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Ultimate 'Where am I from Quiz' for 2024 Gatherings!


Astrid Tran 10 April, 2024 6 min read

'Where am I from' quiz is perfect for Meet-up parties, in which there are many people who come from different countries and have different backgrounds. It is a little bit awkward because you don't know how to start warm-up the parties.

Why not take advantage of this specialty to make amazing friends by gathering games? There is no better than the "Where I am from?" quiz, in which all participants can explore other's originality and go bonkers while having extreme fun together.

Here we give you some best ideas about 'Where I am from Quiz'.

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Round 1: Where am I from Quiz: Spinner Wheel Idea

All people love spinning. Let's spin the wheel and discover fun facts about other cultures around the world. Simply put their names and some special signs of their home countries, not that these feature cannot too obvious, more quirky is better. For example, in your party, James comes from Italy. You may put James, booths, Fashion, language of love". Do it similarly for other countries. The following are some countries' interesting facts and ethnicity facts that you can leverage for your own "Where I am from" quiz version.

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1/ Where I am from? I am from a country famous for its language of love, famous luxury fashion brands, and famous king, Augustus Caesar.

A: Italy

2/ Where am I from? My country invented Champagne and well-known as The World Wide Web.

A: England

3/ Where am I from? I was born in a country which is famous for Kimchi and strong drinking culture.


4/ Where am I from? I come from the S-shaped country, which is recognized as own ever largest cave in the world.

A: Vietnam

5/ Where am I from? My country is so hot in the winter. You can eat kiwi all the day and visit Hobbit village.

A: New Zealand

Where am I quiz questions and answers. Image: Freepik

6/ Where am I from? I live in a country with 50 states, and famous for Super Bowl and Hollywood

A: The United State

7/ Where am I from? I am from a country that it famous for the largest railway, 11 Time Zones, and Siberian tiger

A: Russia

8/ Where am I from? I was born in a country that has four national languages, a place of watches, and nuclear fallout shelters.

A: Switzerland

9/ Where am I from? My hometown is called City of lights, and other parts of my country is home of grape wine.

A: France

10/ Where am I from? You may have heard about my country, which has the world's largest island country by area and also the home of the Komodo dragon

A: Indonesia

Round 2: Guess the Flag Trivia Quiz

It is time to level up the party game a bit more challenging and exciting. You and your friends can play the interesting Guess the flag trivia quiz. You will be surprised by how many countries' national flag you can remember.

Round 3: "Where I am from" Yes/No Questions

Come to the final round, let's make the game become more thrilling by adding some mystery elements. This quiz will focus on facial features or accents. One person can either speak a phrase in their own language or describe their ethnicity and appearance. And the rest have to guess where he or she comes from. To earn more hints, the participants can also ask two more general questions about the asker but cannot mention the country or city name, and the askers just answer yes or no.

For example, Jane can choose either introduces her country in her original accent or describe some typical appearance' feature about her ethnicity in English. Other can ask a question such as "Are your home country has a famous Louver museum?" or "Are your country is famous for Santa Clause" If yes, you may already known the right answer. If no, others can ask, and you still have a chance to ask other questions if others fail too.

What Country am I in quiz questions. Image: Freepik

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Friend gathering or Meet-ups is a precious chance to make a new friend or improve bonding relationship. If you have no idea of how to make your party more fun while knowing more about your friend in a smart way, don't forget to play AhaSlides 'Where am I From Quiz'. It is the best way to test how much you know about where you are from and also how much do you know where your friends come from while thoroughly enjoying the excitement.

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