform experience, including polls, Q&A sessions, countdown timers, and group screen sharing. 

All these features make Remo the perfect choice for your virtual or hybrid event. The interactive features as well as the table functions and floor plan make Remo super engaging.

We all know how important communication is in mastering virtual presentations. This will allow your guests to interact as much as possible – there’s no better choice for networking!

Share relevant videos

Sometimes guests need a change in speaker or voice during a presentation. It also gives you a break to take some time to recuperate, review your talk and analyse some feedback from your attendees.

A key priority when selecting a virtual events platform is video sharing. You can share a video on Remo and let it do the talking for a while. The video appears next to you on the digital stage, so you can pause and comment on the video whenever you want.

Sharing video is a crucial step to mastering virtual presentations

— Invite participants onto the digital stage —

A fun and unique way to get your guests involved is by inviting them onto the virtual stage. It’s a great way to have panel discussions that address concerns from the audience, but also just to give everyone a break from your voice!

6. Use an Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are a fun way to get your audience energized. Miro for Remo enables users to use Miro boards to organize collaborative and creative work. While on different tables, users can turn on Miro and work together in small groups or create one board for all event participants.

Combining Remo’s virtual space with Miro empowers people to form authentic relationships and interact in an integrated environment. An interactive whiteboard is a must-do to keep your audience alert during your virtual presentation.

Using a whiteboard is a great tool for mastering virtual presentations

7. Have a Reliable Customer Support Team

In a virtual world, we depend on our technology to run smoothly. This is extremely important in a virtual presentation. 

When choosing a virtual event platform, consider checking if it comes with customer support.

Some things that support can help with in a virtual presentation includes mic and camera troubleshooting, solving technical issues or simply being available to chat about the features or timeline.

You can add some in-event technical support with Remo. ‘White Glove Support’ is when a CX manager from Remo will attend your event, supporting your guests directly with any technical issues that they may face.

That’s a Wrap! So, What’s Next?

Remember, whether you are presenting in-person or online, all presentations are shows. Additionally, all presentations are for your audience’s needs. 

Ultimately, your guest’s time is valuable. So, respect your audience by including the top tips for mastering virtual presentations. No matter what industry, you must ensure genuine audience engagement and connection.

If you’re thinking of holding a stellar virtual presentation, check out what Remo has to offer with a free trial.

Feature image courtesy of Throughline Group