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10 Best PowerPoint Add ins for 2024


Lakshmi Puthanveedu 27 March, 2024 8 min read

Have you been eyeing on setting up PowerPoint add ins or PowerPoint Add-ins but need help figuring out how to get started?

PowerPoint add-ins (add ins for powerpoint) are simple yet powerful tools that provide additional functionality beyond your default setup. Microsoft PowerPoint can assist you with time management. However, even though the Office software has enough features, you may sometimes require additional assistance.

Add-ins canturn around your work by increasing productivity and providing different design, interactive animation features. A PowerPoint plug-in, PowerPoint extension, PowerPoint software add-in, or PowerPoint add-on – whatever you call it – is another name for these valuable features. 

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Best PPt Add ins for Quizzes and GamesAhaSlides
BestPPt Add ins for EducationiSpring Free
BestPPt Add ins for EmoijiIcons by Noun Project
What are best powerpoint add-ins for consultants?Accenture QPT Tools, Bain Toolbox, McKinsey’s Marvin Tools
Overview of Powerpoint Add ins

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3 Benefits of PowerPoint Add-ins

Sure, Microsoft Powerpoint has its benefits, and it is one of the most used software out there. But haven’t you ever wished that it was a little more interactive, easier to use, or more aesthetically pleasing?

That’s what PowerPoint plugins do. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using the add-ins:

  1. They make it simple to create engaging and visually appealing presentations.
  2. They offer professional images, graphics, and symbols for use in presentations.
  3. They boost productivity by saving time when preparing complex expressions.

Also, finding the right plug-ins for your presentation can take time and effort. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best free PowerPoint add-ins to help you create engaging slides easier and faster.

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10 Best Free PowerPoint Add-Ins

Some of the add-ins for PowerPoint are entirely free to download. Why not give them a shot? You might discover some fantastic features of which you were unaware of!

PowerPoint Add ins – Pexels

Pexels is one of the fantastic free stock photography websites. This add-in is a convenient shortcut for finding the appropriate creative commons photo for your presentation. Use the “search by colour” option and other image filters to find the best images for your presentation. You can mark and save your favourite shots for quick access.


  • Free stock images and video clips
  • An organised library of thousand of media files
  • A free add-in for Microsoft Office PowerPoint

PowerPoint Add ins – Office timeline

What is the best timeline plugin for powerpoint? Creating charts in a PowerPoint presentation is quite time-consuming. Office Timeline is the perfect PowerPoint add-in for charts. This PowerPoint add-in allows course creators to incorporate relevant visuals into their materials. You can create stunning timelines and Gantt charts on your desktop and customise every detail to make it unique and appealing.


  • Free project visuals and professional timelines are available at no cost
  • You can use the ‘Timeline Wizard’ for simple data entry and quick results.

PowerPoint Add ins – AhaSlides

3.  Ahaslides

AhaSlides is a versatile and user-friendly presentation software add-in that requires no training. It lets you quickly add links, videos, live quizzes, and much more to your presentation. It serves as a tool to encourage interactions, gather real-time feedback, and maintain a positive attitude.


PowerPoint Add ins – Icons by Noun Project

You can add fun to your presentation and simplify the information presented using the Icons by Noun Project PowerPoint add-in. Choose from an extensive library of high-quality symbols and characters, then change the colour and size of the icon.


  • Easily search and insert icons from your doc or slide, and stay in your workflow.
  • Add icons to your Docs or Slides with just one click
  • Add-on remembers your last used colour and size for speed and consistency

PowerPoint Add ins – Pixton Comic Characters

Pixton Comic Characters enables you to incorporate over 40,000 illustrated characters into your presentation as pedagogical aids. They come in a variety of ages, ethnicities, and sexes. After you’ve decided on a character, choose a clothing style and a suitable pose. You can also give your character a speech bubble—a must-have add-in for consultants.


  • Can create entire PowerPoint Storyboards
  • Use the provided characters to create comic strip-style illustrative slides.
PowerPoint add-ins
Powerpoing – How to add notes to powerpoint – PowerPoint add-ins – powerpoint plugins

PowerPoint Add ins – LiveWeb

During a slide show, LiveWeb inserts live webpages into your PowerPoint presentation and updates them in real-time.


  • Use animations within slides.
  • Make audio narration directly from your speaker notes.
  • With a single click, you can add subtitles or captions.

PowerPoint Add ins – iSpring Free

With the help of the PowerPoint add-in iSpring Free, PPT files may be easily shared and tracked by turning them into eLearning content and uploading them to a learning management system.

Also, iSpring Free courses and tests adapt to any screen and precisely report actions and progress to an LMS.


  • HTML5 courses on all devices
  • Tests and Surveys

PowerPoint Add ins – PowerPoint Labs

One of my personal favourites is the PowerPoint Labs add-in. It has fantastic customisation options for shapes, fonts, and much more. Its Sync Lab enables you to copy specific characteristics of one element and apply them to others, saving you a significant amount of time.


  • Fancy animations
  • Zoom and pan with ease
  • Special effects without special software

PowerPoint Add ins – Mentimeter 

Mentimeter enables you to create interactive training, meetings, workshops, and conferences. It allows your audience to vote with their smartphones, see their results in real-time, or host a Quiz competition. You can add slides, images, gifs, and word clouds to your presentations in addition to polls and Q&As.

Similar features between AhaSlides and Mentimeter

More about Mentimeter

PowerPoint Add ins – Selection Manager

Selection Manager is a valuable PowerPoint add-in for dealing with overlapping shapes in selections. Each figure can be given a unique name when you select a character from a list in the Selection Manager dialogue box, the add-in assists in “unburying” the obscured shapes.

However, this one belongs to the PowerPoint add-ins download category, as the Office Store does not have this add-in. It is available for download and installation from the website.


  • Useful for complicated drawing or doing a complex animation
  • Allows you to name selections of shapes on a slide and then re-select them at any time.

In a Nutshell…

PowerPoint add-ins and plug-ins are excellent ways to access unavailable PowerPoint features to improve your presentations. You can browse all of the add-ins mentioned in the article to determine which one is best for your next production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need PowerPoint Add-Ins?

PowerPoint add-ins provide additional functionality, customization options, efficiency improvements, and integration capabilities to enhance the PowerPoint experience and enable users to create more impactful and interactive presentations.

How can I install PowerPoint Plug ins?

To install PowerPoint add-ins, you should open PowerPoint, access the add-ins store, choose the add-ins then click the ‘Download’ button.

How to add icons in PowerPoint?

Home > Insert > Icons. You also can add icons when using Powerpoint with AhaSlides Slides.

What are the powerpoint new features in 2024?

Enhanced Teleprompter, Advanced Microsoft Teams and Groups Saving Options, and Drawing Tool Improvement.