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30+ Exciting Michael Jackson Quiz Questions and Answers in 2024

30+ Exciting Michael Jackson Quiz Questions and Answers in 2024

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Lakshmi Puthanveedu 26 Jan 2024 5 min read

Are you a die-hard fan of the Michael Jackson Quiz?

Who is Michael Jackson? The best musician of all time! Here’s the ultimate bit of trivia to see how well you know the man the mirror, and the music.

What do people usually call Michael Jackson?MJ, King of Pop
When was MJ born?29/8/1958
When was MJ dead?25/6/2009
Which music was MJ into?Classical and Broadway show tunes
What is MJ’s Most Famous Song?Billie Jean
How many albums does MJ have?Ten studios, 3 soundtracks, one live, 39 compilations, 10 videos and eight remix albums
Overview of Michael Jackson’s Life

Table of Contents

Michael Jackson Quiz
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30 Michael Jackson Quiz Questions

Check out these 30 questions on the Michael Jackson Quiz. They’re split across six rounds focusing on different areas of his life and music.

Round 1 – Album Trivia

Have you listened to all the songs released ever by Michael Jackson? Let’s see if you can name them right. Take this Michael Jackson album quiz to find out.

#1 – Which was Michael Jackson’s first album?

  • Thriller
  • Got to be There
  • Bad
  • Off the Wall

#2 – When was Thriller released?

  • 2001
  • 1991
  • 1982
  • 1979

#3 – Match the albums to their release years

  • Dangerous – 1987
  • Invincible – 1982
  • Bad – 2001
  • Thriller – 1991

#4 – Match the albums to the number of weeks they charted on Billboard

  • Thriller – 25 weeks
  • Bad – 4 weeks
  • Dangerous – 6 weeks
  • This is it – 37 weeks

#5 – Which album do these songs belong to? Speed Demon, Just Good Friends, Dirty Diana.

  • Dangerous
  • Bad
  • Thriller
  • This is it

Round 2 – Michael Jackson Quiz – History

So you aced the album trivia. Now let’s see if you remember the little details about those albums and his songs. Let’s go!

#6 – Match the Grammy Awards to the respective years

  • Album of the Year (Thriller) – 1990
  • Best Music Video (Leave Me Alone) – 1980
  • Best Male R&B Vocal Performance (Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough)- 1984
  • Best Rhythm & Blues Song (Billie Jean) – 1982

#7 – Match the songs to the artists who collaborated on them

  • Say Say Say – Diana Ross
  • Scream – Freddie Mercury
  • There Must Be More To Life Than This – Paul McCartney
  • Upside Down – Janet Jackson

#8 – What dance craze did Michael popularise in 1983?

#9 – Fill in the blanks – __________ called Michael Jackson the “King of Pop” for the first time.

#10 – Is the statement true or false – “Climb every mountain” was the first song Michael sang in public.

Round 3 – Michael Jackson Quiz – Persona Trivia 

Which famous city was Michael’s daughter named after? If you jumped from your seat to yell “Paris, ” this quiz is for you.  Let’s see – how well do you know Michael Jackson as a person?

#11 – What is Michael Jackson’s middle name?

#12 – What was the name of his pet chimp Jackson would take on tour?

#13 – Who was Michael Jackson’s first wife?

  • Tatum O’Neal
  • Brooke Shields
  • Diana Ross
  • Lisa Mary Presley

#14 – Is the statement true or false – Michael Jackson’s oldest son, Prince Michael I, was named after Michael’s Grandfather.

#15 – What was the name of Michael Jackson’s ranch?

  • Oz ranch
  • Xanadu ranch
  • Neverland ranch
  • Wonderland ranch

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Round 4 – Song Trivia

Do you sing along with every Michael Jackson song without getting the lyrics wrong? Before you confidently say yes, take this music quiz to see if you can ace it!

#16 – Which song are these lyrics from? – People always told me, be careful what you do, don’t go around breaking young girls’ hearts

  • Bad
  • The way you make me feel
  • Billie Jean
  • Don’t stop till you get enough

#17 – Match the song lyrics to their endings

  • I want to rock – Under the moonlight
  • Something evil’s lurking in the dark – With you
  • You better run – He could see she was unable
  • She ran underneath the table – You better do what you can

#18 – Which movie did Michael Jackson contribute a song to as the soundtrack?

  • Poltergeist
  • Superman II
  • ET
  • Romancing the Stone

#19 – Fill in the blanks – Michael Jackson wrote most of his songs, sitting on the ____.

#20 – True or False – Several members of the American band Toto were involved in Thriller’s recording and production.

Round 5 – All About Michael

Every group of friends would have a walking, talking Michael Jackson Wikipedia. Are you one of them? Let’s find out right away!

#21 – Fill in the blanks – Michael Jackson debuted with __ in 1964.

#22 – What skin condition did Michael Jackson suffer from?

#23 – True or False – Michael Jackson first made his famous Anti-gravity lean dance move in the Smooth Criminal music video.

#24 – What is the name of the single Michael Jackson wrote for Hurricane Katrina victims?

  • From the Bottom of my Heart
  • I Have This Dream
  • Heal The World
  • Man In The Mirror

#25 – What was Michael Jackson’s famous glove made of?

Round 6 – Michael Jackson Quiz – General Trivia

Are you enjoying the quiz so far? Did you keep a check on the points you got? Let’s wrap it up with some easy questions to help you score the winning points!

#26 – Which Michael Jackson music video features dancing zombies?

  • Bad
  • Man in the Mirror
  • Thriller
  • Beat it

#27 – What were the names of the pet llamas Michael Jackson had on his ranch?

#28 – How many singles did Michael Jackson release throughout his career?

  • 13
  • 10
  • 18
  • 20

#29 – True or False – There were 13 tracks on the U.S. release of the album “Thriller”?

#30 – Fill in the blanks – _____ received a Guinness World Record for the “most successful music video of all time”

Answers 💡

Answers to Michael Jackson Quiz? Do you think you scored 100 points on the quiz? Let’s find out.

  1. Got to be There
  2. 1982
  3. Dangerous – 1991 / Invincible – 2001 / Bad – 1987 / Thriller – 1982
  4. Thriller – 37 weeks / Bad – 6 weeks / Dangerous – 4 weeks / This is it – 25 weeks
  5. Bad
  6. Album of the Year (Thriller) – 1982 / Best Music Video (Leave Me Alone) – 1990 / Best Male R&B Vocal Performance (Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough)-1980 / Best Rhythm & Blues Song (Billie Jean) – 1984
  7. Say Say Say – Paul McCartney / Scream – Janet Jackson / There Must Be More To Life Than This – Freddie Mercury / Upside Down – Diana Ross
  8. The moonwalk
  9. Elizabeth Taylor
  10. True
  11. Joseph
  12. Bubbles
  13. Lisa Mary Presley
  14. True
  15. Neverland Ranch
  16. Billie Jean
  17. I want to rock – With you / Something evil’s lurking in the dark – Under the moonlight / You better run – You better do what you can / She ran underneath the table – He could see she was unable
  18. ET
  19. The Giving Tree
  20. True
  21. Jackson 5
  22. Vitiligo
  23. True
  24. From the bottom of my heart
  25. Rhinestone
  26. Thriller
  27. Lola and Louis
  28. 13
  29. False
  30. Thriller

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